April 09, 2012

My Shawn turn Seven today...^^ 大宝贝七岁了!!

Shawn.. my eldest boy turn seven today. He is excited about it. He request for a chocolate cake but I made him a Super cheesecake.  :p 

~This is the simple decoration~

~This is the look of the whole Super Cheese Cake~

This Super cheese cake is really cheesy. It is two pieces of cheese sponge cake sandwich together with cream cheese filling and shredded cheddar cheese covering the whole cake. If you like cheese, do try out this cake. Please click here for the recipe..Super CheeseCake 

I decorated the cake with fondant Angry Birds. I  found  some of these fondant angry birds pictures in Sonia's blog (Nasi Lemak Lover). I follow the pictures and made my own fondant Angry Birds. 
Shh...tell you a secret this is my first attempt on fondant. I never touch fondant before..:p.. I love to visit Sonia's blog very much. The way she explain her recipe into detalis, with wonderful pictures to show 'how to do' for her cook and bake. Her blog is just simply awesome.

>>Come back to...
The reason why I made him a Super Cheese Cake instead of chocolate cake is because last two weeks, 
I asked him ..'Bao bei what cake would you like mummy to make for you on your birthday??'
Shawn answer: 'You choose for me'
I said: 'Really!! want me to choose for you?? Why don't you tell me??'
Shawn answer: ' I don't know what to choose.'
I choose to make him a Super Cheese cake.
BUT...a week before his birthday, we went to Popular book store 'SALE'. He saw a COOL recipe book with lots of chocolate cakes. He asked me to buy that book because he wanted me to make one of the chocolate cake in that book for him. I did buy that book but I forgotten that he wants that chocolate cake for his birthday....lol
End up he request for another cake named 'Belated birthday Chocolate Indulgence cake'..lol
Of course I will make for him...:D

This is the making of my fondant angry birds...

~I bought back a pack of 'Trans' brand fondant and mixed them into all the colours I need 
梅梅(我)是第一次尝试做翻糖娃娃. 买了一包'Trans'的牌子的翻塘霜回来.自己调了需要的颜色~

~These are my tool..haha not so professional at all..:p

~Ta..ta..my first creation..第一个作品出炉啦~

I am quite out of hand at first, does not know which to start first. Thanks so much to  Sonia, I am looking at the pictures(my laptop in front of me) in her blog all the time while I am moulding the  fondant green pig. Those picture really help a lot..
梅梅,要动手动脚做第一个翻糖娃娃的时候是真的手忙脚乱, 不知从何下手. 不过呢, 要非常谢谢Sonia, 她的部落格的照片帮助了我. 看着她的照片就完成第一个绿猪...^^好开心.

~This is the second piece, the more I mould them the more I get the know how to shape and handle the fondant..but it took me 2 hours to make only 2 ..lol..
第二个出来了, 是支黑的愤怒鸟. 翻糖就像玩小孩的黏土,只是翻糖比较黏, 需要用玉米粉来做手粉才行. 越摸越有个大概要怎么捏..不过我还是用了2小时捏2支...:p ~

~This is the third piece..I stop here..Shawn can't wait to put the candle on...

~7 little candles..七支小蜡烛~
My Dear son Shawn daddy and mummy love you, 
May God bless you 
Hope you stay health and happy always..^^

~Birthday song please, the cousins is so talented they sang 3 version haha
... make a wish....BLOW....the candles

~Shawn is so excited after blowing the candles ...

~Let's cut the cake...大家来切蛋糕吧~

 ~Say...Cheeseee....宝贝们看过来..笑..:D  ~

~One more..Say..Cheesssseeee..Opps!! Baby look here.....

 ~This time everyone is looking...snap...

My mission is almost complete here..but there is still a next episode of this story. Would you like to know about the other Angry birds....do visit me to find out...thanks..:D
我的任务总算玩成了...可是还有下文啊. 想知道其他愤怒鸟的诞生吗??..期待哦..:D

~Last but not least I would like to wish all my fellow bloggers and friends 



  1. 尽管是第一次~却做得很棒~~

  2. 祝你的宝贝生日快乐~~

  3. 妳的憤怒鳥真的很像。。可愛的咧。。。

    1. Fion, 愤怒鸟做是真的手忙脚乱。。哈哈还好你说会像。。

  4. Happy Birthday to Shawn!!!

    So cute, the cake... keke...

  5. Happy Birthday to Shawn!!!

    So cute, the cake... keke...

  6. Happy birthday to Shawn! Your fondant looks really pretty and neat! Can't tell is your first project. You did a great job. Your son must be very happy!

    1. Thanks...Viv,
      Yes, he is happy.
      As you know this is my first project, everything is in a mess.
      I hope I will get it more easy the next time...haha

  7. Happy Birthday, Shawn! You did a great job and I see that Shawn is a very happy with your creation :D

    1. Thanks..Zoe.
      Ya,he is excited with my creation but not with the cake..lol
      He wants another belated cake...^^

  8. 可爱到。。。。。。真佩服你^^
    Happy Birthday to Shawn

    1. Winnie, 谢谢哦!

  9. hi mui mui, happy birthday to your shawn! wow, a triple cheese cheesecake! This is such a lovely and beautiful cake that you made for your son and took all the effort to make the fondant figures! they look wonderful!!another choc cake to come? will be chkig it out later!

    1. Hi Lena,
      Thanks..This triple cheese is yum...
      Ya another belated chocolate cake..lol
      Do come back for that...haha

  10. Happy birthday to Shawn!
    Wow, he's so lucky. What a cute cake!

    1. Hi CaThleen,
      Thank for dropping by,
      I am so lucky to have him...
      he is really adorable and understanding boy...^^

  11. Happy belated birthday to your handsome boy. All the kids love angry birds and when they get angry birds birthday card, they'll flip! LOL!

    1. Hi Quay Po Cooks,
      Thanks...am so glad to have you here.
      I do agree with 'FILp..angry birds card'..hehe
      After reading your profile in your blog only then I understand your title 'Quay Po Cooks'
      It is so so special...^^

  12. Happy Belated Birthday to your son. Thanks for the mentioned. You did a great job, I especially like the green pig ^_^

    1. Hi Sonia,
      Thank again for your angry birds...
      Hehe.. I like the green pig too..^^

  13. happy b'day to your little prince
    lovely celebs..
    new to your space..
    awesome space you have
    happy following you..;)
    do stop by mine sometime

    Tasty Appetite

  14. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for dropping by...^^
    Thanks for your compliment ..;)
    Thanks again for following..:D


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