February 27, 2016

Osmanthus Jelly ~贵花糕

I believe everyone have heard of Osmanthus flower. If you have not, just Google it. Nowadays everything can be Google and you will find an answer. Even my youngest knows how to Google a word for its spelling...lol   

Osmanthus flower is the third type of flower i am using to make a dessert. It is a native plant in the warm temperature zone country. The flower is small, yellow in color and it carries a lovely strong and sweet fruity aroma, which is likened apricot and peach. In China it is named Gui Hua (桂花) Chinese used these flowers to make dessert and tea. 

Osmanthus Jelly (桂花糕 )

Strong and sweet fruity aroma of peach and apricot
 from dried Osmanthus.

This is the Jelly mould and ice cube mould that 
i am using.

These fragrance Osmanthus Jelly is so refreshing. 
What can i ask more in a warm weather like this :p

Osmanthus Jelly
Recipe adapted from Anncoo Journal
Makes about 3 jelly trays and 2 ice cube trays

6 tsp Agar-Agar powder* + 1/4 tsp Gelatin powder (Ann use 1 packet)
1 litre water
180g sugar
1 Tbsp + 1 tsp dried Osmanthus
3 Tbsp Osmanthus sugar syrup (i can't find this so i do not add)
*i use Pearl Mermaid brand agar-agar powder @ 25g per pack

To Do:
1) Add water, sugar, agar-agar powder and gelatin in a deep pot. Boil at medium heat.
2) Add in dried Osmanthus when sugar, agar-agar powder and gelatin powder have dissolved.
3) Contibue stirring the mixture with a hand whisk until boiled.
4) Pour Osmanthus jelly into jelly molds. For the ice cube molds, pour in the Osmanthus jelly when it is slightly warm. When the jelly is semi-set, use a small teaspoon gently stir the jelly to let the Osmanthus stary afloat in the middle.
5) Leave the jelly to cool at room temperature and refrigerate Osmanthus jelly to set.
    **Thanks to Ann for sharing this wonderful Osmanthus Jelly recipe.

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  1. I LOVE Osmanthus jelly!Yummy~

  2. I got to know about 贵花糕 when I watched those period dramas where 贵花糕 were served in imperial place. Your pretty Osmanthus Jelly is so refreshing.

  3. This is so refreshing! I like to use Osmanthus to make jelly. They are pretty and yummy!

  4. Good morning Mui,
    Like Karen said, when talk about 贵花糕 I will link to those period dramas where 贵花糕 were served in imperial place.

    Can I have piece of it to imagine that i am one of them in the imperial place.Hah...hah...

  5. What an elegant looking jelly - perfect for the month of love..! :D


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