November 12, 2014

'Frozen' Cupcakes ~ 《冰雪奇缘》翻糖小蛋糕

Do you like fondant. Making fondant cupcakes is very interesting. It is not so hard to make if you get the hang of it!! Try it you might love it!!
就问她要什么款式的。 她问我有sample吗?我没有呀!Google了一些给她看,就做了这个!!
'Frozen' Cupcakes

Anna and Snow Queen inspired from here
Which one do you like???
Packed them all in a box that has a window.
Olaf inspired from here

This reindeer is cut out of a hippo cookies cutter
 with slight adjustment here and there.
Fairy Cupcakes (天使小蛋糕)
Recipe adpated from 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' by Nigella Lawson
Makes 12 muffins size cupcakes

125g unsalted butter, softened (room temperature)
125g castor sugar (i used 80g)
2 large eggs
125g self raising flour
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2-3 Tbsp milk

1 tub white fondant
some Americolor food coloring  (brown, blue, yellow, orange and red)

1 portion of mock cream

To Do:

The Nigella way, Preheat the oven to 200C.
Just put all the ingredients except for the milk into a processor and then blitz till smooth. Pulse while adding milk down the funnel to make a soft, dropping consistency.

Spoon the batter into 12 cupcakes cases and trying to fill each case equally. Put in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the fairy cupcakes are cooked and golden top.Let it cool on wire rack. To do a fondant topping the cupcakes have to start with a level base. Once they are cool cut of any mounded peaks so we will have a flat surface for icing.

Spread a layer of mock cream onto the flat top of the cupcakes level evenly. Apply the fondant topper (that prepared ahead) then it done. Please refer to the how to make the frozen topper from the link above the pictures.

Snow Queen
The reindeer

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  1. So lovely!! Yes, it is like playing plasticine.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi, Mui Mui. These cupcakes are so sweet and lovely! The other day, I made a birthday cake and with my little helpers, we spent a whole evening just to decorate one character, Olaf on the cake. You are really good!

  4. Mui Mui 你真的很厉害!第一次做翻糖就这样成功 ~~ 厉害!!!

  5. Hi Doreen this looks amazing! I'm not a fan of fondant cakes but I always admire others' effort into making them, yours definitely can sell already!

  6. Mui Mui,
    你太棒了! 我是来给你拍手掌的,po,po,po....................你听到了吗?
    你愿意收我为徒吗? 哈。。。。。哈。。。。。

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  8. so pretty! I wanna try it but dare not yet lol.

  9. 怎么那么棒啊?太厉害了。我好羡慕,羡慕。like

  10. 好可爱,很想要挑战翻糖蛋糕。。。只是真的没时间。。。

  11. Your fondant skills super! All are cute and lovely!

  12. What an amazing detailed work!! These are so pretty. I have never worked with fondant but I'm always very impressed by the fondant cupcakes and cakes!

  13. 哇。。羡慕你有一双巧手哦。做得太漂亮了,看了都很舍不得吃。嘻嘻~

  14. 好美的翻糖, 可以借你的巧手一用吗?

  15. Hi Doreen, these are so pretty! You are really good in it.

  16. 很厉害啊,很精致呢,要拍拍手了!!

  17. Hi Doreen, you are amazingly good with fondant for your first attempt, so professionally made! I love all of them. Wish to try fondant making but really have no spare time with my busy schedule as it is too time consuming.

  18. Wow, amazing...
    U r excellent good in this!!!!!

  19. Hi Doreen,
    Very cute cupcakes! Love all of them! You are very good with fondant!
    I have never tried fondant before and most probably would not! I'll just admire yours!
    Thanks for sharing with CYB!

  20. They are so pretty and adorable. You are so talented!

  21. mui mui, I love your very cute cupcakes!

  22. Doreen , you really need to make a video about these cupcakes ! They just look COOL , for the lack of a better word hee hee !


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