March 09, 2009

Easy Pancake

When Shawn started to go to school I used to make this pancake for him. I will packed a light snack box for him. He will have different snack everyday and he loves it. Guess what!.. slowly he asked me not to packed him anymore. 

Want to know why? Hehe...his school do prepare very yummy light snack for them everyday. They have doughnuts, another day spaghetti, another day scramble egg and sausages, another day fried noodles, another day porridge etc...

Imagine that...and he can enjoy these light snack with his friends some more..
Now, HEHE I don't need to prepare light snack for him...but this pancake is his favourite once and while teatime he will request for.....^^

Continue version... today in year 2012, he is in primary one ... I started to send snack pack to him every school break time....:)

                                        ~Doraemon's Snack~

This is a sure success pancake.
1 egg
125ml fresh milk
2 tsp sugar
100g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
15g/1 tbsp butter ~ melted

1) Whisk (a) in a bowl until it is a little forthy.
2) Sieve baking powder and plain flour together.
Add (b) into (a) and stir well.
3) Lastly stir in the melted butter.
4) Use a thick bottom pan or a non stick pan wipe a wee bit of butter.
Pour a spoon full of the pancake batter onto the pan.
Wait for about 1 minute and turn to the other side.
When you see it is golden brown then is done.
*Enjoy these spongy pancake with honey, maple syrup,
melted chocolate or even ice-cream.

~Spread with butter and honey...yum~

~one bite for you~

~or even spread black cherry jam and butter .. taste just as goood..~

~Sandwich it!!!!...~

~You will love it~

**I got this recipe from Nigella Lawson' cookbook. I can't remember which one...^^ 
Try make this for your kids they will love it...^^



  1. Doreen, I've a little request. I hope to get the recipe for all the slideshows in your blog. Am i asking too muich from you? :P

  2. Ooophs... little spelling mistakes. Instead of "much", i type it as 'muich".......looking forward for new recipes....

  3. Hi betty, sure it is my pleasure. Will arrange to post them one by one soon. thks..^^


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