November 06, 2014

Minion fondant cake (小小兵翻糖蛋糕)

This is the cake that i make into with the Walnut butter cake.  My cousin's little girl (Cherise) turn 4 years old, she request her mummy to make her a 'Minion' cake. Her mummy ordered a Minion cake from a local bakery but Cherise don't like it. She comment that the minion cake doesn't look like a minion and it doesn't have the blue jumper on. Cherise's mummy WeChat me to make her a fondant Minion cake. I accepted the mission and  i try my best to bake the cake her little girl wanted!! Sound simple right..:p This is a challenging piece of cake >< i had hiccups here and there while making this cake XD 
**I baked her a Hello Kitty cake on her 1st birthday here
I show you this yesterday !! I think you might have guess what it is...

Yes, A Minion cake size 6 inches width and 8.5 inches height.
I used raw spaghetti to hold the black fondant for the hair.
用了昨天贴上的核桃奶油蛋糕食谱。做了2粒6寸圆形和1粒半圆形的蛋糕。(半圆形模可以在这)打好奶油霜就开工了。翻糖我用了一罐,白色的。颜色都自己调。头发就用了黑色翻糖把意大利面条包起来当支撑。整个过程还蛮好玩的。 只是在铺上黄翻糖时有点挑战。翻糖没铺好也不平滑还破了:( 告诉自己一定要做好),就再来多一片翻糖再铺一次。
After baking and cooling the cakes. It is time to assemble it.
With the Walnut butter cake recipe, i baked 2, 6 inches round cake and 1 half sphere cake.(see the half sphere mould here) While waiting for the cakes to cool. I prepared the mock cream to ice the cake. A whole can of fondant is used up for this cake. I used white fondant and tinted the needed colors with Americolor brand food coloring. It has to be oil base to achieve even color on the fondant.  When i first roll out the yellow fondant to cover the head. It didn't goes smoothly. The fondant wrinkle here and there. When i try to smooth it out the fondant ..tear into pieces XD. I had to remove the tear pieces and redo again another new piece. This time i cover the top (half sphere) part only. This makes it easier to smooth the fondant out. Then the second piece cover the body like a bath towel ..hehe. After the yellow part have completed the rest it not that hard to complete.

Phew!! finally,  mission accomplished. 


  1. Oh my God, mui mui!!! You are really good! That Minion Cake really look exactly like the Minion! So perfect and so cute! Little Cherise must be very happy and I am sure that she gave the thumbs up to this Minion Cake :) Expect more orders hee..hee...

  2. Mui, 太棒了!真的很像很可爱。你的翻糖蛋糕手艺超赞的。

  3. 你真是静静。然后让我一惊哦!
    好pandai啊。好美丽 可爱的翻糖蛋糕。美 美!

  4. Isnt that gorgeous looking minion you have created? So perfect looking. Presented to me, I be jaw dropping!!

  5. 厉害,超像的说,太棒了啦!!
    Super Like X 1000000000 :)

  6. This is 2nd fondant cake that I seen today, well done sis!!

  7. Cute minion cake! I love it! (^_^)

  8. Awesome! Thumbs up to this Minion Cake ... mission accomplished!

  9. 太赞了。。。muimui👍👍👍

  10. Hi Mui mui, so cute your minion! Well done ;)

  11. 好可爱的 minion,太棒了!

  12. yay! i guessed correctly, the deco is perfect, so pretty! hope I am able to make it like you, envy!


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