November 17, 2013

Pumpkin Angku Kueh (南瓜龟糕)

Shawn was telling me "Mum we have not eaten Angku Kueh for a long time"  ^_^  Since my fil have harvest 2 big pumpkin from his little garden, i took a small portion to make some Pumpkin Angku. The pumpkin patch my fil had is a small one.  
好一段时间没做红龟糕了. 宝贝们可想念这糕点呢! 家公刚好在后园刚收割了两粒大南瓜. 就趁着这机会做了南瓜龟糕.

A total of 17 pumpkin angkus from the recipe.

Nice, round and shinning surface, would you like to have one :p
表面,花纹蛮清,滑又亮呢!! 请你吃一,两,三片吧!!

It's took about 3-4 months from growing the pumpkin plant until harvesting time.Pumpkin grow as vine which means they need lots of space. Although my fil's pumpkin patch is a small one but it really takes up a lot of the little garden space. 
南瓜是爬藤的植物. 需要蛮宽的园子栽种. 我家公的不很大不过也爬的整个园子都是了. 从种植到收割大概需要3-4个月.

Pretty pumpkin blossoms!!  These are closed flowers. Can you see is these male or female flowers??  :0
南瓜花, 这些是关着的哦!! 你看看是雌还是雄的呢??

 I especially love the pumpkin blossom. So bright yellow, they almost look orange. In a glance it looks like Zucchini flowers. Don't you think so?  There is the male and the female, pumpkin blossoms. The first flowers appear are always male. The pollen of the first male flower attracts bees to where the blooming vine is. When the time comes for first female flowers to open, the bees' are familiar with the route they have establish earlier and male pollen is transferred to the female flowers by the bees. The male flowers bloom only for a day and drop off the plant while the female flowers, you can see a small fruit at the bases of flowers.
 每当南瓜苗开满了南瓜花. 橙黄色的南瓜花美的很. 我特喜欢^_^
南瓜花分为雄和雌的,很有趣吧!! 雄的会先开花, 花开时会吸引蜜蜂飞来采花, 也让蜜蜂熟悉哪个部分的南瓜苗以开花. 一旦雌花开放时, 蜜蜂就可轻易从雄花散播花粉到雌花了. 雄南瓜花寿命很短 , 只开一天就凋谢了, 而雌花就有小果子结在花凋了的底部..

The soft pumpkin angku skin, filled with lots of mung bean paste and its just YUM!!
胖嘟嘟的!! 看了就特喜..呵呵!!

Pumpkin Angku (南瓜龟糕)
Adapted from Yum Yum Magazine - Volume 67
Originally is Pumpkin And Green Bean Dumpling

Ingredients for the skin:

200 g glutinous rice flour
2 tbsp oil
100 g steamed pumpkin
1 tbsp sugar
100 ml thick coconut milk

Ingredients for the filling:

100 g split green bean, soaked overnight
1/2 grated coconut
50 g castor sugar 
1/2 tsp salt
(i am using 150 g split green bean/mung bean, 60 g castor sugar and 4 tbsp of canola oil)

17 pieces banana leaves ( size 6cm x 8cm)
filling rolled into round ball  (15 g each)
skn dough (25 g each)

To Do:

Soaked the split green bean overnight or at least 4 hours.
Drain and steamed until it is soft. (Sprinkle a few tablespoons of water onto the split green bean before steaming).

Mashed the steamed split green bean while it is still hot or blend it in a food processor into a paste.  ( i used a sieve and push the split mung bean through the sieve to have a fine and smooth paste.) 

Mixed the mung bean paste with grated coconut, sugar and salt together into a smooth paste.
(I stir-fry the mung bean paste in a non stick pan or wok with the sugar and oil until it is fully combine into a smooth paste. When it is cool then roll into 15 g round ball each. refer pic 2-9)

Skin Dough 
Mixed sugar, oil and mashed steamed pumpkin together. pic 1-1,2 
Make a well in the centre of the glutinous flour and slowly pour the mixture in bit by bit. Keep mixing until it form into a dough. pic 1-3,4,5,6

pic 1 (mixing and knead of the dough skin).

