December 14, 2011

Purple Sweet Potato Bread Loaves ~~紫薯面包条..:)

 Doesn't this purple colour look is natural food colour somemore...^^
I love to make bread with natural ingredients, that is why I learn how to DIY my own bread. When you have kids, you will hope to get the best and natural or even organic ingredients to make delicious food for them. You will be like me, hope they get the best out of the food...^^ right??  Hope you have the same opinion as me....XD..

Today I am going to make Purple Sweet Potatoes loaves again...Come on let learn together...:)

~Washed and steamed the sweet potatoes with skin on~

 ~Swirl look of the purple sweet potato slices~ soft it is...:D~

Purple Sweet Potato Loaves

150ml fresh milk
150ml water
35g steamed and mashed purple sweet potatoes
40g extra steamed purple sweet potatoes ~ for making the swirl effects
4 tbsp castor sugar
1 tsp salt
500g bread flour
35g butter
2 tsp instant yeast

*3 x loaf pans (20cm x 11cm x 7cm size of my loaf pan)
**I am using bread maker(Noxxa brand) to knead this bread for me. You can use your mixture to knead this too. 

To do:
1) Put fresh milk, water, mashed purple sweet potatoes, sugar, salt, bread flour,  butter at the flour corners and instant yeast in the middle of the flour into the breadmaker mixing bowl and press knead function. (mode10 or 11).

2) When it is ready, take the dough out. This dough gives a total of  approximately 910gm+-. Just divide equally into 3 portions (1).

~step by step shaping the loaf~

3) Let doughs sit for 1o minutes. Rolled out flat into a rectangle shape(2) and rolled back tightly like a swiss roll(3) and sealed the edges by pinching it(4).

**(If you want to make the swirls looks from the purple sweet potato you can spread mashed purple sweet potatoes on(2) and rolled back.)

4) Put into the greased loaf pan, with the sealed part facing down. Let it proof or rise for 40 minutes covered with a piece of cloth.

~Loaves should look something like this after 40 minutes of proofing..if yours is not this high yet, do wait for another 10-20 minutes more~

5) When proofing is finished, bake in a preheated oven at 180c and bake for 22 minutes. ( In my oven I put into low rack for this to bake.)

~Purple sweet potatoes loaves is ready~

~This is the plain purple sweet potato loaf ... "straight dough method" is nice and easy too~ 

 ~Spongy and soft texture~

~Nice..nice..nice..colour and texture...:D

**This is a straight dough method, I have been using this method and find it is simple, easy and faster....:p  Hope you will like it too.



  1. 线条很棒。你很厉害做面包哦!

  2. 谢谢~~我只做简单的(straight dough) 较快有的吃..:)

  3. its a great recipe, the bread was very soft. thanks for sharing!

  4. *secretly note down recipe*


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