March 10, 2012

A custom made gift for a fb friend~送网友的一份心意

 ~Puteri Santubong layer cake...

Few months back I specially bake this cake for a fb friend~PC. She is a pretty mum of two lovely girls. Her bakes and cooks is really.... awesome...:)
Guess what cake I bake for her???
A Prunes lapis cake...I like this cake because of the taste of rich buttery scented, the texture is fine and moist.  The prune in the cake gives the cake a hint of sourness and that make it so tasty. Furthermore the colour and pattern of this makes you feel so happy....hahaha so "hard sell"... Although this cake is grilled layer by layer it is still moist, soft and nice.

~The little black dots on the cake is prunes...

Puteri Santubong lapis cake (Prune Lapis)
Ingredient (A):
10 egg yolks
  6 egg whites
  8 ozs castor sugar
  7 ozs Hong Kong flour
  2 tbsp ovalette
  2 ozs cold water
  1 tsp vanilla essence ( I did not add this)

Ingredient (B):
15 ozs butter
  4 tbsp condensed milk

some pitted prune ~ slice into strips
some red and green edible colouring
1 8"x8"x3" square baking tray, lined with grease proof paper

To do:
1) Beat (A) till light and fluffy.
2) In another mixing bowl beat (B) till creamy and pale.
3) Blend (A) and (B) together, mixed well.
4) Divide batter into 2 parts.
Part 1 - divide into 2 portions ..  Portion 1 add pink coloring and portion 2 add green                          coloring, fill the mixture individually in pipping bags.
Part 2 -  remain plain.
5)  Preheated oven with upper and lower heater for 5 minutes.
6) Spoon 5 tbsp of plain mixture into prepared baking tray and spread evenly. Put into oven, use only top heater (top grill) for 5 minutes or until it is brown n cooked.  Repeat this step for 5 layers. You may still have extra left for later use.
**Arrange prune strips on every alternate 2 layers. Do not apply on every layer because this will be too close and you will not get a clean and clear pattern)

 ~Arrange prune strips on the plain layer...

~After grilled is brown...

7) When comes to 6th layer pipe the pink and the green batter along the tray alternately. Top grill for 5 minutes. ( do not pipe too thick). Repeat this step until all the pink and green batter in the pipping bag is used up.

 ~ Pipe the pink mixture on the grilled layer...
挤上分红面糊 ~

~Again pipe the green mixture in between the pink strips..

~This is the grilled duo colour layer...

8) Use the left over plain batter -from (6). Again spoon 5 tablespoons  pour onto the cake, spread evenly and top grill for 5 minutes or until cooked. Repeat the same to the balance plain batter until finish.
9) Let the cake cool before cutting. **Cut the cake in this directions to achieve the clean and black dotted look for the prunes.
~When you cut, do follow the arrow direction. Why?? You see if your prunes is vertically then you have to cut follow horizontally or the opposite way. With way of slicing the cake you will get a clean and nice look piece of cake...(pic below)...
请跟红箭头的方向切蛋糕. 这样切黑枣会较美观和整齐~

~The prunes look nice and neat...

**Little tips..小贴士:
^^ Do use a fork to pierce the air bubbles if there is any after grilled.
^^ 烤好的蛋糕表面如有气泡,可用叉子拿掉.
^^ Do lightly press on every layer to achieve a compact layer cake.
^^ 每一层烤好必需轻轻压一压.

^^ This is the tools that I used to press my cake.
^^ 就用这支'家伙'来压.

~Its done...Come on ...have a bite...大功告成来一片吧  :D  ~



  1. 太美了吧。。捨不得吃哦。。。

  2. 太完美了,我要是能做到这样,就好了!哈哈哈。

  3. 轩宏妈妈,



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