March 15, 2014

Hakka Fried Yellow Bean Curd ... 客家炒黄豆干

Hi everyone, wish that you are having a great  great weekend!
I guess..MH 370 is the most hot topic at the moment. It is sad !! This incident let me realize we should cherish every moment we have with our love ones and live our life in the moment.

Prawn, prawn, prawns is one of our favorite seafood. I am so lucky my kids are not allergy to prawns but instead they enjoy eating it :)

One of the dried ingredients that I always have stock in my pantry is dried prawns. It is a very versatile kind of ingredients for cooking. I normally will this stir fried yellow bean curd on busy day for dinner. My kids would eat this happily cause they love the sweetness and the aroma of the dried shrimp that pair very well with the yellow bean curd  ;)

Hakka fried yellow bean curd
recipe source: mui mui


8 pieces  yellow bean curd (cubed)
4 long bean (sliced)
2 spring red leek (sliced the white part and the green part separately)
1 tbsp dried shrimp (washed and chopped finely)
1 tsp salt
2 tsp light soy sauce

To Do:

1)Add some cooking oil into the wok and shallow fried the cubed yellow bean curd until the sides are slightly brown. Push it aside in the wok.

Love the shallow fried brown sides of the bean curd. It is full of soy aroma and it is yum!! :p 

2) Add a little oil again into the wok, add salt.  Add in leek (white part) stir fried a while then add in chopped shrimp then stir fried again until it is fragrance and lightly brown. Add in long bean, fried till it is soften then add in the green part of the leek. Stir fried for another 3 minutes, add soy sauce and mixed well. (You can taste at this point to see if you want it to be a little bit saltier or less.) Dish up and it a ready for dinner..  ^_^

There is another way of eating this Hakka Stir Fried Yellow Bean Curd. We have this for lunch and my youngest have three rolls.

Make them into rolls, like popia. We, Hakka call it 'Shui Ban'. In Hakka 'shui' mean water and 'ban' mean cake. The sheet that wrapped this filling is made of rice flour. The rice flour is mixed with adequate amount of water into a batter. Then it is spread onto a flat tray and bring to steam till it is cook. Then it is peel off into sheets. It is actually like kueh tiau only that kueh tiau is cut into strips and this rice wrapper is in sheets. 

This is the filling for my 'shui ban' The ingredients and method of cooking it is the same as above, only that i left out the long bean. I posted this long ago.. Here

If you like bean curd or any one of the ingredient in this, you will love the kueh. Try it, you might ask for more  ^_^

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  1. I love Hakka dou gan, thanks for posting and linking to this month LTU :)

  2. Hi Doreen
    This dish sounds wonderfully delicious on rice as well as wraps! Love it.

  3. Delicious! Great with plain congee too.

  4. Hi Doreen, this is an interesting dish. Looks so delicious :D

  5. the simple stir fry dish sounds good enough for a meal! sounds tasty!

  6. Hi Doreen,

    I felt sorry for all that lost their loved ones at MH 370.... sad!

    I have never cook with Hakka yellow bean curd before and wonder if it is the same as the regular ones...hmmm... Sad that I'm allergy to fresh prawns and lucky that I can eat the dried ones :D


  7. Hi Doreen,
    It is very sad about MH370. Praying that everyone on board is safe somewhere and help will get to them soon.
    I really admire you for making your own tofu!
    It looks wonderful and this dish is great eaten with white porridge.

  8. Hi Mui Mui, Feel sorry for those in MH370 flight, hope they can find the plane soon. Love this tofu dish, very appetizing. And your Hakka roll look so tempting. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes.

    Best regards.

  9. Wow! Love your Shui Ban lah...! I'm sure they tasted fantastic. I mentioned about Lui Cha being one of my favourite Hakka dishes. Would you have a good recipe that I can replicate here in Europe. Not easy to find most of the veg / herbs. Lui Cha is an acquired taste but I love it. It's really very healthy with the 7 types of veg/ herbs. Love the colours of your yellow bean summery :-)


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