October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Pancake (南瓜松饼)

Good morning!! What can you prepare on a lazy morning? ^_^ 
Something nice, easy and filling. It is fun too!
Try this pumpkin pancake, your family will love it as much as we do.

Eat it with honey, My youngest and second would love it BUT..

my eldest would love it just on its own .plain!

It is fluffy and spongy, just the way we love it!
Can you see the little orangy dots on the pancake? It is pumpkin..

Pumpkin Pancake (南瓜松饼)
Recipe adapted here
Makes 10-12 pcs 
This is a sure success pancake.
1 egg
125ml fresh milk
2 Tbsp sugar
50 g mashed pumpkin 
125g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
15g/1 tbsp butter ~ melted

1) Whisk milk, egg and sugar in a bowl until it is a little forthy.Add in mashed pumpkin.
2) In another bowl sieve baking powder and plain flour together.
Add (b) into (a), mixed well. Add another tablespoon of milk if the batter is too thick.
3) Lastly stir in the melted butter. 
4) Use a thick bottom pan or a non stick pan wipe a wee bit of butter.
Pour a spoon full of the pancake batter onto the pan.Wait for about 1 minute and turn to the other side.When you see it is golden brown then is done.

Or ENJOY the pancake with some pumpkin jam (here)

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  1. Salute you, me usually is eat out...

    1. Sharon,
      This is easy peasy to make. Try it, you will love it!

  2. Good morning ! Yummy delicious pumpkin pancakes to start the day ^-^!

  3. 喜欢 喜欢。我要 add 多多 honey的。嘻嘻嘻嘻。。

    good day!

    1. Jo,我的宝贝也喜欢add多多honey呢!哈哈!

  4. I saw a pumpkin pancake recipe which uses buttermilk. Like to make them but don't have buttermilk. Think I try your recipe, looks more easy 'senang-lah'. Good for morning breakfast. Fluffy and spongy is what I like with pancakes.

    1. Kimmy,this is simple and nice. Try it, you might like it. Between you can make your own buttermilk. You can use 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice plus enough milk to measure 1 cup. Stir, then let stand for 5 minutes

  5. 简单的食谱,最ngam我了,嘻嘻!

    1. Eileen,

  6. mui mui, I can see that your pumpkin pancake is very light and spongy. So nice to have it for breakfast!

  7. Good morning! This pancake looks easy and delicious! Gonna try to make it one day for my kiddies, thanks for sharing again! :)


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