September 02, 2013

Piggy buns...猪猪面包

Good Morning Monday to dear all ^_^
Little Thumbs Up for August, with the theme "EGG"  have ended  yesterday. Our host for Baby Sumo (Yen) from Eat Your Heart Out have done a great job, 250 posts were collected. 
All big round of applause for Yen *=D> applause   
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What's next?? It is September month for Little Thumbs Up ^_^
Joceline from Butter, Flour & Me is hosting September month for LTU. She cooks and bakes very well. Her awesome bakes and cooks can make you really wanted to try each and every one of it. Her theme for this month is 'Pandan or Pandanus or Screw pine here

I am using my previous egg white sandwich bread dough again to make this piggy buns. I am supposed to share the assorted buns of red bean buns and chicken floss rolls but this piggy buns is so cute that i jump queue and post this first  :p

i come up with the piggy buns idea from my piggy
These piggy buns turn out so soft and nice. Same texture as the egg white sandwich bread. Simply lovely!

Cute piggy buns with butter milk filling ...可爱的猪猪面包, 内是奶油馅.

a 猪问..b猪   c猪到哪儿去了呢??

Three Little Pigs
a pig ask b pig ...where is the third piggy?
b pig answer...It has become someone's breakfast..LOL

This is c piggy...for your breakfast..:D
c猪在这...给您当早餐吧!! ^_^

pic A
some 4 grams small round dough for the piggy ears
some 5 grams small round dough for the piggy nose
a fondant brush
a skewer pick or a chopstick

pic B
1) Roll the 5 gram round dough oblong and flatten it a little.

2) Use a chopstick or a skewer pick to make two hole on the flat oblong dough for the pig nostril.

3) Brush some water onto the other side of the dough and stick onto the main dough where the nose should be :p

4) This is how it looks.

5) Take a 4 gram small round dough, roll it between your hand to make it into a tear drop shape. Flatten it a little with your thumb and pointer finger. 

6) Brush some water on the other side and stick onto the main dough where the ears should be.

7) Put the pointed ear a bit and fold it back and stick it onto the main dough with a little water. Do the same for the other ear.

8) Add 2 cooked red bean for the piggy's eyes. 
Just press lightly into the main dough to secure it.

I am using the same Egg White Sandwich Bread recipe. Please refer to the recipe here


  1. The piggy buns look so cute! I think I'll wrap some of mine with tau sar... yummy breakfast!

  2. Very cute little piggies. I am they are a hit with your kids.

  3. Wish I can get one piggy from you.....not to eat but to admire this cute little thing. They are just too nice and cute to be eaten.

  4. 太可爱的小猪猪,我来牵走一头咯!

  5. mui mui, your little piggies are so cute!

  6. 猪猪面包和当红的猪猪月饼一样~那么惹人爱!

  7. 太kawaii了。。。真巧手

  8. mui mui 好可爱的小猪猪^^ 偶喜欢!!

  9. WOW! Those piggies look so cute!

  10. Hello Mui Mui, I'm back in blogging again but not for long as I'm going to take a break soon. Love your piggy bread. I also have some piggies at home but it's piggy mooncakes, can exchange?

  11. Very cute indeed! I know the kids would love to eat these! Got to try too:D

  12. Doreen , you're so creative ! Just love the piggy-shaped buns :D

  13. Hi Doreen,
    Your piggy buns are so cute! I have just visited Jessie with her cute piggy mooncakes, and now I am going to dream about little cute piggies tonight! :)

  14. Hi Mui Mui, your oink oink bread look so cute and pretty. You're an excellent baker. :))

    Have a nice day.


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