May 16, 2011

飘来的面包香~燕麦面包....Oatmeal bread loaves~~

My boys likes to eat bread. They can have it plain or with jam or tuna. I want them to have health bread so I DIY my own bread. I read from a newspaper article reporting that just a loaf of plain bread, those selling in the bakery contain 30 types of additives and preservaties. That is why bread from the bakery can stay soft, fresh and last for few a days. 
What do you think???? I think having a bread machine, DIY(do it yourself) will make you feel health and you know what kind of ingredients you are putting in your bread and what ingredients you are giving your kids...

I make OATMEAL BREAD LOAVES to day. If you like you may buy organic flour, yeast even sugar from a organic shop. I belive there is  organic shops everywhere now. I found the oatmeal flour in a confectionery shop.

                                                          ~Slices if oatmeal loaf~

                         ~side and bottom of this loaf also looks brown and nice~

310ml water
4 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp salt
100g oatmeal flour
400g bread flour
2 tbsp milk powder
35g crisco~shortening
2 tsp instant yeast
 To do:
1) Put water, brown sugar and salt before dry ingredients.
2) Then pour in oatmeal flour, bread flour, milk powder, crisco and yeast into the bread machine bread pan.

~Oatmeal flour~

                                    ~ add all the above ingredients are in the bread pan~

3) Use mode 11( if you are using Noxxa Multipurpose Oven and Breadmaker)..If you are using other brand you may use the kneading or dough mixing function.

                                 ~after kneading this the dough of the bread~

4) Let the dough prove for 30 minutes. After proving divide into 3 portions ~ 300-310g eaches and round into round shape and let it sit for 10 minutes.

5) Follow the above steps to roll the divided doughs into bread loaf and put into a greased loaf pan. Prove again, second time for 55 minutes. Cover with a cloth while proving to prevent the surface of the bread from drying.

        ~the rolled bread loaf which is ready to be prove second time for 55 minutes~

         ~after 55 minutes these loaves have risen into double size and it is ready to bake~

                                   ~This is the loaf in the oven while baking~

                                             ~OATMEAL BREAD LOAVES~
6) Preheated oven at 180c and bake for 21 minutes. When bread is ready, take out the bread from the baking tray straight away prevent condensation of vapor in the baking tray. This will make the bottom of the bread become soggy. Let bread cool on a wire rack and slice when it is cold.


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