November 16, 2014

Cocoa Bread ~ 可可吐司

Having white bread all the time? Would you like to have a change? Have a cocoa bread instead. It is really just another bread which is bake by adding 15 grams of cocoa powder. I used 15 grams of unsweetened  chocolate powder instead, The smell of chocolate is so good. Every bite give you the feeling like biting into a chocolate bar which is not because this is a   We spread it with chocolate spread or nutella .... yummilicious!

Slices of mini Cocoa bread with a cup of Kopi O (black cofee)
Kids bring this to school for the break time snack.
This cocoa bread uses a straight dough method but it yield a very soft bread. My kids like to spread Nutella but i like it just on it own. 
Spread with butter taste so good too!  Mmmm..Yum!

This is the cocoa bread dough before and after the first rise.
Cocoa Bread  ~ 可可吐司
Recipe adapted from Home Baking (星期天的烘焙是个时光)郑荣仙 者
recipe translate from a chinese baking book
Makes 1 loaf (20cm x 10cm loaf pan) i made 1 mini loaf and 1 big loaf
Method: Straight dough

235g bread flour
15g cocoa powder
5g instant yeast
45g castor sugar
4g sea salt
50g egg (i use 1 egg)
120g milk
30g unsalted butter

To Do: 
(i used mixer (KA) to mix the dough)
  1. Add all the above ingredients except butter into the mixer bowl.
  2. Turn to low speed to mixed into a rough dough. Add in butter, turn to medium speed and mixed into smooth dough. (it takes about 8-10 minutes)
  3. Take dough out from rolled round and pun into a oiled bowl, cover with a piece of cling wrap. Let it rise for 40-55 minutes or double it size. 
  4. Take out the dough, punch down to expel air. 
  5. Divided into 2 equal portions Roll round, cover and let it sit for 10 minutes. 
  6. Rolled the dough out to into a rectangle shape and rolled back tightly like a swiss roll. Arrange into a greased bread pan. Refer here for the shaping of the big loaf (i prepared 1 big loaf pan and 1 mini loaf pan)
  7. Cover and proof till double size, about 45-50 minutes.
  8. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C and bake on low rack for 38-40 minutes. (i tenth mine after baking for 25 minutes.)
Wish everyone have a beautiful Sunday!

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  1. mui mui, this cocoa bread would be so good for my breakfast!

  2. Come to grab one pc for my breakfast tomorrow...

  3. That looks pretty delicious , Doreen ! I'm pretty sure I won't have a problem doing this compare to the pumpkin steamed buns *sigh* lol

  4. Hi Mui Mui, I'm looking for a quick and easy bread recipe. Like your coca bread, looks so soft. Going to try your recipe one of these days :D

  5. Hi Doreen, this is perfect breakfast for family on Saturday.

  6. Such a lovely bread! with Nutella, a double dose of chocolate "yumminess"!
    Thanks for sharing with CYB!


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