October 05, 2014

Tuxedo and Wedding Gown Chocolate Strawberries

Do you find these bride and groom strawberries lovely...
Chocolates always makes desserts and sweets so special. In this fun, party treat it is chocolate and strawberry pairing together as one. Prepare this several hours ahead to surprise your guess or friends.
I made once make these to cheer a friend on her wedding anniversary- here and now for another friend's wedding ^_^

 Lovely Tuxedo and wedding Gown Chocolate Strawberries
Pour plain chocolate and white chocolate into 2 heat proof bowls
 The cookng chocolate have to be melted to a runny consistency in order to get a smooth and neat coating on the strawberry.
( Tuxedo and Wedding Gown Chocolate Strawberries)
White and Dark Chocolate-dipped Strawberries 
Recipe adapted from the book of 'Mini Sweets' by Sunil Vijayakar and
here  (a video clip with useful tips for melting chocolates) and here (how to dip a strawberry in chocoalte)
100g plain chocolate (roughly chopped)
100g white chocolate (roughly chopped)
10-12  fresh strawberries
To Do:
1. Lined a tray with parchment paper/wax paper.
2. Put the plain chocolate and white chocolate into 2 separated heat proof bowls. Set the bowls pver 2 sauce pans of gently simmering water and heat until melted. (or zap each bowl in the mircowave oven for 30 seconds or (additional 15 seconds if the chocolates are not completely melted) Do take note that the chocolate will not look melted after zapping in the mircowave oven eventhough it is soften. Just stir it, you will know what i mean)

The chocolate still hold it shape after zap in the mircowave oven for 40 seconds eventhough it is soft, it will only look melted when you stir it.
Stir it, you will see it is melted.  Keep warm for later use.
 First dip all the strawberries, one by one into the melted white chocolate. Holding he stem of the strawberry to dip.  (Pat dry all the strawberries with a paper towel before dipping)
 Hold the dipped strawberry up to let the excess melted chocolate drip down.
Transfer to the prepare tray. Lined parchment paper /wax paper on the tray to prevent sticking.

3. Dip the pointed end of each strawberry into the bowl of white chocolate and transfer it to the prepared tray to set, about 30-40 minutes.
For Bride strawberry: Fill melted white chocolate into the pipping bag and snip the end.

Fill melted white chocolate into pipping bag.

Roll the piping paper bag down and snip of the end - a small bit.
Pipe the melted white chocolate with zig-zag motion onto the bottom of the white chocolate coated strawberry.
Following with pipping some dots with melted white chocolate on the top of the strawberry. Transfer back to prepare baking tray to set.
For Groom Strawberry: Dip the  left pointed bottom half of the white coated strawberry, 45 degree into the melted plain chocolate. Repeat to the right too.

Use a skewer or a toothpick dip a little melted plain chocolate, make 2 little dot onto the front of the strawberry. Follow with (the bow tie) a triangle on the left and right. Transfer to prepare baking tray to set.

4. Put bride and groom strawberries on a plate and serve or display or as decoration on a cake.

This post is link to Best Recipes For Everyone September 2014 Event : Chocolate Wonderland
Hosted and organized by Fion ^^


  1. mui mui, these bride and groom strawberries are so romantic and so cute!

  2. Hi Mui Mui, how you doing? Wow .. the strawberry look so cute and pretty. You're very creative. 2 thumbs up for you.

    Have a nice day.

  3. I have sweet tooths, will loves this...

  4. Hi Mui Mui, cute & lovely bride & groom strawberries ..you're so creative! I'm not so patient in making & decorating these. Perhaps one day to try and have some fun time together with my girl.

  5. Such a super lovely sweet treat to me.. This is definitely a great idea for party.

  6. Wow! Lovely bride and groom strawberries sweet treat! Too eat cute to eat :)

  7. I wish I saw this before my friend got married. I would have made her a platter:)

  8. Hi Mui Mui, wow, wow, wow... you are very creative and talented. Very beautiful art piece of strawberry chocolate. Thumbs up :)

    1. Hi Ivy,
      This is simple to prepare. Try it, it's fun!


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