December 24, 2014

Forever Friend Birthday Cake (Forever Friends熊熊生日蛋糕)

Forever Friends bears are so adorable! Don't you think so?? They can be seen on any greeting cards, as plush toy, as computer wall paper, as calender cover, almost anywhere you want them to be.  I have never thought that I would make them with fondant until a friend request me to help her to make a birthday cake for her hubby.

She send me a picture of what she want. A heart shaped sponge cake with 1 bear topper. Then I tell her that 1 bear seems like too lonely. Let make 2 bears together. She wants a really adorable, cute and sweet bear. Hmmm...

 I made the first bear and send her a picture. She then asked me 'Only one??' Then i send the the following picture..below

I made her this pair of Forever Friends - couple. She replied 'O i love it!' Then she asked me again 'Where is the cake??' Then i send her another picture ... 

This is the whole cake with the FF on top of the heart shaped snow cheesecake. Personally i feel its like a Valentine Cake :D
The snow cheesecake is very popular in face book sometimes ago. A friend baked and shared with me. It is 2 layers or 3 layers of sponge or chiffon sheets cake (depends on how many layers of  sheet cake you like) sandwich between with cream cheese frosting. The cream cheese frosting is the combination of condensed milk, fresh milk and cream cheese. The cream cheese frosting is velvety smooth and rich of milky dairy taste. Outer layer of the cake is also covered with the cream cheese frosting and finish with a layer of grated cheddar cheese as decoration. The sponge sheet cake with cream cheese frosting and the coating of the grated cheddar cheese pair so well as the cheddar cheese gives a  slight salty taste, . It taste wonderful ^_^

Snow Cheesecake
The cake sheet adapted from: here
makes a 11 inches x 9.5 inches sheet cake which can be cut into 2 layers heart shape cake or you can use 2, 7 inches thin baking tray.

Ingredients for the sheet cake:
(A) 4 yolks (grade A eggs)

25g castor sugar

40g corn oil 
                                           } mix this together

40g milk

80g plain flour

(B) 4 whites (grade A eggs)

80g castor sugar

For the cheese frosting:
250g cream cheese (room temperature)
7 tbsp condensed milk
50ml milk
some cheddar cheese, grated for deco

To do the frosting:
Beat cream cheese until it is smooth. Beat in condensed milk and milk until it is smooth. Set aisde, covered.

To do the sheet cake:

1) Preheat oven at 180c. Get ready a swiss roll tray (my tray size is 24cm x 28cm) lined with parchment paper or baking paper and brush with a thin layer of corn oil.

2) In a mixing bowl whisk yolks, castor sugar together, add in corn oil and milk mix to combine. Add in flour and mix well. Do not mix too long. Set aside.

3) In another clean mixing bowl beat egg whites and sugar until soft peak form.

4) Fold egg white meringue into the yolk mixture. Divide into three batches to fold in. Do not over-mix.

5) Pour into prepared baking tray and level it.  Bake for 14 minutes or till cake is cooked.

6) Take out and cool on a wire rack. 

Assembling the cake:
Slice away the side of the cake. Paste a paper cute out heart shape onto the cake and cut along the line with a sharp knife. Make 2 pieces.

Place the first slice onto a cake board. Put a dollop of cream cheese frosting onto the middle of the cake and spread out to the sides evenly. Place the second piece onto the first cake and level them nicely. 

Spread the whole cake with the reminding cream cheese frosting. (the top and the sides of the whole cake) Then sprinkle grated cheddar cheese onto the whole cake.
Last but not least, put on the Forever Friends bear topper. DONE!!

It is Christmas Eve today. Tomorrow will be Christmas day!
How time files!!! After Christmas day it will be New Year 2015! Oh!! 2015, a whole new year, lots of new things and great  events will be happening  in this new year.
Do you miss Little Thumbs Up event?? Little Thumbs Up is coming back after a 2 months long break :D

Little Thumbs Up will be back in January 2015 with our awesome host, Anne from My Bare Cupboard with her theme " NOODLES & PASTA"   Little Thumbs Up event starts on every second Tuesday of the month with a theme chosen by the host. Come join us in this fun and exciting event. Just bake or cook anything with noodles or pasta and link your post with us. 



  1. mui mui! The bears are so, so, so, so, CUTE! I love them! And aiyo they look so perfect on the beautiful Snow Cheesecake! You are so talented!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family...

  3. So adorable bears !Merry Christmas Mui mui!

  4. You made this bear...bear?!! They are so gorgeous!! Merry Christmas to you mui mui....and to your family too

  5. Hi Mui Mui,
    They are so lovable .. lovely cake!
    Merry Christmas to you & family!

  6. Good Job dear 。。。。 very nice !

  7. Hi Doreen, aiyoh... this is soooooo cute and pretty. Lovely cake. You're an excellent baker and cook. Keep up the good job.

    Best regards.


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