November 24, 2011

Nanny's "Balik Kampung" Gift~~Hawflakes Sarawak Kek Lapis~~保姆的回乡礼物~三楂千层蛋糕

我的小宝贝的保姆要'balik kampung'..我就想想,送什给她回家呢...想到她喜欢我做的'Sarawak Lapis Kek' 就做了一粒三楂口味给她.

Spring is calling ... Spring is calling...Chinese New Year is around the corner, I see lots of FB friends is busy preparing lots of yummies for the coming new year. I bet many of us is also preparing to do housekeeping for our house. Wonder why,, people always only do housekeeping when New Year time is near. When there is a limited of time. May be this is human nature....:p
My youngest son's nanny is going back to "Kampung" to visit her mum. I was thinking what should I give her to bring back to her 'Kampung', finally I decide to make a 'Sarawak Lapis Cake' so she can share with her family..good....^^
I am going to do a Sarawak Lapis Cake ~ this is a Hawflakes flavour cake.

~This year second Lapis Cake..今年的第二粒砂捞越千层糕~
Why it is second? It is because the first one I made for a friend's birthday gift... 为什么是第二呢? 因为第一是做了,送给一朋友当生日礼物...

Sarawak Hawflakes Layer Cake

10 egg yolks
6 egg whites
8 oz castor sugar
15 oz unsalted butter
7 oz Hong Kong flour
2 tbsp ovalette
4 tbsp condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence (optional)
2 oz cold water

1 1/2 pack of small size hawflakes

1 - 8"x8"x3 square baking tray, lined bottom with parchment paper, do not greased the side of the baking tray

To do:
  1. Cream butter and condensed milk until pale and creamy. Set aside.
  2. In another mixing bowl add in egg yolks, egg white, sugar, ovalette, hong kong flour, vanilla essence and cold water, beat until fluffy and thick. (Thick like the mixture of beaten sponge mix mixture)
  3. Mix (1) into (2). Divide into 3 times to mix in and blend well.
  4. Divide mixture into 2 equal parts. One part add a little red coloring and the other part leave plain.
  5. Preheat oven on top and bottom grill for 5 minutes.
  6. Spoon 5 tbsps of plain mixture into baking tray and spread evenly. Put into oven on TOP GRILL for 5 minutes...this is my oven time. If you are using your oven you may observe the time that suits you from the look of your cake when it is brown on top means it is done.
  7. After the first layer, take out from the oven. Spoon in 5 tbsps of red mixture and spread on top of the first layer and arrange hawflakes on top. Top grill for 5 minutes or until the layer is brown. 
  8. Repeat the same process until all the mixture is used up.
  9. Leave the cake cool in the baking tray. When it is cold unmould it slice and Serve!!    **Wrapped cake in cling wrap and another aluminium foil wrap can be kept in fridge for 3-6 weeks and in the freezer for 1-3 months.

~This is the pink batter... 这是粉红的面糊~

 ~This is the plain batter...这是原味的面糊~

 ~Scoop 5 tablespoons of plain batter into the baking tray and spread out evenly...把五汤匙的原味面糊放入烤盘铺平~

 ~Packets of hawflakes...三楂饼~

 ~Hawflakes pieces...三楂饼片~

 ~After applying the second layer (the pink batter) layer pieces of hawflakes on top before proceed to grill...铺好第二层的粉红面糊再放上三楂片,才入烤箱烤~

~This is the look of the second layer after grilled...这是烤好了的第二层~



(A)10 粒蛋黄
8 安士 幼糖
2安士 冷水
7安士 香港(水仙)粉
2大匙 黄油(乳化剂)

(B)15安士 无盐奶油
4大匙 甜牛奶
1小匙 香草精
1 个8" 方形烤盘

1) 把(A)打至松法. 备用.
2) 把(B)打至浓(像打Sponge mix那样浓). 把(A)加入(B)打均匀.
3) 把打好的面糊分两份, 一份加粉红色另一份原味.
4) 准备一个8"方形烤盘, 底部抹油再放防油纸. 把烤箱以200度预热5分钟.
5) 把5大匙原味面糊倒入烤盘,抹平, 用上火烤5分钟. 你和我的烤箱有所不同,那你可能要观察看看如果蛋糕表面金黄色就ok了.
6) 第二层, 也是5大匙,不过是粉红面糊抹平在铺上三楂片. 送进烤箱用上火烤5分钟.
7) 一直,重负(5) 和 (6) 的步骤至到面糊用完.
8) 烤完了,让蛋糕在模里待冷,后才切.

**千层蛋糕,收藏在冰箱可耐3-6个星期, 如果收藏在结冰可耐1-3个噢..
**小贴士: 1安士大概 = 25克.



  1. 真的有好料要请我吃哦。。。

  2. Sally, 谢谢啊!你一定要试试这个超美味~(^o^)~

  3. 如果有空我会试试,谢谢你的分享哦。。:))

  4. 砂劳越最出名的就是这种千层糕,等明年回夫的家乡,再搬一点回来吃!因为我懒惰做,

  5. Kate, 你的夫家乡是在那一区? 看看会跟我很近吗? 如果会,那你跟你夫会来我请你吃噢..:)

  6. 应该不会靠近,你住米里,我夫家在古晋离机场只有几公里而已!哈哈~~


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