June 17, 2011

Tea time ~ Green Tea and Black Sesame Mousse Cake

~Green Tea Black Sesame Mousse Cake~

Ingredients for the green tea sponge:
5 eggs
80g castor sugar
20g cake emulsifier
30g milk
100g plain flour
20g green tea powder
70g melted butter

Ingredients for the Sesame Mousse:
15g gelatine, 50g water
180g non dairy whipping cream
50g cream cheese
200g milk
20g castor sugar
50g black sesame seed powder

To do:
1) Put eggs, castor sugar, cake emulsifier and milk into a mixing bowl and whisk until it is thickened and ribbon like.
2) Slowly add in flour and green tea powder and mix well. Add in melted butter.
3) Pour batter into a 14' square baking tin. Bake in a preheated oven at 180℃ for 20-25 minutes. Remove and leave cool.
4) Slice cake into 2 pieces of  7" square. Put one slice onto a 7" loose bottom baking tray ( if you do not have one, just cut a piece of aluminium foil and lined onto the bottom of your tray but over hang the aluminium foil a bit long on both side of your tray. Please refer here I did the same when I do this other cake: http://my123favourites.blogspot.com/2011/04/chocolate-cream-cheese-square.html

5) Sesame mousse:  Mix gelatine with water, double-boil and stir until gelatine has dissolved.
6) Cream fresh cream until stiff. In another mixing bowl beat cream cheese until smooth. Add in sesame seed powder and whipped cream and mix well.
7) Add gelatine mixture and stir well. Pour on the prepare green tea sponge cake and lined the other piece of green tea sponge on top. Press slightly and chilled in the fridge for 30 minutes or until set. Unmould and serve.
  ** If you have left over sponge cake can be kept in a air tight container and store in the
freezer. It can last for more then a month.
 ***Recipe is from YUM YUM Magazine volume 71


~The middle one is the black sesame mousse...emmm...nice~

**真美味,香香的海棉绿茶蛋糕岬着口感滑顺又香的黑芝麻幕斯馍, 入口香滑...^^



  1. may i know how much fresh cream, cream cheese n gelatine do i need to add?

  2. hi raye, you need 180g non dairy whipping cream, 50g cream cheese and 15g gelatine. I have post up the ingredients, do check it out..:)


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