September 14, 2015

Milo Dinosaur ~恐龙美禄

Hi everyone!! This few weeks would be my crazy times. I am still in my job transition mode and i have been very busy.  I have all my bakes ready to share, it is just that i didn't have the time to sit down in front of the computer to draft my post... sigh!!

Anywhere, i have a little spare time now so let me share my first MILO post with you.
It's MILO DINO or MILO DINOSAUR. Have you heard of that?? I believe you do!!  It is a chocolate flavored beverage with lots of crushed ice and lots of MLO powder on top it!
It is a popular beverage of Singapore local favorite and now it is in my town too.  I came to know this beverage from a local cafe, which have established 2 years back. It means i knew this drink for 2 years already

It is a refreshing beverage to enjoy!!

Yippy!  Add lots,lots,lots of Milo on top!
Make the Milo drink
Add crush ice or ice cubes

Top with heaps of MILO powder
Enjoy! My youngest, in the garden right after i took the pictures
Milo Dinosaur (Cold Milo Drink)
Recipe adapted from here
makes  1 glass of 375ml

5 TbspMilo powder
120ml water
120ml milk
3/4 Tbsp condensed milk
lots of crush ice/ice cubes
2 heap Tbsp of Milo or more 

To Do:

In a mug with hot water, add in milo powder and condensed milk, stirred.
Pour milo mixture into milk, stirred and pour into a tall glass.
Filled glass with lots of crushed ice and top with heaps of MILO powder.

My youngest is enjoying his glass of mini Milo Dino.

Little Thumbs Up !!!

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**Zoe and i would like to thanks Jess from Bakericious for hosting  for August LTU! She was such a fabulous host. We are having fun and great time with the theme 'Brown Sugar'
Please drop by her blog, here, if you have missed the fun :p  
Thanks Jess, you are awesome ;D


  1. Oh man! This is super sinful but I so misssss this.... Like the super milo gaoooo... Thanks for this recipe

  2. When my kids were very young, they loved Milo Dino when we have roti prata at the prata stall/shop. I see that the glass of Milo Dinosaur attracted cute dinos ^-^!

  3. Hi Doreen,

    I really enjoy "watching" your son slipping his Milo dinosaur. Your little boy is so cute!!! Gosh! I'm like a "stalker" auntie... LOL!

    No worries about this Milo LTU... Work is more important! :D


  4. mui mui, I love the look of joy on your boy's face! He loves the Milo Dinosaur and I must make one for myself too :)

  5. of my favs! Your son is just adorable - he's good testimony how good this must taste! ^.^

  6. Doreen , I've been meaning to look for this recipe , thanks for sharing this ! I hope your job transition will go smoothly ;)

    Have a great Mid-Autumn Festival !!!!


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