March 25, 2014

Tahu Berontak (Deep-fried stuffed tofu puff) ..包菜酿豆卜- AFF Indonesia

Saw this deep fried stuffed tofu puff in Y3k recipes (volume 72) food magazine. This is one of the few recipes contribute by my Ah Chi to Y3k recipes magazine. I like stuffed tofu puff so i pick this to try. It turn out really yummy although the ingredients is normal but the coriander powder make it taste special.

She learn this from a pakcik (uncle) during her Bali trip. This is a kind of 'gorengan'; fried according to her. She also told me the special part of this stuffed tofu puff is the adding of coriander powder that makes it taste and smell really good!!
After goggle i found that almost every city in Indonesia have this kind of street snack (gorengan - fried snack); since it is easy to make. In actually 'gorengan' does not represent any name for any specific fried food but it is a group of snack food that is deep fried. 

 Since Ah Chi learn this from a pakcik in her Bali trip, i was thinking linking this to AFF - Indonesia. I quickly check with Alice from I Love, I Cook, I Bake to see what is the actually Indonesia name for this kind of gorengan and gave me this name 'Tahu Berontak'   Thanks Alice ^_^

Pic from left to right: Get ready and mixed up all the ingredients.
Snip a cross on top of the tofu puff
Open the cut
Stuff in the filling (as much as you can :p i like more filling)
Stuff it neatly 
These stuffed tofu puff is ready to dip in the crispy batter and ready to be deep fry.

第一次看到这小吃就很喜欢. 在Y3K美厨食谱地72期, 看到的, 当时是我的Ah Chi 第一次在杂志上菜. 她的厨乙超棒呢!! 当时看了这食谱就学着做了..好好吃! 香脆的外皮, 里面的包菜馅香甜爽口还有豆卜的豆香. 还有还有,独特的芫茜粉的香味呢!!
主要是用了自家做的豆卜所以好吃..哈哈!! (老王卖瓜,自卖自誇 :p)
其实这次会做又贴上来有两个原因.  一, 是因为我想参与这个月AFF-分享印尼的美食活动.  二, 因为真的好好吃!!

这炸酿豆卜是印尼的街边'炸的'小吃. 他们的'炸的' 小吃非常多样化, 如炸香蕉糕,炸薯类等等.

Tahu Berontak (Deep fried stuffed tofu puff with cabbage)
recipe adapted from Y3k volume 72 or from my ah chi's (nasi lemak lover's blog)  

24 pcs tofu puff (i use home made)

200 g cabbage - thinly sliced
40 g carrot - thinly sliced
1 bunch of chives or kuchai - chopped
2 pips of garlic - minced

3/4 tsp salt
1 tsp chicken stock powder
1 tsp coriander powder
dash of pepper

To make the crispy batter
100 ml water
50 g self raising flour
10 g rice flour

To Do:

1. For filling: Combine cabbage, carrot, chives and minced garlic with all the seasoning in a mixing bowl.

2. To prepare crispy batter, mix water, self raising flour and rice flour into a smooth batter.

3. Make a slit on each of the tofu puff, stuff in the fillings.

4. Heat oil in a wok. Dip the stuffed tofu puff into the crispy batter. Deep fried over medium heat till it is golden and crispy.

5. Enjoy this tahu  goreng (deep fried tofu puff) with sweet chilli sauce. (my kids love it with tomato sauce :D)

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Feast, Indonesia hosted by Alice from I Love, I Cook, I Bake.


I am also linking this post to 'Cook Your Book' #10 hosted by Joyce from Kitchen  Flavours.




  1. Dinner time coming, come to grab one for my dinner later, hehe....

  2. mui mui, I love anything that is goreng-goreng until crispy! I know I will love these deep fried aromatic stuffed tofu. So hungry liao :D

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  4. This looks delicious! I can imagine the aroma from the coriander powder! And I love eating tau pu pok, and your homemade ones looks fantastic!

  5. looks too delicious dear...please pass on some ..would love to grab a bite..

  6. Hi Doreen,

    Your stuffed tofu puffs are nice and healthy snacks! I wouldn't stop at one :p


  7. I always eat the bake tofu stuff with cucumber...your home made one is more healthy!

  8. gosh! so authentic! i haven't had this for eons!

  9. Wow looks so yummy! I also want a couple for my snack.

  10. I like this type of tofu but my sons don't so no way can I make these:( Looks really delicious!

  11. School holidays now, hope you have more time to rest. I love any food that has tofu puff, and my son also loves them. This is a nice & simple tofu puff dish!

  12. Didn't know this is an Indonesian food. My favourite and best if someone can fried them for me. Nice.

  13. Hi Doreen.
    Your stuff tofu puff looks so yummy!
    So ideal for snack :P

  14. Mui,这小吃看起来好棒哦

  15. Doreen , Sonia's recipe ?! Awesome :D I love this kind of stuffed tofu , hearty and so delicious !

  16. Haven't eaten this before but I'll love it as I love anything to do with tofu pok.

  17. Hi Doreen,. These tofu pok look so yummy. I wish I can have one right now before going to bed :D

  18. Thanks for the shout out, using homemade tofu puff, sound perfect. Thanks for finding out the real name, I am gonna to change the title of my earlier post.


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