April 04, 2013

Simple Tuna and Corn Pizza ..简易金豆和金鲳鱼批萨

Tuna and corn is a simple yet delicious filling for pizza. We sometimes will have pizza for lunch instead of having rice or noodles.
My kids love fish very much, name it any fish they love..:p
  金豆(玉米)和金鲳鱼批萨, 这个口味是宝贝们的最爱.  不知道为什么我家的宝贝们特喜欢鱼的味道 > < " 你家的小宝贝会这样吗??

The look of my tuna and corn pizza is not that appealing but i can tell you it taste really good. It is gone in seconds..:D
这个丑丑的批萨看起来不怎么样..不过可好吃的很. 出炉切了就扫光光了:D

This dough can make into 3 pieces of crusts size 7 inches each. I made 2 into tuna and corn and 1 into classic tomato pizza.
这批萨面团我做了3片批萨. 2 片金豆(玉米)和金鲳鱼口味和经典番茄批萨.

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Here comes the recipe:

Tuna and Corn Pizza
recipe source: Doreen @ my little favourite DIY
Yield for 3 pizza @ size 7 inches each

1 quatity basic pizza dough ..here 
some flour for dusting

6 tbsp  tomato ketchup
1 can  tuna chunks in olive oil or sunflower oil, drain and mashed into flakes mixed with 3 tbsp mayonnais and some freshly ground black pepper
5 tbsp corn kernel, drain away the liquid
some dried oregano flakes
300g of mozzarella, thinly sliced

To Do:
  • Preheat the oven to 200c. Place flat baking trays into oven to heat. Divide the dough into 3 portions. Roll out to 5mm thick on a sheet of non stick baking paper. This way is much more easier because you only need to lift up the baking paper and place on the flat baking trays. 
**Or you can roll out the pizza base into a round sheet on a silicone mat. Roll the round sheet onto the rolling pin and transfer the round sheet onto the greased flat baking tray.
  • Spread tomato ketchup onto pizza base, then spread another layer of tuna and mayo.
  • Top with corn kernel, oregano flakes and mozzarella.
  • Bake each pizza for 18 minutes or until golden and crisp.
**For me this can serve 3 little monsters and 2 big monsters :D

Hope you will enjoy this as much as my little monsters do :D



  1. mui mui, I want to taste your pizza! I have not tried tuna and corn combination before. I saw Yen prepare tuna and corn pasta. I bet I can eat one whole pizza all by myself hee..hee...

  2. 这个好吃咯。。。我女儿一定喜欢的!

  3. Mui mui
    This homemade pizza look simple. Well it doesnt need to be appealing as long as it is YUMMY! You already got the thumbs up there!

  4. Hi Doreen,
    I thought of making tuna pizza yesterday but ended up making tuna turnovers instead! Haha!
    Your pizza looks so good! Yum! Yum! My kids would love this as well!

  5. Corn and tuna pizza looks good.

  6. Hi Doreen, thsi pizza looks good - perfect for quick lunches or dinners at home, esp when the weather is so hot like today! btw, thanks for inviting me to submit my two previous posts on tomato - i'm very absent minded when it comes to following bloghops :P , have updated the posts with the link. thanks :))

  7. Have not tried corn and tuna pizza before...

  8. Mui Mui, is so good that your kids love fish. My gal used to like steam fish but for now, if given a choice she will skip fish, she only likes canned tuna :(. This combination of pizza looks interesting, should give it a try.

  9. Hi Mui Mui, this pizza looks cheesy and delicious :) Any home delivery service?hahaha...Thank you very much for your support on LTU :)

  10. Having pizza, that's why I'm here. One slice from each flavour please!

  11. I'm sure my boys will give two thumbs up for this pizza. Will make for them during the weekend :)

  12. oh yes, corn and tuna is match made in heaven! I love it in sandwich too!

  13. Doreen , your pizza looks really GOOD ! Love the cheese , tuna and corn combo , really delicious !

  14. Corn is pizza? new idea wor... my boy gonna love it too.

    1. Plan to bake pizza too, but I don't have the time yet...

  15. What a great idea adding corns in pizza! Love it as we had pizza every weekend! Will try this recipe during the weekend ! Double thumbs up! ;)

  16. 我不是很喜欢吃鱼,但是超级喜欢tuna,嘻嘻!

  17. Great looking pizza, just last night, my youngest was requesting for pizza, maybe I'll make him one this weekend:D

  18. Hi Mui! You are still full of energy after your March tomato event! Salute!

    I have not been cooking much... fatigue!

    Nice looking pizza... I need to start thinking of what to cook using corn.. :D

  19. mui mui~~

  20. mui, its looking good lor... of course its good within seconds.. i wld too... love the cheesy too:))

  21. I like the filling, I always use it on my sandwich, simple yet nutritious...maybe I should start making my own pizza with this filling!

  22. I love making pizza, this looks like a delicious combination!

  23. º° ❤♫°
    Que delícia de receita!
    Bom domingo!
    Boa semana!

    °º♡ Beijinhos do Brasil.
    º° ♡ ❤♫°

  24. Tuna and sweetcorn is one of my fav combo... would love this pizza of yours for sure, mui mui! ;)

  25. Tuna & Sweetcorn is my kinda pizza topping :)
    Unfortunately, not for Son #1 - cheese & tomato only :p

    Look delicious!

  26. Hi Doreen,

    Glad that this pizza recipe works very well for you. So good that you can link up two LTU events! Brilliant! :D

    Tuna and sweetcorn is one of fav combo too.


  27. Hi Mui Mui, your pizza look very inviting and mouthwatering. Would love to drop by your place for lunch when you next cook this.....:))

    Have a nice week ahead.


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