August 13, 2014

Hello Kitty and friends Snow Skin mooncakes...冰皮月饼

This is a cute and easy to make snow skin mooncake. The soft dough is easy to mix and easy to handle. This year i make these snow skin mooncake like years that i used to do only that i add on a new friend. Hello Kitty!!
Are you a big fan of Hello Kitty?? If yes you must try to make this  ^_^

Sweet Hello Kitty :D
If you are not a big fan of Hello Kitty, try these.. Three little fishes swim .. swim.. swim
Don't like fishes..
Guess who is hidding here...
Guess you have guess from its ears ;D
Two little bunnies!!
Still not sure which one your little boy like ..
My boys love this...the beep beep cars..
Share with me, which one do you like :)

These are the bento moulds that i use to make the snow skin cutties!
(Picture updated on 26/08)  
Now let me share how to make these cutie snow skin mooncakes..
Snow Skin Mooncake
recipe adapted form 'Mooncake Sonata' by Alan Ooi - under 'durian mooncake'
with my modification in purple
Makes 12 pieces snow skin mooncakes
95g cooked glutinous rice flour (koh fun)
125g icing sugar (i used 70g)
25g shortening
95ml ice cold water (i used 110ml)
96g pandan mung bean paste (dou yong) - store bought, low sugar type
(this is for 12 pieces / each 8g)
To Do:
1. Sift Ingredients A into a mixing bowl. Add in shortening (ingredient B) and mix till well combined. Make a well in the middle of the mixture, pour cold water in while mixing inot a rough dough. Take out rough dough, place onto work top and knead into a smooth dough. Divide into 4 equal parts. Add colour to each portions into pink, yellow, green and plain Divide each portions into 22g  small dough, covered and set aside.
2. Fillings: Divide pandan mung bean paste into 8g each. Roll into balls. Set aside.
3. For Hello Kitty:
    Flatten a pink snow skin dough and wrap filling. Sealed neatly, sprinkle glutinous rice flour onto the bento kitty mould and knock out. Add a small piece as big as a soy bean of  pink to the middle and a yellow snow skin dough onto the side of ribbon part in the mould. Make sure they are into place. Press  the wrapped dough into the mould, press tightly. Tap lightly to de-mould. Take a small piece of yellow dough, as big as a mung bean and paste on for kitty nose.
For fish:
Flatten a green snow skin dough and wrap filling. The rest follow as above.
For the decoration on the fishy body. Roll 5 difference color small dough (as big as soy bean) and place onto a floured fish mould. Press the wrapped dough into the mould, press tighly. Tap lightly to de-mould.
These snow skin mooncake can be keep in air tight container for 2 days. Keep in fridge for 4 to 5 days.


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  1. Hi Mui Mui, Your little mooncakes look so cute. Love all the designs :)
    Is gao fen allowed in LTU event? If so, I'll link my post.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks for your compliment.
      Sorry that I have make a mistake. LTU do not accept ' gao fen - glutinous rice flour'
      We only accept wheat flour.
      Nevertheless we are looking forward for your other new posts.
      Thank you very very much for your support to LTU!
      谢谢您的支持和厚爱 😊

    2. Sorry, Doreen! I should have clarify this with you and Diana earlier :p

  2. These are so adorable... I like bunnies design :)

  3. Hee hee .. I like bunny design too ! these bento moulds are so cutie!

  4. Bellissime queste formine in miniatura..
    Le mie bimbe ti salutano e ti ammirano
    Baci e buon ferragosto

  5. Hi Doreen, love all your cute designs especially the fishes! I've got the same bento moulds too but only shaped boiled eggs in them, thanks for the idea of shaping snowskin mooncakes in it!

  6. Pretty!!! I love your cutie mooncakes, Mui Mui!

  7. 我要。。我要。。。

  8. Hi Doreen,

    Your mooncakes are so cute! I want the HK one!!!


  9. 可爱可爱哦。。。。我全部都要,可以吗?

  10. mui mui, your mooncakes are all so cute!! I will be so sayang to eat them :)

  11. omg! your buffet of mooncakes are so cute! i love the dish of fish especially. if i received these, i will yelp non stop

  12. OMG!! Doreen, I am not going to let my little girl see these - she may ask me to make them and I am hopeless at shaping anything! They are just beyond cute!

  13. Hi Doreen, They are all so cute!

  14. Doreen , all mooncakes are pretty FANTASTIC ! I nearly squeal when I saw the fish-shaped ones , don't like Kitty lol Maybe I'll consider making snowy mooncake this year , I love the snowy version *sigh*

  15. Hi Doreen,
    WOW! Such cute mooncakes ever! Love all of them! You are very creative!


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