June 05, 2013

Gulai Darat Ayam - 香辣咖哩鸡

Little Thumbs Up is coming to June now. This month our host is Ms B from Everybody eats well in Flanders with her theme 'It's Curry time!' simply. Her ingredient is 'curry powder/curry paste'  
'小姆子说好' 来到了六月份. 六月的主持是Ms B (Everybody eats well in Flanders) 和她的主题'咖哩粉/咖哩酱'
This is my first dish for Little Thumbs Up :)
I get to know this dish when it was MFF - Kelantan month. I bookmarked it  but did not manage to cook it on that month. My list is way too long like a locomotive heehee. Now i am going to cook this for Little Thunbs Up 'It's curry time' month.
Gulai Darat Ayam, gulai in Malay simply means a type of dish/food containing rich, spicy and succulent curry with sauce/gravy. My main ingredients here is chicken and it also might be poultry, beef or mutton for this kind of gulai dish.
今天第一道给'小姆子说好'的咖哩料理是 '香辣咖哩鸡' 是一道kelantan的咖哩叫Gulai Darat Ayam. Gulai的意思是香浓和辣的咖哩. 主材料是鸡,牛肉或羊肉.

This dish it simple and easy to prepare. Get ready the ingredients, get the curry paste ready and start cooking :p

It is creamy, slightly spicy (i add 2 little chili only), a hint of sourness from the tamarind peels and full of curry flavor. It is so good to have with LOTs of steam rice :p

这到咖哩很还蛮容易煮味道又特别. 材料也简单. 首先把材料准备好. 把酱料用搅拌器搅拌成泥.就可以开始煮了. 这道咖哩的味道呢!! 是浓浓的酱, 香香咖哩味, 带点阿三片的微酸和椰浆的甜味道很不错. 很下饭呢!! 还有!还有!里边还加了熟蛋一起煮味道更好更好吃!

Little Thumbs Up

Little Thumbs Up, is an event organized by Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids and (me) Doreen from my little favourite D.I.Y. , where an ingredient is selected each month and everyone is welcome to join in by using the selected ingredient either in your bakes or in your cooking pot. Please do join us, cook or bake any recipes using Curry powder or Curry paste as one of its ingredient, post it in your blog within this month, (only new and current posts), and link to Little Thumbs Up, in the thumbnail linky which is at Ms B's post  here. To find out more details on Little Thumbs Up, please click here.

'小拇子说好' 是Zoe(bake for happy kids) 和我(my little favourite DIY) 主办的活动. 欢迎大家的参与. 每一个月都有一位主持人和一样食材(材料)被挑, 用来煮或烘焙一道料理/蛋糕/饼干. 六月的主持人是 Ms B (Everybody eats well in Flanders)和她的主题'咖哩粉/酱', 欢迎大家踊跃参与哦!! 

Let's start see the recipe now :D
Gulai Darat Ayam (spicy curry chicken)
recipe source:  Azie Kitchen with a little modification

1 chicken - cut into big pieces (i used 8 pieces of drum sticks)
3 tbsp meat curry powder
coconut milk (i use ayam brand coconut milk - 200ml)
salt to taste
sugar to taste
5-6 chili - split and seeded ( i used 2 small chili)
1-2 pcs tamarind peels
2-3 hard boiled eggs - peeled
1/4 cup water (i added)

curry paste (pounded)
10 shallots - peeled and slice
2  cloves garlic - peeled and slice
1 stalk lemongrass - slice
1 thumb size ginger - slice
1 thumb size blue ginger - slice
1/2 thumb size turmeric (i used turmeric powder)
( Blend all the above in a food processor into paste)

To Do:
1) Add curry paste and chicken cutlets or drumstick into a wok and stir fried over medium flame until chicken is half cooked.
2) Add in coconut milk, salt, sugar, tamarind peels and chicken granules (optional). Lastly add in chili.
3) Let boiled and simmer on low heat until gravy is slightly thicken.
4) Dish up and serve with steamed rice.

Hope you will ENJOY this curry dish as much as i do^_^



  1. So delicious, my mouth is watering looking at your curry!

    1. Mich,
      We can exchange.
      I love your Satay Ayam Goreng :)

  2. yes...i'm enjoying...hahahha

  3. 好吃~我想要白饭,也想要面包。。。

  4. 啊!这个月的主题哦。。 可以,我会安排准备咖哩来分享。哈哈哈 ~

  5. This is yummy! I like the thick curry sauce!

  6. 见梅梅很常介绍kelantan style的食物~~~

  7. Oh, very nice gulai darat ayam!!! Will cook something for this curry month :)

  8. Eh, Mui Mui, this time you really very fast in action. Curry paste ah, aiyoh, not ngam my taste buds lah, only becoz I hardly cook spicy food, don't know got cook for once or not in a year, haha! Anyway, your curry chicken really looks delicious there! Can even eat with white bread! A real nice dish!

  9. 哇!

  10. Doreen , do you think I can use tamarind paste instead of peel ? Planning to cook this sometime ;D

    1. Anne,
      I never try using tamarind paste but no harm trying because it is the same ingredient. Only one is paste and the other one is peel.
      Try it and share with me how dies it taste :D

    2. Okies , will let you know :D Thanks !

  11. 哎呀,我喜欢,快快courier一碗过来,嘻嘻!

  12. Your gulai looks so delicious! There goes the waistline! I would surely cook more rice for thise! Yum!

  13. Wow! I love those eggs in the curry! I want some if I may:D Its the gathering of the ingredients that puts me off! lol otherwise I guess it's a breeze to cook this.

  14. Oh, I am too late, is there still any curry left for me? ; p

  15. The first photo said it all.....delicious! Makes my mouthwatering now.

  16. Oh, I am too late, is there still any curry left for me? ; p

  17. mui mui, I see already feel so hungry!

  18. Mui Mui, I love spicy food and curry is one of my favourite, you are making me hungry liao lol.

  19. Mui Mui, I'm also too late liao! Next time I must come early so I can be the first one to taste your yummy dishes.

  20. Mui Mui, I love curry & this is great with a plate of rice. Wonderful linking!

  21. This is really yummy. I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Hi Mui Mui, this gulai darat ayam look so good, must have extra rice and lick the gravy until the last drop. :)

    Have a nice day.

  23. Hi Doreen,

    I have finally reached the last curry post that I need to visit... LOL!

    I like to use tamarind puree instead of peel. More concentrated and less preparation for me :D



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