March 13, 2012

Honey Bee Buzz Buzz~有蜜蜂来我家吗??

~Two is spongey and bottom is springy ...


Honeycomb or ants' nest cake, is a special kind of cake in Malaysia. It is named Honeycomb or ants nest cake because of the interesting pattern in this cake that looks like honeycomb or ants nest. It is the baking soda that create the bubble trail in the cake, after baked.

There is a cake 'Bika Ambon' which is similiar to this cake. Only that Honeycomb cake need the sugar to be caramelize whereas Bika Ambon doesn't need to. I never tried Bika Ambon but I love this Honeycomb cake. The cake have a caramel scent with a touch of bitterness.

It is not difficult to make  this cake but the challenging part is caramelizing the sugar and pouring water into the caramelize sugar. Imagine HOt HOt HOt caramelize sugar, out of sudden pour water into it...the reaction is LIKE....EXPLOSION
Hahaha a small one thou..when the water touches the caramelize sugar the water bubbles BURST out  like fire works....
                                            makes you have to use a wok cover as a shield to protect yourself..(",)
NO Worries...I have learned how to make this job a little bit easier....:)
Frankly, I love this cake very much. In school days my auntie use to make this for us. We will take one bite and start search for the bee hive and tell her is there any bee coming...hehe interesting right? Now my kids do

~The whole Honeycomb cake ....蜜蜂蛋糕~  

~This is the cut section of the cake...切开了...看看..~

This is how I comes...:D
Bee comb cake or Ants' nest cake (Kek Sarang Semut)
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
5 eggs
3 tablespoons soft butter
1/2 can of condensed milk (1 can is 388g)
1 cup all purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking soda

9" x 9" square baking tray~lined bottom with greased proof paper

To do:
1) Pour sugar in a heavy bottom saucepan.
 2) Drizzle some water along the side of the saucepan. (This is to prevent the sugar from sticking  the saucepan when caramelizing).

2) Put on low flame to start caramelizing the sugar. 
    1) Sugar starts to melt and bubbling.
    2) Sugar starst to caramelize, color is light.
    3) Sugar is caramelize, color is medium. 
    4) Sugar has caramelized and this is the color I am looking for. Move sauce pan away from the stove. 
    5) Add 1 cup water in at this point but BE CAREFUL when  pouring water into the caramelize sugar.  Starting to pour a little at a time stirring after each addition, (this is the time you see it start bursting but when you kept adding water evetually it will stop bursting) then pour all of the water in. If the caramel sugar crystallize, its ok, you can always bring back to the stove and reheat it to melt it again.

3) Add in 3 tbsp butter into the caramelized syrup and set aside.
4) In a mixing bowl beat eggs till forthy add in condensed milk, flour and blend well. If you see lumps in the mixture you can sieve it.
5) Pour the cooled caramelized syrup into the egg mixture and mixed to combine.
6) Pour into the baking tray and bake in a preheated at 160c oven for 50 minutes.(I put my cake on medium rack in the oven)
~I used a square baking tray to bake it for easy slicing. I like them in cubes ...:p
用了方形的烤模, 我喜欢切出来的蛋糕是一片片的小方块~

~This is my sister in law version of honey comb cake, I love the 2 part texture, both are soft and tasty...食谱是来之我的三婶,蛋糕是两层式很柔软有QQ..好吃~



  1. 我這只肥蜜蜂飛來你家吃蛋糕了哦。。。yum yum。。。

  2. 哈哈!欢迎你来!!
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    那在click NO..

  3. hello...may I know what mean by beat eggs till forthy?? Thank you. (For the 蜜蜂蛋糕)

  4. Hi Quek,
    Just beat the eggs and sugar until fluffy and pale.
    My recipe is in BM so I am kind of translating it word by word haha...
    Do leave me a comment or message me in fb (DoreenCmh) if you have other questions.
    Happy baking!

  5. added you =) but there is no sugar already caramel the sugar. hmmm.....or just beat the egg till white then add in others and blend well? :D

  6. Hi Quek,
    No sugar because have caramelize the sugar. And condensed milk will be added so it is sweet enough.

  7. so only beat the eggs until pale izit? =) Thank you~


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