December 17, 2012

Chocolate Eclairs ~ Bake Along #37

Bake Along is a free, easy and fun event. This event is hosted by three gorgeous and talented ladies that is Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids, Lena of Frozen Wings and Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.
Bake Along 是个很轻松, 自在 和好玩的活动. 是三为很棒的女生组成的活动. 她们是Zoe, Lena 和 Joyce. 这活动是让一班爱烘焙的部落格友们参与和互相学习的好机会. 呼吁各位爱烘焙的朋友们都来参与吧 (^o^)

I enjoy very much participating in this event. Most of all we have a bunch of blogger friends who have the same passion for baking to bake and share together. 
Do join us in this event in next Bake Along event.
This is a pick from Zoe. I am glad to bake this because this is in my to bake list for quite sometime:D
If you have read my previous post, you know i am into durian (the king of fruits) This round i am baking Chocolate Eclair but with durian custard filling.
The durian custard filling taste so velvety with buttery soft choux puff and a topping of chocolate ganache..Mmmm it is so ... you imagine it..:p

 这是我做了一样我很想做的一种甜点,只是迟迟都没行动. 这次是托Zoe的活动(Bake Along #37), 跟着她的主题耶克蕾亚泡芙(Chocolate Eclair). 就这样做了这个迟迟没做的耶克蕾亚泡芙. 
我的榴莲风还在吹..这次做了榴莲卡士达奶油 :p
柔软的泡芙, 夹着榴莲卡士达奶油馅再淋上一层巧克力酱..Mmmm..可想象是多享受的味道啊~~
Chocolate Eclair
recipe source: adapted from Ecole de patisserie (chinese version)
菓子学校 (volume 7)
Basic choux puff
100ml water
45g butter
a pinch of salt
60g plain flour

2 eggs ( you might not use up all of it)

To Do:

  • In a deep sauce pan boil water, butter and salt.
  • When it is rolling boil, add in the plain flour all at once.  Leave the pan away from the stove. Stir with a whisk till it is all combine and the dough is cooked. You can see the dough leave from the side of the pan when you stired and mixed.
  • Pour the dough into a mixing bowl and let it cool to your touch.
  • Using a hand mixer beat in lightly beaten eggs until it is a smooth and sticky dough. 
  • Transfer the dough into a pipping bag fitted with a plain tip.
  • Piped the dough onto a lined baking tray slight apart from each other. Spray with some water just before sending to bake in the oven.
  • Baked in a preheated oven at 200c for 30 minutes.

Custard filling:
(i make half of the recipe)
500ml milk
1 vanilla bean (split it with a sharp knife and scrap the bean out of the pod)
6 egg yolks
150g castor sugar
50g low protein flour

To do:

  • Boil the milk and vanilla bean(including the pods) in a heavy bottom sauce pan.
  • In a mixing bowl mix yolks, sugar and flour together.
  • When the milk boils, pour half of the milk into the yolks mixture. Stir to combine with no lumps.
  • Pour the yolks mixture back into the sauce pan. Bring to the stove and cooked. Stir vigoriously to prevent burnt or lumps. The mixture will thicken gradually. When it is thicken, then it is ready.
  • Cool the vanilla custard cream. If you want a vanilla custard cream, you can use at this stage. But if you want to make durian custard..please read again..:)
Durian Custard Cream
150g of vanilla custard cream 
60g durian paste (just sift the durian flesh through a sieve to get the paste)

To do:
Mixed the vanilla custard cream and the durian paste together.
Transfer into a pipping bag and piped into the choux puffs.

  1. The choux puffs is cool and ready to be fill in with durian custard cream.
  2. Use a small round tip with a little serrated teeth or just plain will do.
  3. Poke 2 little hole at the bottom of both ends.
  4. Like in picture 3 & 4.
  5. Piped in the durian custard cream and scrapped of the excess with a spatula or a small plastic knife, like in picture 5 & 6.

For chocolate glaze, I make a very simple one. 
1/4 cup whipping cream 
100-120g cooking chocolate

To Do:

  • Warm the whipping cream on a double boiler and add in cooking chocolate.
  • Stir until cooking chocolate is totally dissolved.
  • Spoon onto the filled choux puff or pour the chocolate glaze into a big enough bowl for you to dipped the top of the choux puff into the chocolate glaze.


I am sharing this in Bake Along #37, hosted by Zoe of Bake with Happy Kids, Lena of Frozen Wings and Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.
If you are interested please view back their link to see how you can start to join us in the next Bake Along...Enjoy


  1. Your chocolate eclairs looks wonderful, and your durian custard cream is making my mouth water! I can imagine that your house must be very fragrant with the durians these few weeks! Hahaha! Thank you for baking along with us, and your wonderful support in 2012! Looking forward to another year of delicious baking together! Cheers!

  2. Mui i love your eclairs so easy, tiny and cute.

    1. Angeline,
      Yes, it cute, small and easy to munch..heehee

  3. 我不久前才看见s'pore的电视介绍它,就看见它出现在你们的blog了,我也很久没有它了,呵呵!

  4. Hi Doreen,

    Your chocolate eclairs look wonderful with a nice glossy finishing... Glossy like a chocolate mirror :D

    Plus from all your bakes, I can tell that you are very neat and detailed person. Me? Definitely not as neat and detailed as you :p

    Durian? Me? Definitely not a Durian fan...Ops!


    1. Zoe,
      Oh! You doesn't like durian?
      Then have vanilla custard ones..:) are so sweet to say that . I love yours too, you bakes are always so neat and beautiful.

  5. I loves this, but never do it myself before...

  6. can i have share??!! hehe...

  7. 外脆内软的,尤其是加上榴莲卡士达奶油内陷,我也会爱死它,哈哈!

  8. I loves eclairs but yet to attempt to make this. Look very tempting....

  9. Please pass me some, love the durian filling ;)

  10. Mui Mui, chocolate eclairs with durian custard cream! Aiyo I want some! Your eclairs turned out very pretty, well done :)

  11. Hi Mui Mui, your chocolate eclair very well baked, look very nice. Please make my eclair with chocolate only, I don't want durian. :)

    Have a ice week ahead,regards.

  12. oh my, durian custard! you gals are making me hungry for some durian bakes..just this morning i was looking at vivian's durian tarts...ooh..i actually like durian in bakes rather than eating them alone! appreciate your constant support given to bake along, happy baking!

  13. Wow, eclairs with durian filling .... can imagine the aroma!

  14. Mui,看起来很好吃,我冰箱还有榴莲呢,特地留下来做榴莲泡芙,

  15. Lovely éclairs & very innovative with durian custard! I can imagine the great combo with chocolate! :)

  16. What a great flavour combo you have here! Lovely eclairs!
    P.S.Missed you too :)

  17. 那个垫子真的很美咧!

  18. Mui Mui要怎样参考加你们的活动呢!
    这chocolate Ecalairs感觉好好吃,真想咬一口

  19. I've been wanting to make this actually but got lazy at the last minute :P :D .... Your éclairs are pretty delicious and eventhough I don't like durian , it still makes my salivate ! lol

  20. Looks amazing and heavenly!


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