June 02, 2013

Chocolate Polo Buns - 巧克力菠萝

This is another very yummy buns. The Chocolate Streusel Buns, it is also called Chocolate Polo Buns...'Polo' mean pineapple in cantonese.  In Asia the buns is very popular, it is named polo because of the pattern on the streusel looks like the pattern of pineapple skin. It is a soft bun with sweet streusel topping that adds a sweet crunch and lovely flavor of butter or chocolate or green tea (please see here) or any other flavor to your liking.

咬一口,脆脆又浓浓的巧克力香气的菠萝皮,配上柔软的面包内馅..Ho Chiak!!

HOT, hOt, hoT, from the oven...Crunchy chocolate top on soft and fluffy bun.
 香喯喯的巧克力菠萝包出炉了.脆脆的巧克力菠萝皮真的吃了一个有一个 ^_^

Chocolate polo buns ..巧克力菠萝

I double up this recipe. I get 8 chocolate polo buns, 2 seashell chocolate polo buns, 1 chocolate polo loaf and a plain loaf.  We finished all of it in 3 days...(2 adults and 3 children) Hubby, my eldest and i each had one just after the buns are out from the oven.

Seashell chocolate polo..贝壳巧克力菠萝

Oops!! I kind of over bake the topping a little but it is still nice and crunchy.

pic A
1) Streusel/polo topping  is a bit too soft to handle.
Cover it up in a cling foil and put in fridge for 30 minutes.

2) Take out from the fridge and scoop with a spoon into 25g each. Roll round (do this quick as the topping soften easily) After rolled arranged into a plate and put into fridge for later use.

3) Rolled the round topping between two sheets of plastic sheets. 

4) Loosen out both plastic sheets from the flatten topping. Keep the bottom plastic sheet on. Lift up the plastic sheets with the flatten topping on and slowly paste on the shaped bun. 

5) Run your finger along the bottom of the plastic sheet to loosen the flatten topping onto the 

6) Slowly peel off the plastic sheet.

pic B
7) Nice and neat streusel top. 

8) Use a plastic knife to press lines onto the topping.
     (Repeat the same to the rest of the buns. If the topping becomes soften just put it back into
      the fridge for a few minutes )
9) All are done!! Proof for 45 minutes.

10) Two other loaves. 1 plain loaf and 1 chocolate polo loaf. (the topping of this chocolate polo    loaf is smooth)

11) After proofing for 45 minutes the chocolate polo topping crack nice and beautifully.

12) This is the baked chocolate polo loaf.

Soft and fluffy slices..: )

Chocolate Polo Buns
recipe source: A taiwan YTower Publishing book in Chinese 
Book title in chinese '一种面团做60种排队面包 by 陈明里

Ingredients for basic buns dough:
323 gm bread flour
58 gm castor sugar
6 gm milk powder
5 gm salt
6 gm instant yeast

168 gm water
26 gm egg

32 gm butter

To do:
1) Mixed A to combine well.
2) Add in B and mixed into a rough dough.
3) Knead again until it is smooth and elastic.
4) Add in butter continue knead until it is well combine, smooth, elastic and check if it pass the windowpane test

(i did not follow the above step. I just added all my ingredients B, A and C into bread maker pan
 and let the bread maker do the rest)
Rolled the dough round, cover with cling wrap or damp cloth and proof for 90 minutes. (i proof mine for 45 minutes only)

5) While waiting for the dough to have the first proofing. Prepare the polo topping.
Chocolate Polo topping:
113 gm bread flour
68 gm castor sugar
83 gm pastry margarine (I used unsalted butter)
41 gm egg
13 gm cocoa powder (i used unsweetend chocolate powder)

To do:
  •  Sift cocoa powder (chocolate powder) with bread flour.
  • Blend butter, sugar and egg with a mixer on medium speed until slightly fluffy.
  • Add in bread flour and cocoa powder to combine and not too sticky.
  • Wrapped this polo topping with a cling wrap and rest for 10 minutes. (I put mine into the fridge for 30 minutes.
  •  After resting, rolled the topping into 25 gm small ball (like pic A #2) (i have a left over of 80 gm  topping, i used it on one of my bread loaf)

6) After the first proofing divide into small dough of 60 gm per piece. Rolled round and arrange into a lined and greased baking pan. (for my loaf i divide it into 300 gm each. loaf pan size is 4 x 8 inches and i bake at 180C for 23 minutes.)
    Please refer to pic A and pic B to add on the polo topping onto the buns.
7) Let the buns proof for 45 minutes.
8) Perheat oven at 210C top and 180C bottom and bake for 12-15 minutes.
(my oven do not have top and bottom grill. I used 190C and bake for 16 minutes)

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  1. mui~这个我喜欢~呵呵
    这食谱的面包我做过,ho chiak hor^^

  2. 你上次那个可爱的乌龟菠萝包,我还没做呢。我做了两次菠萝包,包皮都很难搞定,你这个巧克力口味的,我要试一试。请问包皮会不会很黏手?

    1. Bee, 乌龟菠萝菠萝皮比较好搞。

  3. Hi mui mui
    At a first glance, I thought your buns got burnt....hehehe....sorry....I had wanted to make polo buns years back but just totally forgotten about this buns.

    1. Mel,
      No worries!
      2 of the buns did get burnt :p because I get carried away and bake it too long :D

  4. I always wonder why polo bun has no polo (pineapples), now i know already. Thanks for sharing the chocolate polo bun, i would love to try this :)

    1. Hehe before I knew this I was like you :D

  5. Good morning, Mui Mui! You won't believe that I already had my lunch though it's only 11.35am here. I was starving, mainly becoz got up early & it's winter here mah! I like this polo bao very, very much but haven't bought for a long time. No matter is original, chocolate or green tea, I think I still love eating them, hehe. So far I had original flavour only, hehe.

    1. Hi Jess,
      Try make some of your own,
      You will love it :D

  6. When I first heard of these buns, I thought there's some pineapple in them until I saw them on sale at the bakeries. Yours are awesome and I like the 1st click!

    1. Cheah,
      This polo buns actually no pineapple in them.
      You must be quite surprise by the name of these buns before seeing them in the bakeries:D
      Thanks !!.

  7. mui mui, I can smell your lovely chocolaty buns from my computer hee..hee..Would love to eat it!

    1. Kak Phong Hong,
      Try make some of your own,,heehee
      you will love it!!

  8. 这chocolate polo buns 看来很好吃哦。我还没耐心做面包呢。还是要向你多学习 :)

    1. Ann,
      做面包不难. 你的巧手肯定不是问题.

  9. mui mui,那個貝殼型的真的很像貝殼咯

    1. Fion,

  10. Hi Doreen, I'm a big fan of the original polo buns but not my son - but i'm sure this one will get him asking for more :) good idea to make the chocolate crust - sounds great with a cup of coffee!

    1. Esther,
      These chocolate polo crust really makes some different.
      When it is baked in the oven the whole kitchen was feel with chocolate fragrance..:D
      Making you wanted to have a bite insteadly..lol

  11. Ohhhhhh ! Doreen , any leftover ? :D Very tempting ! Love the chocolate topping !


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