February 09, 2012

The Purple Sweet Potato's Story...紫甜薯的故事~

~purple Sweet  potatoes....my favourite..:)

Purple Sweet  Potato is a root vegetable. Rich in nutrients, low in calories, high in fiber, great for diabetics and people who are carbohydrate sensitive. 
  It is soft and sweet when you cooked it. Natural colour full of carotinoids .... antioxidant contains...it fights cancer and fights aging...just like blueberries colour.
 Carotenoids are the pigment compounds that give many fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors.
  You can use them to make them into chips, add olive oil and salt to roast it, make cakes, bread, bao, soft cake (kuih like purple ang koo) and even just steam it and eat it just plain. 

 ~Steamed Purple Sweet  Potato~

~Colour of the purple sweet  potato is so so pretty...purple...what do you think?

My family like chiffon cake very much too..not only Shawn, if you have seen what i have mention in my Pandan Chiffon cake post...^^
Today, I am making a Purple Sweet  Potato Chiffon cake..:)


Sweet Purple Potato Chiffon Cake
Ingredient A:
3 egg yolks
30g castor sugar
30g coconut milk
45g canola oil or any other plant oil
40g steamed n mashed purple sweet potato
70g all purpose flour-sieve

Ingredient B:
3 egg whites
1/2 t (teaspoon) lemon juice
30g sugar

To do:
Preheated the oven at 170c.
Part A: 
1) In a mixing bowl, pour in yolks and sugar stir to combine.
2) Add in canola oil and mashed purple sweet potato mixed well.
3) Add in flour alternately with coconut milk to combine. Do not over-mix.
    Set aside.
Part B:
1) In another mixing bowl, pour in egg whites. 
2) Whisk egg whites till foamy add in lemon juice keep whisking.
3) Add in castor sugar and whisk until firm peak is formed. 
   (When adding in the sugar, do divide into 3 times to add in while whisking.)
4) Take 1/3 of this whisked egg white and fold into the part A mixture. Fold in the remaining egg white and mix well.

~Ready for baking for 23 minutes...送进烤箱咯!! 要烤上23分钟. ~

5) Pour the mixture into a 7" Chiffon tube tray and gently knock a little to release air bubbles.
6) Bake at 170c for 23 minutes. Inverted the done chiffon cake for 30 minutes. Then unmould slice and serve...:)

~ Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon cake is done....烤好了~

~The unmould cake, its soft and spongey...蛋糕脱模了..高高噢~

 ~Have a slice please...请你吃吧!!!~

~Can you see the purple sweet potato piece in the slices?...可有看到小小块的紫甜薯在蛋糕里吗??~



  1. 紫薯戚风我也很喜欢,可不可以请我吃哈哈。。

  2. Sally, 当然可以, 来来吃,再打包把哈哈..

  3. 梅梅的紫薯戚风出炉了也是“哦切”的。。。我还以为是我的紫薯怪怪。。。哈哈哈!!

  4. 莎莎,看了我的紫署就不会晓的自己的怪怪了吧。。。哈哈

  5. This purple sweet potato chiffon look so soft and so unique in taste.

  6. Hai Zoe, nice to give you a treat...have a piece or two of my purple sweet potato chiffon...it's really soft and nice..I don't need to add flavoring the taste is great...:)

  7. 莎莎...呵呵没放屁啦)^o^(

  8. Hi Mui Mui, finally I remember to drop by your post abt this purple sweet potato chiffon. I'm in my parents-in-law house & just used their computer to update my blog. No doubt you chiffon looks very soft there! And I noticed that we used 2 different types of purple sweet potatoes. In Australia, our purple sweet potato has white outer skin & the white sweet potato has purple outer skin, terbalik one!


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