April 01, 2015

Pulut Panggang Sambal Udang (Griledl Glutinous Rice Roll) 糯米参巴虾米卷

Grilled glutinous rice roll or Pulut Panggang roll is a type of Malay traditional kueh (snack). The kueh is made of cooked glutinous rice which is flavored with coconut cream, stuffed with some savoury prawn sambal, rolled up with banana leaves and send to grilled or barbecued. They is also pulut panggang kosong mean no stuffing just plain. My youngest like to have the pulut panggang kosong with kaya (egg custard jam).

This special tea time treat  is very filling as it is made of glutinos rice. I can easily have 2-3 in one sitting :p  Nowadays is sell at Rm1.50 to Rm2 a piece compare to before is it only 50 sen a piece. Imagine how much the price have gone up but if you don't bothered about the price it is still worth buying because making this is quite time consuming. But today i am going to make this from scratch. Although is is time consuming and quite tedious to make, it is still worth wide when you see your family is enjoying it happliy!

要吃嘛! 还是自己做吧!

 Fragrance prawn sambal with coconut flavored glutinous rice!

Just plain glutinous steam that flavoured with coconut milk

There is 4 stages into making this pulut panggang to me. First, prepared the stuffing that is the prawn sambal. Mine is my mum's quick version which is cooked dried prawns then mixed with can prawn sambal...hehe quick right!!!

For the quick version prawn sambal

50g dried prawns
1/2 can Yoe's sambal udang

1. Soak the dried prawns till soften, drain and chopped finely
2. Fried it in a clean dry pan till it is dried.
3. Push the fried dried prawn aside, add some cooking oil and chopped garlic. Fried till it is fragrance.
4. Mixed the fried dried prawn in and combine well, scoop out and place into a bowl.
5. Mix half can of can sambal prawn with the fried dried prawn and blend well. Set aside.

Pulut Panggang Sambal Udang (Grilled Glutinous Rice Roll)  糯米参巴虾米卷
Recipe mostly refer to the book of Agnes Chang's Hakwers' Delight with my mum's method
Make 12 rolls


450g glutinous rice, washed, soak for 4 hours and drain
3/4 coconut, squeezed 320ml coconut milk (i used Kara brand coconut cream powder; 1 pack mix with 270 ml will make up to 320ml coconut milk)
1 tsp salt 
2 pieces pandan leaves

Filling: Please refer to the above quick prawn sambal version

12 pieces banana leaves (20cm x 15cm) some bamboo toothpick or stapler.

Second, prepare the banana leaves for wrapping.
1. Cut the banana leaves into 20cm by 15cm rectangle pieces (you will need 12 pieces for this recipe)
2.Blanch these leaves in hot boiling water for easy folding. (blanch 2-3 pieces at a time)
3. Wipe the leaves dry with a clean cloth. Set aside.

Third, prepare the coconut flavored glutinous rice.
1) In a clean wok, stir fried the soaked and drain glutinous rice till it is dry. (about 1-2 minutes). 
2) Pour coconut cream in mixed well. Add in salt. (pix 1)
3) Boil the mixture by stiring the glutinous rice constantly until it is thicken and gluey. (about 5-8 minutes) Off the heat. (pix 2a and 2b)
4) Grease a 8" square baking tray.(pix 3) Scoop the mixture into the baking tray (pix 4)
5) Pressed firmly with a piece of banana leaf.(pix 5) Top with section pandan leaves. (pix 6 and 7)
6) Steam for high heat for 30 minutes. (pix 8) After cooked puff up the rice. (pix 9)

Forth, Wrapping the pulut panggang:
1) Brush some oil onto a piece of banana leaf. pix 1
2) Take 65g of cooked glutinous rice, place onto banana leaf. pix 2
3) Fold the banana leaf away from you covering the glutinous rice, roll and squeeze the rice to shape it long. pix 3. It will look like pix 4 
4) Cut a slit in the middle of the rice. pix 5. Stuffed in a tablespoon of prawn sambal. pix 6
5) Wrap and roll the banana leaf around the rice. pix 7 and 8 
6) Seal both end with a toothpick pix 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. Or you can use a staple to seal both end too.

Using staple to seal both end will be easier!

Before and after grill


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