November 05, 2014

Walnut Butter Cake (核桃奶油蛋糕)

This is a nice and moist butter cake. The added walnut makes it a more wonderful cake. It has fine crumbs and the sweetness is just nice.
 非常好吃的一个蛋糕。 有核桃的香气和淡淡的奶油香。
  Would you like to have a piece?
请你 吃一片?
Thanks Ah Chi for sharing this wonderful recipe.

Walnut Butter Cake (核桃奶油蛋糕)
Recipes adapted from Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover 
Makes a 6" round cake

125g butter (salted), room temp. (i used unsalted butter because i don't have salted butter at that moment :p)
80g castor sugar
2 eggs (A size) 
1 tsp vanilla paste

2 Tbsp milk 
110g cake flour (i add pinch of salt)
1 tsp baking powder
60g walnut, process in a food processor till fine

30g walnut, for topping

  To Do:
  1. Line paper on the bottom of the cake pan. Sift cake flour and baking powder, set aside
  2. Cream butter, vanilla extract and sugar till fluffy and pale (take about 4 minutes using hand electric mixer at speed 2).
  3. Add in egg one at a time, mix well with each addition.
  4. Add in flour, walnut and milk, combine well. Sprinkle walnuts on top.
  5. Bake in a preheat oven at 170C for 40-45mins or 180C for 30-35mins. (i baked mine at 170C for 43 minutes) 
The other day i bake this cake again. I make it into 。。。。前几天又做了这个蛋糕。猜猜做了个什么?

Stay tune!
看看下个贴子吧! ^_^


  1. Hi Mui Mui,
    Can I have slice of this soft and moist butter cake ? It look really inviting!

    1. Hi Aunty Young,
      Two slices for you, coming!!

  2. I want the whole is too good for just a slice.

    1. Hi Mel,
      I can have a few slices in one sitting :p

  3. Yes yes, one slice of your delicious walnut butter cake please ^-^!

  4. 看了你的蛋糕好想动手做,可是 lazy...

  5. my sil baked this recipe recently too, very yummy! that cake is it minion?

    1. Jess,
      Yes, it is. You can have a look in my next post.

  6. do i want a piece? u r kidding mui... this is too good to stop at one. 2 prreasseeee

  7. I want 3 pieces...... baru enough lol XD

  8. mui mui, yes! I would love to have a piece of your yummy Walnut Butter Cake. But one is not enough....LOL!

  9. 这个我也bookmarked了。加入核桃粉肯定香极了。

  10. Great look cake, nutty and moist and buttery, sinfully good!


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