February 28, 2015

Chocolate Custard Tarts (巧克力蛋黄塔)

Sam: Mum, can you make the custard into chocolate flavor??
Mum: Let me see what i can do!!




为了要变个巧克力口味的塔给老二就自己乱乱来。用了我很喜欢的芝士塔的食谱做了少许的改变。 塔皮照旧只把馅料换去蛋黄巧克力。再把香草蛋黄馅料塔变成水果塔。我家老二可乐了。。哈哈!


This Chocolate Custard tarts is a modified version from my cheese tart. I wanted to try something different for Sam.  He request for chocolate custard fillings and vanilla custard filling with fresh fruits topping. The vanilla custard with fresh fruits topping (Fruit tarts) i will share in my later post. This sweet crust pastry tart shell is rich and a crisp cookie like texture and the custard is smooth and velvety. It simply yummilicious!!

Pre-baked tart shells.
Tips for shaping the sweet pastry tart shells:
1. Rolled the disc dough between two sheets of plastic wrap or cling wrap into 5mm thick. 
2. Cut with a  round cookie cutter. Fit the round cut out  piece into tart mould. (my round cookie cutter is 8 cm in diameter and tart mould is top 7 cm and bottom 5 cm) The sweet pastry have to fit flat onto the tart mould to prevent tart crusts from shrinking or blistering during baking. I do not use 'pie weights'  but if you like you can do that.
3. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 15 minutes or until the tart shells are slightly brown at the sides and cooked.
4. Remove the tart shells from the mould and cool on the wire rack. These tart shells can be prepared 2 weeks ahead. (Store the cooled tart shells in a air tight container for later use if you are not using them immediately)

These sweet pasty tart shells can be prepared ahead and fill in the filling later.

Recipe adapted from Joy of Baking by Bake with Yen (KL)
Recipe adapted from a chinese magazine; YT Kitchen's collection -Volume 22 (快乐厨房杂志- 第22期)


Image from wiki-media,org


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  1. Mui, the custard looks so creamy and soft, i wish i can have one too...^^

  2. Your chocolate custard looks really smooth and great!

  3. 咪。。。我也是要吃。。。嘻嘻!

  4. 新年快乐!
    好精致的蛋黄跶! 好幸福的孩子!

  5. 哇。。。 好好吃的。让我流口水了。 嘻嘻 ~

    March - Banana, OK。 让我看看什么可以准备的。

  6. Very dainty yummy chocolate custard tarts !

  7. Gorgeous looking tarts Doreen! I'm craving for some right now! :)
    Happy lunar new year! :)

  8. Hi Doreen,

    Your chocolate custard look very smooth, glossy and velvety!!! They are very professional made. Sam must be very happy while enjoying these... How about the other boys? :p


  9. Hi Mui Mui, I have bookmarked this post. Will do something about it when I'm back from holiday....hehehe!


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