October 10, 2011

Home made Roselle Drink and Jam...落神饮料和面包酱~自制的...;)

Roselle Hibiscus is the plant that I am going to share today. I have seen this plant since I am very young. My grandma use to plant this at the side of the old country house. When this plant grow flower, my mum will collect them and use the petal to cook into  a drink. 
Initially I thought it was a flower. But nope, they called it fruits. To be precised this is actually the calyx. And what is calyx? Calyx is the usually green part that enclose the flowers in bud stage ~ wiki (in this case it is red!). From what I gather, the flowers will drop off and the fruits will start to grow bigger. (this is updated in oct 2012  infromation from here)
Natural and healthy with no colouring, no flavouring, no additives.....How great, I made this as drink for my boys as beverage, sometimes even make it into jam for them to spread on bread..^^

~This is the Hibiscus Roselle, is the plant calyx that is used.....
 ' 落神' 就是这植物的名,用的是他的花萼 ~
**起初我以为是用花, 不过, 原来不是啊! 是用花萼..这里
(知料跟新:oct 2012)

~A glass of Hibiscus Roselle drink...一杯冷冷的落神饮料~

~颜色很好看...this colour look so attractive~

小时候,外婆家有种这种植物. 很容易种. 当开花时, 妈妈就会用花后面的部分(花萼) 煮成饮料. 味道像黑茄菕子那样. 酸酸的, 当拿来做饮料有加了糖, 味道就甜中带点酸. 非常好喝的饮料, 天然又健康,不含色素,不含调味料也不含添加剂. 多好,我自己现在偶尔也煮给孩子喝..还做成像果酱给孩子涂抹面包 ;)

 ~This is the Hibiscus Roselle that I used to see when I was small ....小时候常常都在外婆家看到的"落神花"~

 ~This is another species, it is bigger and darker colour.....这是另一种的落神花,比较大 朵一点, 颜色较深..~

 ~The petal is thicker...花瓣厚点~

Hibiscus Roselle syrup 
Ingredients: 30 pieces of roselle flowers ~only take the outer petal and discard the seeds
2 cups of sugar
1600ml of water

To do:
1) In a thick sauce pan put in roselle petals, water and sugar. Bring to boil and simmer on low heat for 30-45minutes. Water will turn from clear to berry red colour. The roselle petals will be faded and soft.
2) After boiled strain the syrup to take out the roselle petals. Let this syrup cool and stor in a clean and dry bottle.
3) You can make beverage from this syrup. It taste just as nice as ribena. 
**Add 50ml of the roselle syrup and 150ml cold drink water into a shaker. Shake to combine, pour into 200ml tall glass. Enjoy!! (updated on 3/2014)

Roselle Jam
To make jam, just blend the boiled roselle petal into puree and add another 3/4 cup of sugar and cook until sugar is dissolved. Let it cool , store in a clean jar. This is the Roselle jam. Keep in the fridge. Use it as a spread for your bread or crackers, it taste just as good as any other jam.

**This is natural in flavour, taste and colour. The taste is sour when sugar is added, it will turn into a sweet syrup  with a touch of sourness...^^

~Home made Hibiscus Roselle syrup and jam....自制落神饮料和果酱~

2 杯糖
1600ml 水

1) 把所有的材料都放进锅煮滚, 再慢火煮上30-45分钟. 

2) 煮好了, 过漓拿掉花瓣. 待冷,便可收入干净的瓶子里. 这 就可以做美味的饮料了.

**用50ml的落神汁+ 150ml的冷开水到摇摇壶里,摇一摇,倒入200ml的长杯就可以享用了:D

煮过的花瓣可用搅拌机, 搅成泥再加入3/4杯糖煮至糖溶化. 待冷便可收入干净的瓶子里.




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