July 05, 2013

Mugwort (ai-ye) omelette soup ... 艾叶蛋汤

Hello everyone!!!  How are you today?
Recently the weather here is really humid and warm. Haze is all around and the air is bad bad bad....but am so glad everything is better now :D
Hope every one drink lots of liquid, stay cool and take good care of yourselves :D
也希望大家多喝水, 多多保重 ^_^


Little Thumbs Up has come to July and our host for this month is Alvin from Chef and Sommelier with his theme 'ginger'. Please join us and have fun. 
I would like to thanks all dear fellow bloggers who linked your wonderful CURRY cooks and bakes to LTU in June. Do drop by here for 'It's Curry time'

小姆子说好 来到了7月份的活动. 此月的活动主持是Chef and Sommelier的Alvin和他的主题'姜'
首先要非常感谢上个月参与'It's curry time' 6月小姆子活动的朋友们. 谢谢大家无私的分享和参与.大家可以到看看'It's curry time' 的71道美味的咖哩料理.

Let see what's cooking today? Of course something related to GINGER...LOL  This is a very good remedies or a nourish soup for warming up body, clear wind especially for ladies. (according to chinese) 

今天要煮的是什么菜呢?? 当然给'姜'有关咯 :D
艾叶蛋汤是一道很养身和暖身的汤, 特别对于女性哦!
汤的主材料是姜, 艾叶, 蛋和甜糯米酒. 姜和艾叶有暖身功能还有助于调好, 月经不调,经行腹痛 (痛经)等, 蛋是给予蛋白质而酒是让血液循环.
据中医所说女性'阴'身子比较属于'凉/冷' 喝这汤可以暖身也让血液循环较好.
男性属'阳'身子比较'热/暖'就不适合喝, 身体会太热可能会导致流鼻学哦.. ><
不过呢, 如果想尝尝这汤还是可以喝一两口的=p

The main ingredients in this soup is ginger, mugwort leaves, egg and glutinous rice wine. Ginger and mugwort is for warming, egg is for protein and wine is for blood circulation.. from here you can see how good this is and it is so simple to prepare.
This is actually one of the confinement dish but can be taken on the ladies' special day that is pre-menstrual time. It helps to reduce menstrual pain and warm the body.
According to the chinese doctor, there is the 'yin yang' about human body.  
Women's bodies are more 'yin' (that is cold) so having this soup will warm up the body and gives comfort. As for men's  are more 'yang' (that is warm) so i would not recommend you to take this cause this soup is for warming up the body it will be too warm for men ..:D Will be like too warm, its again according to the chinese it is too heaty ...Oh! its a no no no for men as it will cause nose bleeds. =p but if you want to know how does this taste like you can have a sip or two that is still alright :D

My mum use to cook this for us when we are back at home. In my family there are 4 of us that is my 2 sisters, me and  my brother. (of course my brother is not taking this soup) We have more girls then boy. Now i have 3 boys, my 2 sisters have 2 boys each and no girls ...><..
以前, 妈妈常常会煮这汤给我们三姐妹喝. 家里女生多过男生. 我只有一位弟弟.
现在我呢, 有3位小皇子, 我的两位阿妹呢, 各有两位皇子..哈哈哈..我们都没公主噢.. ><

Simple ingredients..ginger, mugwort (ai-ye leaves), eggs and cooking wine ( glutinous rice wine)简单的材料..就姜, 艾叶, 蛋和甜糯米酒.

 This is a very delicious soup with the wine as base in it.

I am submitting this post to the event, Little Thumbs up organised by Doreen from my little favourite DIY and Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids

Alvin from Chef and Sommelier is the host for this month's event and Ginger is the theme for July. You can join in the fun and contribute your recipes here.

Mugwort (ai-ye) omelette soup
Recipe source: mui mui
(i learn to cook this from my mum)

20-25 pieces mugwort leaves  (wash, drain and chopped coarsely)
a thumb size ginger (peel, wash and pound)
2 egg
1/4 tsp salt
200 ml glutinous rice wine 
1 1/2 tbsp sesame oil
50 ml water 

To Do:
1) Wash, drain the mugwort leaves and chopped coarsely. Set aside.
2) Beat egg lightly add in salt. Set aside.
3) Heat sesame oil in wok and saute pounded ginger until it is lightly brown.
4) Stir in chopped miugowrt (ai-ye) stir fry for a while.
5) Pour in egg mixture slowly. Cook until both sides are lightly brown. Roughly cut the cooked omelette with the spatula into pieces.
6) Add in water, let it boil and simmer for 1 to 2 minutes. Blend in glutinous rice wine, bring to a boil, dish up and serve HOT or warm 

**I love my ai-ye soup pipping hot, it is a comforting soup to me. 
If you are having it HOT like me DO watch your tongue and lip don't burn yourself :p
**If you don't have glutinous rice wine you can use ginger wine. The brand call 'stone'
如果您没糯米可以用姜酒代替. 品牌是'stone'



  1. Hi Mui Mui, I think I have not eat this ai-ye for the last 3 decades. hahaha
    Last time in my hometown we can get this easily but since moved to JB I yet to come across this ai-ye plant. You plant this in your garden?

    Yours look delicious... suddenly I'm craving for confinement food. LOL

    Have a nice day.

  2. 谢谢你的分享呀, 下次我试试看 ♥

    1. Hai 轩,

  3. mui mui, very fragrant soup! I am not familiar with the mugwort leaves.

    1. Kak PH,
      The mugwort is very good for us ladies!
      Not familiar with it? If you like I can send some to you.
      Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  4. 啊啊!这个我懂也。可家人叫 ‘ngei’的一种叶子。也可以做糕的。我婆婆很喜欢吃。而且喜欢加黄酒。

    1. Jo,
      对!对! 对! 就是'ngei'

  5. This sounds so delicious and healthy especially for those who have cold. Thumbs Up!

    1. Ann,
      Yes, it is good for cold too :)

  6. This is similar to the ones one my mom used to cook. And I sometimes cook this for my family, my kids love it. I could slurp on the soup without a single drop left! Hahaha!

    1. Joyce, you are right.
      Me too will slurp up the last drop ;p

  7. Hi Mui! Did you have lots of this omelette during your confinement period? :D

    Thanks for linking this to LTU!!

    1. Alvin,
      Yes, lots of omelette for extra protein...lol

  8. That is call "Jiu Zhen Tah" leafs right? I like this kind of omelette

    1. Sweet angel,
      This is not 'Jiu Zhen Tah' -basil.
      It's mugwort -Ai ye. It is good for making Kueh too.

  9. This is good, during menstruation if bleeding non stop, eating the mugwort cook with eggs and some wine could stop the bleeding immediately

  10. hi Doreen,
    the soup looks good, I like soup with eggs, it make soup tastier..like egg and tomato soup, sweet corn soup with eggs...

    1. Stephanie,
      My kids love anything with eggs too :D

  11. Doreen , that mugwort looks a bit like cilantro ! That omelette soup looks delicious for sure ! ..... 3 boys ?! You really need a girl lol

  12. Hi Doreen,

    Didn't know that the haze went to your place too... Must be bad!

    I was told not to eat too much cookies and cakes when the weather is hot and humid. I suppose these "heaty" will give us sore throats and fever... Don't know how true are these myths - LOL! This soup must be good to neutralise the haze and other heaty food.



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