August 06, 2013

Preserved Radish Omelette - 菜脯蛋

Its August now, oh!! how time files!! 6 days have
After tomorrow my kids will have their Raya holidays. I have been so busy lately :p will be busier 
This is my first post for Little Thumbs Up event for August. Our host for this month is Yen from Eat your heart out with her theme 'EGGS' *~^o^~ cheer
 I have to apologize to her for my late post. :p but there will be more to come :D

I would like to thank Alvin from Chef of Sommlier for hosting such wonderful event for Little Thumbs Up in July. We have 109 fabulous posts. Well done Alvin *=D> applause 
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时间过的真快. 一转眼就来到8月了. 我家宝贝们后天就放假了. 我呢, 也跟着更忙了 :p
'小拇指说好' 也来到了8月的活动了. 本月的主持是YEN (Eat Your Heart Out). 她的主题是'蛋'.
蛋, 在我家很受欢迎哦, 你家呢!! 如果你家也跟我家一样那就快来参与我们的活动吧!!
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在此也要谢谢Alvin (Chef of Sommelier)当了个非常棒的7月份'小拇指说好'的主持人. 他的活动带来了109个超极棒贴子. 来这里 瞧瞧吧!


This is a old time favourite simple dish of my hubby.  Will always have this as one of the dish that goes well with plain porridge. It is so delicious and so easy to prepared. All you need is eggs, preserved radish, spring onion and garlic.
这是我家老贝喜欢的老食谱, 永远吃不腻. 配粥好吃的很. 是道好吃又方便准备的小菜. 用料是蛋, 葱叶, 蒜米和菜脯. 简单吧!!

This is super-quick to prepared. Cook it for a lunch or dinner. For those nights that you wanted a tasty quick dish but not staying too long in the kitchen.

 做法非常的简单而超级快.  就像煎蛋饼那样. 首先把所有的材料除了蒜米用竹筷子拌均. 把2大匙的食油倒入个平地锅烧热. 爆香, 再把拌均的蛋液倒入再平地锅摇一摇让蛋糊能平均的煎均. 再把两面煎至焦黄即可.

Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl, mixed in chopped preserved radish and slice spring onion.

Mixed them well and it is ready to cook.
Super-quick right!!

Preserved Radish Omelette
recipe source: mui mui

3 large eggs
50 g preserved radish, chopped and soaked in water for 2 minutes to reduce the saltiness 
1 sprig spring onion, slice
1 clove garlic, chopped 

To Do:
  • Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl. Beat well with a fork.
  • Add in preserved radish and slice spring onion.
  • Put 2 tbsp of cooking oil in small frying pan on a low heat and let it get hot. Add in chopped garlic.
  • When you smell the aroma of the garlic, pour in the egg mixture and move the pan around to spread them out evenly. When the omelette starts to turn brown underneath, use a spatula to ease around the edges of the omelette.  Flip it over to cook on the other side. 
  • When it is brown both side remove the pan from the heat and slide the omelette onto a plate. Slice and serve warm.

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参与的方法非常简单,您只需烹饪或烘焙一道当月主持人的主题材料就可以了. 8月的主持是Eat Your Heart Out 的Yen(Baby Sumo)和他的主材'蛋'. 8月是特别从8月1号开始至到8月31号. 请把恁的贴子联线到这里贴子上

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  1. This is what I normally order whenever we have Teochew porridge in the shop. Also, a favourite of my other half.

  2. Aah...... usually I cooked this when I had porridge; easy and simple.

  3. my mil likes to cook this to pair with porridge, yum!

  4. Looks like it is a common dish to go with plain congee. My family loved this plain and simple dish too.

  5. I like this but long long time never cook it :P

  6. 简单又好吃的美味。。。

  7. Hi Mui Mui! I will always cook this omelette when I'm having plain congee, yum!

  8. I haven't had preserved radish for a long time & the last time I had it also used it to make this omelette. Actually besides using it to make omelette, I don't know what else can i use it for, hahaha! Can share some with me? I can have a big bowl of rice just with this! Yummy!

  9. Hi Mui Mui, I just cooked this yesterday. :) Yours look beautiful and soooo inviting. I bring porridge!! LOL

    Have a wonderful day ahead.

  10. Hi Doreen,

    Love love love this old time classic! Sometimes, I find that this omelette makes plain porridge taste really good.


  11. 呵呵。。。 mui, 这道百吃不厌呢!我们一家大小都超喜欢的^^

  12. Super delicious too:D I love this dish very much but not my sons unfortunately...I ended up eating it all everytime I cook this.

  13. This is one of my family's favourite! Yummy!

  14. look so tempting peeking out from the bars!

  15. Hi Mui! This is one common and favorite dish in many chinese household. Yes yes... LTU!

  16. This is perfect to serve with porridge! yum! Happy Holidays Ah Ber, hehehe..

  17. Hi Doreen,Thumbs up. Always my family's favourite porridge dish.

  18. Hi Doreen, thumbs up from me too. I love this with porridge as well, thanks so much for linking to LTU although u r busy. My kids are also on holiday now, so we need to bring them to "kai kai" :)

  19. mui mui, I love this simple but very yummy omelette! Can eat rice two plates hee..hee..

  20. I love this kind of homey and quick dish ! I haven't tried adding preserved radish in omelette yet though I love it as a noodle topping :D


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