May 03, 2012

Fried Banana Fritters~炸香焦糕~

~Mari-mari ...goreng pisang, goreng pisang...three for one ringgit!!~
 Banana fritters in Malay is 'Goreng pisang'

Remember when we were young (my 2 younger sister and I) my mum use to make banana fritters for sell in the central wet market. We have to wake up early in the morning in order to get ready all the ingredients for my mum. 
At that time 1 piece of banana fritter cost only 20cents but now 1 piece cost 40 cents. Nowadays, when the 'tauke noir' who sell kuih muih business is not so good, you can get 1 ringgit for 3 pieces...:p ..(shhh..that is a little secret )

Instead of buying, why not DIY you own Banana Fritters. You know what you are adding in your banana fritters. That is no flavouring,  no colouring and the oil is fresh. (cooking oil for frying the fritters) I used 'Pisang Tanduk' to make these Banana Fritters. Pisang Tanduk is a Malay named for this particular type of banana. This kind of banana is big and long. Its texture is firmer and when it is ripen it is really sweet. You can have a looks at this banana here PisangTanduk in Chen's blog (A journey called LIFE)

50g self raising flour 
3/4 tbsp rice flour
1 tbsp Hup Leong (cook's frying powder)
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
80ml water
1/2 tbsp oil 

2 cups of cooking oil for deep frying

To do:
1)Mix all together and rest for 5 minutes. 

~Put all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl~

~Mix a well in the flour and pour in wet ingredients...Mix..Mix~

~Batter is done..~

2)Dip the slice banana into the batter and coat thinly. 
3)Deep fry till golden brown.
4)Drain and place on kitchen towel. Serve.

~I found adding a little of this powder make the banana fritters crispy on the outside and soft and nice inside.~

~This fritters stays crispy a little on the outside when it is cold too~

~This coating is not too thick and it is not hard. It is crispy with a little soft ...~

**Notes: Drain excess oil from fritter after frying on rack or kicthen towel. This is a must to keep the fritters crispy on the outside...^^



  1. hohoho...looks delicious, can i have some? :)

  2. Sean,

  3. Sherleen,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Ya, come I make kopi for u to go with this banana fritters...:)

  4. Sean,

  5. Doreen, goreng pisang is an all time local favorite but would you believe me that I have not made this at home? I think now with your recipe I should try to make since my Quay Lo loves it.

  6. Hi Quay Po,
    Yes,this old time favorite never go of trend. From my fil to my son(from old to young) they all love this. It's crispy on the skin and sweet soft inside.
    You must try this since your Quay Lo loves it ...:D

  7. tomorrow is sunday... i am going to try that since i have a bunch of bananas at home. yummy!

  8. glad that i was able to come to your blog today. I couldnt get in yesterday . Goreng pisang , goreng chempedak.. all also i like and i agree with you that it's so much frying it at home if we can do it..cleaner oil!

  9. Hi love2dine, thanks for visiting..
    Do try this out, it is really nice..^^

  10. 我也好喜欢吃炸的香蕉,只是炸好热热时很好吃,冷了后就没那么好吃了。

  11. Kate, 炸香焦是凉了不大好吃。不过这个食谱还好,凉了还会有点脆。所以嘛, 我们都很常看见卖香蕉糕的直炸直卖咯。。。:p


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