October 17, 2013

Brown-Sugar Raisin Bread Bake Along #53 (黄糖葡萄干面包)

Sam and Seanan loves dried fruits. All kind of dried fruits from raisin, cranberries, blueberries, fig, black cherries ... you named it they will love and eat it happily. BUT not Shawn he doesn't really like dried fruits as much as the 2 brothers did. He only likes dried mangoes, apricot and nuts. Sometimes it is hard to please each and everyone in the house when comes to cook and bake :p
 家里的两个小宝贝爱吃果干. 任何的果干都可以'SAPU'的很开心. 大宝贝就比较挑只爱芒果,杏桃干和坚果干. (他说的'豆豆' ) 有时候真的很难煮的让家里的大小宝贝们满意呢!!
Bake Along 53期这回是烤'黄糖葡萄干面包' 就连夜烤了来当早餐呗!!

Bake Along #53 is baking Brown-Sugar Raisin Bread this round. I decide to bake this bread for our morning breakfast :D

Make into a square bread loaf.

Love how the square loaf looks :D

I like the raisin in the bread. This bread is just nice to eat on its own.

This is the small loaf. Love how soft it is. Looks!! this is the piece ....

after i squeeze it, it bounce back nicely....believe me??
keep scrolling down you will see how soft it is..:D

pic a
1) all ingredients into the bread pan and use dough function.
2) after mix and knead in the bread machine. Ready for first proofing.
3) after first proofing. Ready to divide into portions.
4) I use 3 different bread baking pan to make into 3 different loaves.

See ... this is how soft it is!!
It is best to eat on the same day. I have a loaf left over for the next day. We just toast it a little and it is still very very tasty.

Brown-Sugar Raisin Bread 
Recipe ( from Williams Sonoma Baking Book  or here ) , slightly changed 
(i follow Lena's measurement, 'thanks Lena')

1/2 tbsp instant yeast
1.5 tbsp sugar
150ml warm water *
1/2 cup warm milk
21gm melted butter
1tsp salt
1 small egg
375gm bread flour, or more if needed
3/4 cup dark raisins

78gm light brown sugar mixed with 2 tsp ground cinnamon

1. In the mixer bowl, put in the flour, add instant yeast, sugar and salt and stir to combine with a hook. Attach dough hook at slow speed and slowly pour in the milk, warm water, melted butter and egg and beat for about 2 mins. Add  in the raisins and increase speed and let it beat till dough is smooth and pulls away from the sides of the bowl. I let it beat for about 10-15 mins. If dough is sticky, add flour little at a time. (i add all my ingredients into my bread pan and let my bread machine to do the mix and knead job)

2. Transfer dough to a greased deep bowl and turn to coat it with oil. Cover loosely with plastic wrap or towel and let it rise until doubled in bulk. (i let the dough rise in the bread pan then proceed to the following step)

3. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface, divide the dough into 2 and let it rest for 10 minutes. Roll each dough into rectangle shape , put in half of the fillings, leaving about an inch border on all sides. Roll the dough from the longer edge and shape into a log. Pinch the ends and long seam to seal in the filling. Place the dough onto prepared pan and let it rise for about 1 hour. (i use 3 different bread pan to make into 1 square bread loaf , 1 medium loaf and 1 mini loaf :p)

4. Preheat oven to 180C and bake till loaves are golden brown about 30 minutes. Turn onto racks and let cool completely.

This is for Bake Along , a baking event organised by  Joyce from Kitchen FlavoursLena from Frozen Wings and Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids


  1. I would have love this bread... hehe...

  2. Mui Mui, I keep looking at the "bounced back bread" leh! So soft!

  3. Hi Mui Mui, this bread is so soft and fluffy :)

  4. wow....see the playback, the bread really so soft lor, LIKE!

  5. OMG~! it is so fluffy!! i love the bouncy bouncy bit! fantastic job there mui

  6. I want to give it a squeeze too lol! sure is fluffy, mine finished within the day when I made this...so yummy!

  7. waoooo ! Yummy Yummy ! mouth watering ! Poor Guy is me !! Y .......Bread is harder for me coz w/o bread machine !!

  8. Yoooo...Very soft!!!! Hope I can try this recipe very soon :)

  9. mui mui, the bread is so springy! I must try!

  10. That is such a beautiful and soft loaf!

  11. Doreen , your bread looks wonderful , so fluffy and really soft ! Love how it bounce back after you've squeezed it :D

  12. love the video! the bread looks amazing!

  13. hi doreen, why did you torture the bread? hahahaha! but i love your video and thanks so much for baking along with us :D

  14. Hi Doreen,

    Ai yo that I almost missed out your post!!! Your video of squeezing the bread is so funny!!! This bread is spongy but not the moist moist kind. You are right... Eating it being toasted (with or without butter) is really good!


  15. Hi Mui Mui, your bread look so fluffy and very well baked. You're good, 2 thumbs up for you.

    Have a nice day.


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