July 31, 2013

KL Selangor MFF - Petaling Street Lohanguo Longan Drink Copycat

Love this refreshing and cooling dessert. For hot days we are having here, this is a real thirst quencher. It is super cooling, so good!

There is only 5 ingredients for this recipe. It is so easy to prepare.but you have to be patient, it takes 2 hours plus 1 hour and another 10 minutes before you can enjoy this dessert to the fullest. (I read in Alice's blog she mention something like this too..lol) 

I cook this dessert for the second time...why?? I burnt the winter melon  soup for the first attempt. I set the pot of winter melon with water added to the hob to cook. Then i went to pick my kids from school. Later ......you know what happens :p
It is really worth going for the second attempt, this dessert is really so good ..despite the sweetness...i just add more ice ..lol

Petaling Street Lohan Guo Longan Drink - copycat
Recipe soure: Wendyinkk


300g wintermelon
300g rock sugar (I used honey rock sugar)
3 lohan guo
100g dark longan flesh
2L water

To do:

  • Scrub the wintermelon skin, deseed and cut into large chunks, skin on
  • Add in to the water and bring to boil, then simmer for 2 hours, lid on
  • Crack lohankuo and add in to the wintermelon mixture, together with rock sugar, simmer for another one hour
  • Strain, put dark longan flesh into the strained infusion and simmer for 10 minutes, off the heat. Let cool
  • Take a bowl of ice cubes and spoon over some of the cooled longan infusion, let it melt before you enjoy the dessert.

*As advised by Wendy, I boiled again the strained remnants with 2L water. We enjoy another round of this dessert.

This post is for Malaysian Food Fest KL Selangor Month hosted by Shannon of Just as Delish 

Malaysian Food Fest


  1. I want some, courier to me, pleasssssssssss

  2. Hi Doreen, This is one of my favorite! Too bad I can't get lohan guo here. If not, I would love to try this recipe of yours! Looks really good & tasty! YUMMY!

  3. Doreen , that drink looks interesting and so refreshing ! Don't really dig longan though :P

  4. mui mui, looks slurpingly good! I must try it too :)

  5. whenever I go Petaling street, sure must go to drink this, feel so cool after drink it.

  6. making me thirsty now ...:D

  7. Hey, I don't mind having 2 bowls of this drink right now!

  8. Hi Mui Mui, this is so refreshing and tasty, me too want 2 bowls. LOL
    Best regards


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