February 19, 2012

A snack for Shawn~大宝贝的早点:)

A tea-time snack for Shawn. When Samson and Seanan saw their  'ko ko' have this piggy bao as tea-time snack, they too want it as well....hehe
Sometime preparing tea-time snack for Shawn is quite a difficult job. He is a very choosy kid. If he sees or smell something he do not like, he would not eat. I have to think of lots of idea to prepare tea-time snack for him...lol
Today, I made him this Piggy red bean baoS.

~Piggy red bean bao....爱心猪猪包子~

Piggy Bao (steamed buns)~ 爱心猪猪包(豆沙蒸包)
Ingredients for bao dough:
A: (mixed just prior to using)
2 tsp instant yeast
150ml water

B:300 g Bao flour
80g wheat flour
80g icing sugar
1 tsp double action powder
35g shortening

C: little pink coloring
little orange coloring

For filling:
360g red bean paste

Material needed:
18 paper cups (flatten)
Some black sesame seed
Some water
A toothpick or satay stick

To do:
1) For filling: Divide filling into 20g eaches and roll round.
2) For skin: Combine ingredient (B) in a big mixing. Add ingredient (A),mix well. Invert onto a tabletop, knead with your palms for two minutes till dough becomes shiny and soft.
(I used my bread maker machine to mix and knead in this part.)
 Return dough to big bowl, cover with a piece of cloth. Proof for 1 hour, divide into 32g each parts.
3) Take 2 of the 32 g small dough, 1 add in pink coloring and 1 add in orange coloring, both knead well.
4) To shape: Make no.(2) into a round and then flatten it. Ensure centre is thicker than the sides. Stuff in filling, pull centre up to seal edges. Gather edges, seal opening and lay opening facing downwards onto a piece of paper cup. This will be the piggy body.
5) To make piggy's nose and ear, please refer to the pictures below.

 1) a pink dough, a orange dough and the divided round doughs.
2) Flatten the small dough and wrapped up the filling..the filling in this picture is yam filling. (but this time I am using red bean paste as filling)

 This is explain in no. (4) 

 5) take a small piece(a size of a 5 cent coin) of the orange dough, roll it round, press it a little and make it a little oval. Dap a little water onto the back of it and stick to on to the body of the pig. (the wrapped white dough)
6) to make the nostril of the pig, just use a toothpick make two holes on the orange dough.

 7) to make the piggy's ear, pinch two small pieces of the pink dough(each is about the size of a 5 cent coin) flatten it, shape it a little triangle and fold the two end overlap on each other like picture (8) and (9). Dap some water onto the bottom of the ear and stick onto the piggy.

10) dip toothpick in some water, pick up a sesame seed and stick it onto the piggy for the piggy's eye. do the same to the other eye..if the sesame do not stick on, just dap a little water on the surface of the dough then it will stick on nicely.

6) After all piggy bao is complete, cover and proof for 30 minutes. (when you complete the first piggy bao, do start timing so that all the piggy bao will not be over proof.)

~I have pointed out 'what will happen, if it is over proof...:p the bao skin will have wrinkles...~

~These are the well proof ones...:)  ~

7) Bring water to a rolling boil, place piggy bao onto wok rack and steam over low heat for 5 minutes or till cooked.

**Recipe is adapted from: a book 'Paus' by Coco Kong.
Ideal of the piggy is seeing a picture in a Fb friend ablum...^^
Shaping of the piggy is from: Mui Mui.. :D

If you do not want to make it into piggy, you can have it plain like these ones here...^^



  1. Oh my GOD...what a cute piggy,I like it sooooo..much..i'm now connect u with my "home",ok?^^

  2. hai,轩宏妈妈你好...很开心也欢迎你来我家...
    Ya, hope so much can connect with u..tks for connecting..^^

  3. 有创意

  4. 在留言之前需贴上的那些豆芽字,有点不便!可否把它拿掉!哈哈~~我懒惰打字。

  5. You are so brilliant making these pau! They are so cute!

  6. Kate, 你回家时已经有两支猪猪跟随你回家了...:D

  7. Hi Zoe, thanks so much for your compliment...:)


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