September 30, 2014

Sweet Mung Bean Soup

This is another favourite of Singapore. The sweet mung bean soup.
It is soft mung bean in starchy sweet soup. It is a comfort breakfast cum dessert.

Serve it pipping hot with yu tiao (fried chinese crullers) will be a very satisfiying.
 This is water chestnut flour that is a natural thickening agent. They soup will stay starchy even after it is cold. Do not use corn flour or tapioca flour as the soup will turn watery after it is cold.
A Big thanks to dear Amelia for giving me this pack of water chestnut flour and some other goodies!
 Sweet Mung Bean Soup
Recipe adapted from 'Singapore Favourites; by Wendy Hutton
Serve 6-7 person
150g split green (mung) beans, rinsed, washed and soaked in 1 litre water for 30 minutes
1 litre water
5 tablespoon sugar
4 pcs pandan leaves, tied in a knot
Thickening solution
4 Tbsp water chestnut flour, mixed with 60ml water (i used water chestnut flour) OR
3 Tbsp arrowroot flour mixed with3 Tbsp water
4-6 yu tiao (fried chinese crullers). cut into bite-sized pieces
To Do:
1. Drain the beans and plae them in a steaming basket lined with a piece of muslin cloth. Steam over boiling water for 30 minutes until soft. (i prefer to sprinkle some water onto the bean before steaming. I steam mine in a round baking tray)
2. Place the water, pandan leaves and sugar in a larger pot. Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil.
3. Stir the water chestnut or arrowroot mixture to mix well. Slowly drizzle the mixture into the boiling liquid, stiring continously, until the liquid thickens to desired consistency.(i only use about 5-6 Tbsp of the chestnut mixture)
4.Remove the steamed beans from the steaming basket and add them to the pot containing the starchy liquid.
5. Return to boil. Remove from the heat. Fish out the pandan leaves. Serve hot with yu tiao. (my yu tiao were all eaten by my boys ;( nothing left for me for garnishing)

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest Singapore Month #11 Sept 2014 : Singapore hosted by Grace from Life can be Simple



  1. this is one of my favourite dessert, you making me craving for it lol.

  2. Tao suan my favourite dessert too. Perfect to serve with fried you tiao, yum yum!

  3. Hi Doreen,

    You are making me hungry looking at this Singapore fav... I need lots of you tiao to feast your bowls and bowls of your tau suan :D


  4. 哇。。豆爽~~外面买的都很少豆的,都是水多过豆。

  5. Hi Doreen... I think I should learn to cook this dessert as my dear hubby loved tao suan so much... so after learning this, I should learn to make you tiao soon too???

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! Bookmarked ;)

  6. 我还真的没喝过这甜糖呢,真的要试试了

  7. Hi Doreen, I love 'tau suan' too. Thanks for sharing this tip of using chestnut flour.

  8. Hi Mui Mui, that's my favorite mung bean dessert, never get tired of eating. Especially with you tiaw. Yours look delicious. Glad that you enjoyed the waterchestnut flour.

    Best regards.

    1. Hi Amelia,
      Yes, I love the chestnut powder. Thanks!


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