August 27, 2013

Choco-mint Sarawak layer cake (砂捞越可可薄荷千层糕)

Kek lapis Sarawak, is one of the specialty of Sarawak. This layer cake comes in different flavor and different colors between the layers. Normally this layer cakes can only be seen in Raya time. In fasting month you will see lots of different design of layer cakes(kek lapis) selling in the puasa(fasting) month market. The whole cake will be selling for 85 ringgit which is expensive :p But then they will also cut the cake into 4 long bars and sell individually ..which makes it affordable to buy.


This Raya I am baking a Kek Lapis for 2 of my Malay friends. I am baking Kek Lapis Coklat Mint aka Choco-mint Sarawak layer cake.

Normally layer cakes required more egg yolks then egg white to yield moist and softer texture for the cake. Some layer cake required 25 egg yolks but this one I am using is only using 10 eggs yolks and 6 egg whites. The left over egg whites is going to be one of the ingredients of my egg white sandwich loaf. Will be sharing after this.

** In the first place, I did not intend to post this layer cake but a reader request for a Chinese version of layer cake recipe. Then I thought this is my latest bake, why not share this in a this is specially for this reader 'December' 

Kek  Lapis Coklat dan Mint aka chocolate mint layer cake
Recipe source: A re-post from (HERE in English) in chinese with some modifications in purple to chocolate mint layer cake.

食谱来源: 这里 (食谱原本是山楂口味不过我做了一点小根改, 改成可可薄荷口味)

10 粒蛋簧
6 粒蛋白
220 克 幼糖 (我用了180克)
200 克 香港粉
2 大匙 黄油 (我用1大匙)
55 克 冰开水

B 材料:
430 克 无盐奶油(我用了400 克)
4 大匙 炼奶
1 小匙 薄荷油/精

C 材料:
2 大匙 可可粉
30 克  巧克力米

准备 1 个8寸X8寸X3寸的方形模子. 把底部铺上一层蛋糕纸就可以了.

1) 把B材料打发. 备用.
2) 把A材料打发至浓.滑.
3) 把B加入A拌均. 分成一样多的三份.
4) 三份 的第一份加入C料, 第二份加入2-3滴的绿色, 第三份是原味.
5) 以上下火预热烤箱5分钟.
6) 第一层..放5 大匙巧克力味蛋糕糊在烤盘内, 用汤匙背铺平. 放入烤箱用上火烤5-6分钟. 烤的时间因各人烤箱而定. 只要把蛋糕表层烤至金黄和蛋糕熟便可.
7) 第二层...放5 大匙原味蛋糕糊, 一样也用汤匙背铺平. 放入烤箱用上火烤5-6分钟或至金黄色.
8) 第三层...放5大匙绿色蛋糕糊, 一样也用汤匙背铺平. 放入烤箱用上火烤5-6分钟或至金黄色.
9) 重复步骤6,7,8至蛋糕糊烤完为止. 让蛋糕在烤盘里待谅后再脱切片,享用 ^_^


只用了手机拍下的照片. 希望大家不介意噢!!

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  1. what an enticing looking cake mui

    victoria bakes

  2. Hi Doreen,

    Every layer of your cake look so uniform and neatly-layered! I'm very impressed.


  3. Beautiful layers ! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi mui mui, so impressed that you made your own kek lapis. I only know how to buy and eat. Thx for sharing this to LTU!

  5. Gosh, it's been years since I last had kek lapis Sarawak! I've not been back to KCH since 2008. I love the idea of your putting together choc and mint and these 2 ingredients work very well together. Reminds me of After Eight ;-). It's quite a laborious task making those layers, but the end result is just worth it, isn't it? Glad you have reduced the egg counts. Thumbs up from me :-D

  6. Very impressive layer cake. Every layers are so even, bet that takes some precision work.

  7. I am glad that you have shared this with us. Love kuih lapis but the thought of using more than 20 egg yolks somehow stop me from making it but your recipe gives me a second thought of making this.

  8. Doreen,
    Very beautiful cake. I am gonna bookmark this and try to use my overgrown mint leaves! :)

  9. Hi Doreen, I'm amazed with your lovely Sarawak kuih lapis! So perfectly done! Bravo Doreen!

  10. Hi Mui Mui, lovely kek lapis. You're excellent, very well baked. The layering is so even and neat.

  11. 请问这蛋糕体是不是很矮呢?谢谢

  12. 佳佳,

  13. 哈喽,这个好吃吗?味道如何?


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