December 15, 2011

Switch up of a Oatmeal bread loaf ~ 'Mochi' bread loaf??...^^ 另一个燕麦面包条的版本...Mochi面包条??

Sometimes...I may not follow recipe directly. I may plus or minus or even change a little to the recipe I have. Sometimes the result comes out great and sometimes really a disaster...:p The whole thing maybe too soft, too hard or not rising and this is the risk of not following your recipes...:p

Again, naughty me not following my recipe. This time, not following recipe is because one of my ingredient is not enough to the amount for my recipe needed.

~After proofing for 40 minutes~

This is the switch up of this recipe Oatmeal bread loaves.
to Mochi bread...not the originally KOrean or Japan Mochi bread but its my style....haha

310ml water
4 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp salt
100g oatmeal flour
350g bread flour
50g glutinous rice flour
2 tbsp milk powder
35g butter
2 tsp instant yeast

 To do method, please get from here...oatmeal bread loaf

~Can't wait to try see how the bread, so didn't take the whole loaf's picture....hehe~

~This looks like a lot  of air bubble trap in the dough caused the holes or because of the glutinous rice???? I am not sure but it do taste real nice~

~It is soft and spongy with no sour smell at all...the smell of oat is really nice thou~ 



  1. Very interesting adding glutinous flour into bread dough. Is the bread texture better with glutinous flour?

    Not only you not follow recipe, mee too! Especially when seeing recipe with high fat and sugar. Tend to decrease as much as I can :D

    I like the idea of adding oatmeal flour. My kids like bread too but not oatmeal. By baking oatmeal bread nobody know except me ^_^ thanks for sharing.

  2. The texture is great. It's soft, fine and chewy(QQ). When bite, no pieces of oats so it is nice.
    You must try this your kids will love it. But must find the fine oatmeal flour to make this.
    You are welcome...^^

  3. Sometimes i also don't follow recipe, hehe...

  4. haha..I thought is only me who do that .... :) thanks for sharing..;)

  5. 慢慢的,我也越来越爱做面包了!

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