June 30, 2014

Potato Cheese and Ham Pie

This is the third week school reopen after a 2 week plus break. Everything is back  to usual for my kids and me :D :D Do hope you are having a great week ahead.

Do you like potatoes?? So far i have not come across anyone who doesn't like potatoes :D This is Potato Cheese and Ham Pie is a recipe from Alex Goh's book of 'Baking Code'
The recipe call for puff pastry and some simple ingredients for the filling. I wanted to try to make my own puff pastry but i do not want to use pastry margarine. I found this puff pastry recipe from David Lebovitz's book of 'Ready for Dessert' -  It is a whole wheat puff pastry and in this recipe the puff pastry is for a apple tart but I tweak it a little by using the puff pastry to make a potato cheese and ham pie.

I bought some cute rectangle small baking tins lately, i wanted to try baking the pie with it. I think it will be kind of cute to make the pie in a small rectangle size. What do you think??

 This pie is  one easy peasy to prepare pie provided you have the puff pastry ready in advance or you can use a ready made puff pastry from the store.
All you need to do is assemble the pie and the filling, then send them into the oven and the pie will be ready in no time ;)
Rolled out the  puff pastry and cut it slightly bigger then your pie mould and fitted it into the pie mould neatly. Filled in the fillings and place another piece of puff pastry onto the mould.
Brush the side with some water and sealed it with a fork.

 Egg wash the surface of the pie and prick some holes with a fork.
Potato Cheese and Ham Pie
recipe source: Adapted from 'Baking Code' by Alex Goh
Prepare a ready made puff pastry or please read here for my home made puff pastry
600g potatoes
60g butter
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
80g carrots (diced)
100g cheddar cheese (grated)
100g chicken ham (diced)
To Do:
  •  Put the diced carrots in the boiling water and cook for 2 minutes. (i add the diced carrots in a mircowave safe bowl, covered and mircowave in my 800watt mircowave oven for 2 minutes)
  • Cook potatoes in water until cooked. Peel the skin and mash it. Add in butter, mixed until it is wel combined. ( i peeled and diced the potatoes, put it into a mircowave safe bowl, covered and mircowave it in the mircowave oven for 3-4 minutes. Mashed the cooked potatoes and mixed in butter to combine. If the voltage of your mircowave oven is higher then mine do cook less time. The time of cook depends on the voltage of your mircowave oven.)
  • Add in the remaining ingredients and mixed well with the mashed potatoes.
How to assemble the pie:
  • Cut the puff pastry to the required size to fit the pie mould. Place the puff pastry onto the mould and brush the sides with water.
  • Place in the filling. Top it with another piece of puff pastry. Press the side with a fork and trim the excess.
  • Egg wash the surface and prick some holes with a fork.
  • Bake 200C for 25 minutes.
 This whole wheat puff pastry crust is quick puff pastry. It is light, flaky and nice. I have never had a whole wheat puff pastry, if you are like me then this is in for a treat. The adding of whole wheat flour gives it a hearty, nutty taste to the crust.

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  1. I really loves pie and never get enough or tired of savoury pies. Your pie look lovely with the word PIE on it.

  2. I love savoury pie! and your pie look so good!

  3. awwww... isn't this so cute! PIE!!!!!! and i eat my pie!!!!

  4. I loves this, quite sometimes didn't eat liao, must go buy one of these day to eat, hehe...

  5. I love potato! Definitely want to join the next LTU Potato event :)
    Your pie looks so cute and yummy. :)

  6. 哈哈。。。还特地放上pie的字眼,妈咪你很掂咧

  7. Wah! stamped with PIE, lovely delicious pie yummy! My big kids love potatoes ... will sure join July's LTU Potato event, cheers!

  8. Hi Mui Mui,
    Thanks for joining our blog hop for My Treasured Recipes, we are still doing Alex Goh until end of July, hope you can join us again. Your potato pie is really cute, you are always full of creative ideas! :)

  9. Hi Doreen,
    I have never tried using whole wheat flour for my pastry making. I should try it out one day! Your pie looks perfectly baked and delicious. Wish I could dig into one right now! :)

  10. Hi, Mui Mui, I love the carving on the pie, looks good.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Zoe for your support in the LTU event.

  11. Hi Doreen,

    You are fast... baking something with potato before July 2014! I love potatoes too and will have lots of potato cooking and baking this month :D



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