September 24, 2014

Parmersan Popover (Bake Along # 68)

Bake Along this round is baking Popovers. I never bake Popovers before. Bake Along event give me a chance to bake this really delicious Popovers. I google the recipe from the internet and i choose to bake the recipe from King Aurther flour website. After reading the recipe i was wondering what makes the Popovers puff up so high. There is no baking powder or yeast but it is baked under high heated oven. I read it is related to the Choux puff which puffed up nicely and hollow in the centre.

"Flour, milk, eggs, salt, and butter: what a simple combination of ingredients for such a sublime treat! These popovers don't require a special pan, nor any unusual mixing method; just blend in a blender; beat thoroughly with an electric mixer; or whisk vigorously by hand, and bake a dozen gorgeous popovers, ready in just about 30 minutes." 
Above was what that shared on that page that attracts me.
Simple ingredients - flour, milk, eggs, salt and butter
No special pan needed.
No any unusual mixing method.
Just blend and bake.
Doesn't that sound GREAT!!

Let start baking POPOVERS!!
I baked them into mini Popovers. They are just the size of one or two mouth one. These mini ones baked less then 30 minutes.

My family favour the savoury ones more. I added 1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese to the batter to get the cheesy taste.

I love the smell of these popovers while they are baking in the oven.

I used mini muffins tin to bake these mini Popovers. Here is the one with the hollow centre..

I have some that doesn't POP nicely but they are equally good!!! 

Pamersan Popovers
Recipe adapted from
I make half of the original recipe and yield 18 mini


2 large eggs
170ml milk (skim, low-fat or full-fat), lukewarm (i mircowave it for 25 second)
1/4 teaspoon salt
90g all purpose flour (i use plain flour)
1 Tablespoon Parmesan cheese (i added)
22g melted butter

To Do:
  • Preheated the oven to 450°F (230°C).
  • Grease the muffin tin thoroughly.
  • Use a wire whisk to beat together the eggs, milk and salt. Whisk till it is well combined.
  • Add in flour and parmesan cheese all at once and beat with the wire whisk till frothy; there shouldn't be any large lumps. (i am using the hand mixer, i whisk at high speed for 20 seconds till frothy)
  • Stir in melted butter, combining quickly.
  • Pour the batter into the muffin cups, filling them about 2/3 or 3/4 full.
  • Bake the popovers fro 20 minutes without opening the oven door.
  • Remove the popovers from the oven and stick the tip of a knife into the top of each to release steam and help prevent sogginess or deflated. (i use a bamboo skewer)



  1. Hi Doreen,
    My family love popovers with cheese too! And they can be really addictive, especially when eaten hot, freshly out of the oven, with crispy crust and hollow soft centre, with a cup of warm tea!
    Yours with parmesan cheese would surely be gone in a flash in my house!
    Thanks for baking along with us!

  2. Hi Doreen,

    Interesting that this King Arthur recipe makes so puffy popovers rather than the spongy kind that I have baked. You are right that yours are quite similar to the choux pastry. Mine is like the Yorkshire pudding kind.


    1. But as what I know Popovers should be something like Yorkshire pudding kind? That's why people always got confuse? Correct me if I am wrong?

      Btw, Mui, I trigger my itchy hand to try on these lovely popovers! They look so good!

  3. 我没吃过popovers,我不懂它的怎么样的,现在知道样子了,可是口感是怎么样的?

  4. Hi Mui Mui, lovely savoury Popovers you've made. Wished I could try one ....

  5. I have not tried popovers b4, looks nice!

  6. I never bake this before too. It is really interesting to try. I like mini size pastry .. can have a few pieces at one time :)

  7. Yes. My first attempt too!
    It'll still taste good even it didn't POP nicely.
    It goes really good with jam.

  8. wow, thanks for sharing this easy making popovers, i shall try my hand on this

  9. Hi Doreen,
    Theses popovers look so yumm.. I feel tempted to try them soon...

  10. Hi Doreen, looking at your popovers tempt me even more to try, but don't think I'll be in time to join this bake along, will bookmark to bake when I have the tiime. Have a great weekend!

  11. good morning doreen! even tho i did not bake the cheesy ones , i believe that cheese popovers are very tasty. glad that we need not get a popover pan to try and savour these popovers! have a nice weekend!

  12. Damn delicious,

    just perfect to starting a day or even brunch!!!

  13. mui mui, your boys must have loved these cute and tasty popovers a lot!


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