Mixed and knead the mixture into a pliable dough. pic 2-7
Divide them into small portion of 25 g each. pic 2-8 (cover with a piece of plastic wrap to prevent the dough from drying)
Rolled the filling into small balls, about  15g each pic 2-9
Lay the prepared banana leaves onto work top and oiled it. pic 2-10
Sprinkle some glutinous flour into the wooden mould. pic 2-11 (do this after every angku is knock out. Doing this is to prevent the dough sticking to the mould)
Knock the glutinous flour out gently. pic 2-12

pic 2 (preparing skin dough, the mung bean filling and the wooden mould)

Put a skin dough in your palm. pic 3-13
Press it slightly flat, like a little plate. pic 3-14
Add the small ball of mung bean paste in. pic 3-15
Wrapped the filling with the skin dough. pic 3-16
Sealed the skin dough, towards the centre of filling. (Do not push to much of the bottom skin dough to the center or else when it is moulded into the wooden mould the filling will appear on the surface of the angku) pic 3-17
Sealed neatly and roll with your both palm to make into a round oval shape. Make sure no seal seam line, make it smooth) pic 3-18
** if the skin dough appear to be sticky, just flour with hands with some glutinous flour)

pic 3 (Wrapping the mung bean paste into the skin dough)

Put the wrapped angku dough into the floured wooden mould. pic 4-19
Press lightly with your palm, to fill up the whole mould. pic 4-20
Make sure all area are filled. pic 4-21
Knock the dough out. pic 4-22,23
Put the angku onto the oiled banana leaf. pic 4-24
It is ready to steam now.

pic 4 (Moulding the angku)

Smooth mung bean filling with soft and chewy skin, made from pumpkin. 
Try it, you might love it!!
幼滑的绿豆馅和柔软带QQ的南瓜皮. 试试吧, 你可能会爱上它!!

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  1. Your pumpkin ku kuih look so beautiful. Lovely colour from the pumpkin too. I am now having a cup of coffee and wishing that I could stretch my arm into your plate of ang ku kuih and grab one.

  2. 看到金黄色的南瓜我也很喜欢哦!

  3. Hi Mui,
    Your pumpkin Angku Kueh look so pretty. The colour is so beautiful. 好美!
    It's afternoon tea now, how I wish I could grab one and go with my coffee.

  4. I loves ang ku kueh, but never make myself before, buy from outside...

  5. Yes please, love to have one from you. In fact I been craving to eat AKK this few days too.

  6. Hi Mui Mui, I yet to try pumpkin ang ku, your look delicious. Send me a dozen, please! :))

    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Hi Mui, I love your pumpkin angku, already pin it for making when I am free:D

  8. Your pumpkin ang ku kueh looks so nice. I have never tried to make one myself. Time to buy the mould. So happened that I also made pumpkin glutinous rice cake today. We ckose the same ingredient :)

  9. 我家翁也在园里带回来了几个南瓜。我也在找食谱做料理。嘻嘻嘻 。。。。。。 这个 akk 我很喜欢的。

  10. 原来南瓜花长这个样子哦!好漂亮耶^^

  11. Lovely pumpkin AKK. I can have two pieces at one go!

  12. 金黄金黄的akk,好像黄金那样哦,漂亮极了 :)

  13. Yes, I also like these golden Akk. One isn't enough for me, hehe!

  14. Your angku kuih looks perfectly made!
    I have planted pumpkin plants once, and it grew all over the place, the vines are very "hairy" and it is a pain to walk round them because my garden is really very small! And the flowers that blooms are all males, there's not a single female flower after months of disappointment! I finally pulled out the whole plant, as it was taking up the space of my very small garden and not productive! Haha! But I like the colours of the flowers, very pretty against the green vines!

  15. 想像黄色的小花开满园一定很漂亮!!请我一颗ang gu kuih

  16. oh wow... i love to try your AKK mui! i remember when i last made it, the imprints were not good... yours are so pretty

  17. Wow! Love your golden angku. So tempting...

  18. Your Pumpkin Angku Kueh are so adorable and perfectly done. I need to find out where to get one of these molds to try this recipe. :)

  19. Mui, Love these little pumpkin akk. How I wish I can just grab one and more from the screen.......

  20. 金当当的AKK很漂亮。。:)

  21. Can't wait to try these out.

  22. Mui mui, your orange AKK look perfect and pretty. Wish to try this pumpkim akk next time. Thanks for sharing ;)

  23. Doreen , those pumpkin kuehs look fantastic ! Love the vibrant color :) Wonderful photos as well !

  24. wow, looks delicious...
    you made me on hunting for the angkuh mould now, i guess my mooncake is away too big for this recipe...hehehe

  25. Hi mui mui! Very interesting facts about pumpkin flowers. I love angku kuih and would love to have a few of yours!


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