May 31, 2012

Soursop Mousse Cake~红毛榴慕絲蛋糕

~Soursop mousse cake~

This is a overdue post for the delay in post and replies to comments to my dear friends and readers . i have been quite busy lately with work and kids..hope you are still with me and i am back in action..:p

 I make this Soursop Mousse Cake for Mother's Day celebration. Using  soursop (fruit) to make cake for my mum and my mil(mother in-law). This is a new flavour to them. My mum is very adventurous she don't mind trying new things but not my mil. I know they like Soursop and I BET they will like this Soursop Mousse Cake... fingers cross when I serve this cake... :p
When i serve them, it is what i expected my whole family love it....LOL
Share a bit with you how does this cake taste. This cake taste sweet and sour (more to sweet) , the mousse is velvety and creamy... sandwich in between layers of sponge cake. It is simply scrumptious.

红毛榴莲慕絲蛋糕.~ 今年做的母亲节蛋糕是红毛榴莲慕絲蛋糕..
做给妈妈和家婆是同类的蛋糕. 开始时还担心, 家婆不能接受.
还好妈妈,家婆和家人都很喜欢. 觉得红毛榴莲口味很特别, 好吃.
味道是酸酸,甜甜,慕絲间夹着海绵蛋糕. 这配搭不太甜也不腻..超好吃..^^

~Soursop fruit...刺果番茘枝..又名为..红毛榴莲..没有榴莲味的榴莲~

Recipe is from 'Baking with FRUITS' a book from Kelvin Chai with a little changes
食谱来自 '艳丽耀目水果烘焙' 是Kelvin老师的书..做了少许的变动..:p

Soursop cake...刺果番茘枝慕絲蛋糕
 Ingredients for sponge cake: 
 120g sponge mix    
 2 eggs   
 30ml water   
 30g melted butter 
 (I make double portion for this) 

To do: 
1) Whisk sponge mix, eggs and water until light and fluffy.  Fold in melted butter until combined.

 2) Pour batter into a 18cm(7 inches) baking tray. (I used a 8 inches size baking tray for my round cake and 7 inches for my square) Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 20 minutes. ( I baked mine for 35 minutes) 

 3) Leave to cool and slice into 2 pieces. Store in a container to prevent from dryness.

 Soursop Cream Ingredients:

250g soursop flesh 
50g castor sugar 
250ml water 
1 tbsp gelatine powder 

250g fresh cream (whipped)

8" baking tray 
a piece of bubble wrap ~ cut into the size of 8" or 8" square ~ depends on what shape of baking tray you are using
(i use big bubble type)

To do:
 1) Cook soursop flesh, sugar, water and gelatine powder over low heat until gelatine melted. Remove, let it cool a little and transfer to blender. Blend it into puree.
~Cooked and cooled soursop mixture is blend into puree..把煮好放凉的红毛榴莲打成泥~

2) Whipped non dairy whipping cream. Fold in whipped cream into soursop puree...
           ~before whip...还未打发的植物性鲜奶油~

 ~after whipped ..以打发的植物性鲜奶油~ 
3) Place the prepared bubble wrapped onto the bottom of the baking tray. Spread half of the cream evenly. Cover with a piece of sponge cake. Spread the other half of the cream and cover with the last piece of sponge cake.

~Bubble wrap with big bubble..the size of the bubble is as big as a cherry..

~place bubble wrap into baking tray..把气泡纸放在烤盘低~

~this is the finish assembled cake..ready to put into fridge to chilled until it is set, about 4-6 hours...完成了, 要送进冰箱, 冰上4-6个小时至凝固~

~this is the Soursop cake...红毛榴慕絲蛋糕出炉了..呵呵~

~This square one is for my mum..这粒四方慕絲是送给我的妈妈的~ mum likes it...:D

~strawberries are all i add-on some mango marshmallow...草苺吃完了..来点芒果棉花糖也不错~

~This is the second cake..round for my mil..第二粒蛋糕送给家婆的~

~same decoration, with strawberries..a bit more this time...又是草苺做装饰..加多了一点点~

~my lazy job, using a cake side liner to dress up the side..nice right?..LOL

~Seen so much of the cake .. let me serve you a piece..:D



  1. HI Mui Mui, aiyoh, understand, we all get busy with our routine life, don't worry, I won't forget to drop by whenever I can!

    In Australia, we call Soursop as Custard Apple & it is a seasonal fruit. I had a big craving of it when I was pregnant with my son! Never thought of using it to make a cake. I like mousse cake myself! Yum yum!

  2. this is really a unique flavour and thanks for showing how you did the pattern with the bubble packs. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi Jess,
    Your..'I won't forget to drop by whenever I can.' is a very encouraging to me..thank dear friend.
    Oh! Ya, I remember Custard Apple too, I came to know this Soursop is Custard Apple in Australia when I was in Melbourne visiting my brother n sister in law. Talking about my sil, when I saw your picture in your blog I felt like seeing someone very dear n close to me but can't tell it who. Now I know you and my sil somehow have something in common..only that you are in Sydney and she is in Melbourne..hehe just share with you how I felt about
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hi Lena ,
    Thanks for the compliments.
    I found that decorating with the bubble pack is quite unique, hope you like it too.
    You too have a nice weekend.

  5. Mui2,

    This is interesting! Bubble wrap for deco effect!! You are clever!

  6. Mui2,

    This is interesting! Bubble wrap for deco effect!! You are clever!

  7. Thanks for lead me to this post, interesting to see you used bubbles wrap to make the cream pattern. Just wonder to keep the cake inside the freezer or fridge to set the cream ? And I have never tasted a soursop before , you are very creative . As for the side wrapper , I know this kind of wrapper but my sister was requested some chocolate rice or roasted almonds slice to decorate the sides , hehehe ..

    1. Hi Sonia,
      It's my pleasure to share with you.
      Just need to keep the cake in the fridge for 4-6 hours to set.
      Oh! Soursop is very tasty, if you happen to see it must try heehee.
      Yes,yes adding nuts or almond flakes or chocolate rice is more to munch
      Have a nice day and sorry for the delay reply!


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