October 03, 2012

Cream Puff ~ Bake Along #33

I am trying out this cream puff recipe for the first time. This recipe is really not bad at all. 
It is almost fail proof..hehe 
I will definitely make this again. It is soft and nice even the next day.

I make into swan puff with custard cream...

I made into simple ones with coffee custard cream..

I made into simple ones with vanilla custard cream...

I made into fruit basket with custard cream...

Cream Puffs
recipe source: YT Kitchen's Collection (快乐厨房杂志- ,vol:24)
I make half of this recipe...^^
1. 400g water
        6g salt
    240g salad oil (i used butter)
2. 320g bread flour
3.      10 eggs

to do:
1) Boil water, salt and oil in a sauce pan. Rolling boiled.
2) Add in flour all at once and stir to combine. Stir until mixture will leave from the side of the pan. Let this mixture cool a little until about 60c.

1.. After cooked the flour will look in big crumbly pieces
2.. After beating egg one at a time .. this is the texture of the mixture. When the mixture is drop down from the spatula it will form like a triangle shape. Not too runny and it slightly thick.
3..Puffs is ready to send to the oven
4..Just before sending to the oven, spray some water on the puffs to help the puffing process.
3) When it is slightly cool beat in egg, one at a time. You may not need all of the eggs. When the mixture is slightly thick then it is the right texture.(please refer to the picture above)
4) Filled into a piping bag with a plain tip and pumped on a baking tray that lined with parchment  paper. Wet your finger to flatten the spikes on the puff to have a nice and smooth surface. Spray with some water just before baking.
5) Preheat oven at 190c and bake for 10 minutes and continue with 180c for another 20 minutes.(for my previous recipe i need to pierce the puff to release air but this one doesn't need at all)

Custard filling:
recipe source: same as above
I make half of this recipe:
1. 700g fresh milk

2. 170g castor sugar
    120g eggs
      30g corn flour
      40g plain flour

3.   60g butter
4.   10g rum (i used vanilla pods)

to do:
1) Boiled milk in a sauce pan until it reaches 90c.
2) Mixed all (2) ingredients in a mixing bowl. Pour half of boiled milk into mixed ingredients of    (2). Stir till it is smooth and pour back into sauce pan.
3) Cook the mixture under low heat. Stir constantly until mixture is thick and gluey. Move sauce pan away from the stove.
4) Add in butter and rum (vanilla) and it is ready to use. If you are not using immediately, do cover the custard with a cling wrap to prevent custard from forming a layer of skin.

**Coffee custard
1 portion of above custard
3g instant coffee granules
20g hot water
5ml Kahlua

to do:
Melt instant coffee granules in hot water. Add in Kahlua and allow to cool a little.
Mixed custard and coffee mixture together. Done! Its your Coffee Custard.

This pair of swan is specially made for a dear sister and her hubby 10th anniversary :)

I’m glad to join Bake-along hosted by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids, Joyce from Kitchen Flavours and Lena from Frozen wings.


  1. wow。。。mui mui,
    好美的天鹅泡芙呢,真的舍不得吃进肚子里哦 :)

  2. 梅梅~~

  3. Your cream puffs are all so cute and pretty! The swan and the basket is just so pretty! And I like the cream with Kahlua, sounds yummy and fragrant!
    Thank you for baking along with us!

  4. oh my... ain't these cream puffs so pretty.... i love them sooo...:))

  5. I love your little fruit baskets and swans... so pretty!

  6. Mui Mui, you are like a magician, can change the puffs into so many patterns! Love the swan & basket the most! One of each please!

  7. Thanks for stopping by all my old posts and gave every post a nice comment, appreciate much.
    Recently i have been seeing a trend of making swan cream puff, i must follow the trend too, very soon i will make this cute swan..You have did it so well,. look really like swan.

  8. so pretty! i love your swans and the basket too! the swans necks must be so even that you're able to form a heart shape from the two neck!i tried too but couldnt get that! thanks so much for joining, wonderful job done!

  9. Great looking swan. That's quite numbers of flavoured cream filling. Must be fun to have all at once. Great job!

  10. Good morning!
    In reply to your comment over at my ice cream post. Yes, I supposed you could substitute the corn syrup with honey. I would use a light coloured honey and maybe decrease the amount to half, as honey usually have a strong smell! Let me know how it turns out for you! Enjoy your ice cream! Hope you have a great Sunday today!~

  11. really pretty! u use bread flour to make the puff? thats something new. i shall try :)

  12. Hi Doreen,

    All your cream puffs are so beautifully made! Especially the swan and basket ones are made with lots of thoughts and dedications.


  13. WOW! Your swan puffs look so lovely and the basket too :)

  14. Hi Mui Mui, your swan look so lovely, very beautiful. You're a good baker.

    The last time I baked, it look more like a ugly duckling :(


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