June 04, 2015

Super Smooth and Velvety Cream Pudding ~ 超浓滑布丁

It's June! Time files!! We are having 2 days holidays (1/6, 2/6) in Sarawak to celebrate Hari Gawai. 

Hari Gawai is celebrated by the natives of Sarawak, the Dayaks or Ibans for a week marking the ending of the paddy harvesting season and usher into a whole new year for another planting season. There is singing, dancing for the celebration and also a considerable drinking of 'Tuak' (their signature rice wine) in the local longhouses. Ibans who works outside their village will returned to join the celebration with their families. It is like a family yearly reunion.

Back to Little Thumbs Up event. Zoe and i would like to THANKS, Cheryl from Baking Tai Tai for hosting LTU May event. We had a awesome month cooking and baking with YOGURT. If you have miss the fun, please visit her here

In June we are welcoming again, another awesome host, she is non other then Diana from Domestic Goddess of Wannabe. We are so HAPPY to have her again. Her theme for June is CREAM. Come and join us !!

This is a Super Smooth and Velvety Cream Pudding. Oh yes!! it is as its named. This pudding has more milk and cream than egg yolks compare to the authentic type. The looks of this pudding is more to pale yellow then to egg yolk yellowh. The extra cream that is what makes it so smooth and velvety. It's like melt in the mouth texture. ^_^

这布丁超滑。主因是鲜奶和鲜奶油用的量较多,蛋液少。 因此不如一般的布丁口感较紧实。这个呈现浓郁软嫩糊状。 入口即化的香浓口感。

Super Smooth and Velvety Cream Pudding
Recipe adapted from a Taiwan cookbook ‘猛老师的甜点杯’ translated as 'Teacher Meng's Desserts'
Makes 6 pudding jars (approx. 100ml a jar)

For caramerlize sugar syrup
75g sugar
25g water
25g hot water

For the cream pudding
50-55g whole egg (weight without shell)
32-36g egg yolks
180g milk
250g uht whipping cream (i use Oldenburger whipping cream)
50g castor sugar 
1/2 stick vanilla pod

To Do: 
  • Prepare the caramerlize sugar and pour into 6 pudding jars. Preheat oven to 160C. 
  • In a medium bowl add in whole egg and egg yolks. Lightly whisk and set aisde.
  • In a sauce pan add in cream, milk and sugar blend well. Add in vanilla seeds and pod. Simmer till sugar dissolve.
  • Pour warmed cream mixture into the egg mixture and stir to combine.
  • Strain the pudding mixture through a sieve. 
  • Pour strained pudding mixture into prepared pudding jars. Cover each pudding jar with foil. 
  • This cream pudding is cook with water bath (steam-bake) method. Put the pudding jars into a roasting pan adding about 1 cm of boiling water and bake it in a preheated oven at 160C for 30-40 minutes. (I bake mine for 35 minutes)

Prepare all the needed ingredients

The caramerlize sugar is just enough for 6 little pudding jars

Whisk egg yolks and whole egg lightly and set aside.
In a sauce pan mixed cream, milk and sugar well.

Add vanilla pod and seeds into the cream mixture and boil to a light simmer. Do not boil it. When little bubbles appear around the edge, leave the sauce pan from the stove. Pour the warmed cream mixture into the beaten eggs. Stir well and strain it with a seive.

Pour the strained pudding mixture into the prepared pudding jars. Cover it with foil and steam-bake (water bath) it in a preheated oven 


 This post is linked to Little Thumbs Up event organised by 
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Little Thumbs Up event starts on first Tuesday until the last day of the month.   
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What is coming up at next? We will be having Cheryl from Baking Tai Tai to host with us with her theme TEA.


  1. 看起来很滑哦,请我一杯,好吗?

  2. Doreen I love this so much!!! I am going to make this after I move!

  3. Hi Doreen,

    I have not been to Sarawak before... Your trip must be fun and relaxing. Our school holidays starts at the end of Jun in the middle of winter and only 2 weeks. Very different from everyone that lives above the equator... sign!

    These cream pudding look yummy and they look like a fun school holidays for the kids to make when they are at home :D



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