August 28, 2013

Avocado Salsa ...谅拌酪梨

Good Tuesday to all my dear friends ^_^
I have been quite or i could said really slacking on blogging lately :p please do excuses me if i have not been dropping by your blog lately or maybe dropping by late. I will try my best to catch up with all the best i can :D

Cook Like a Star is cooking like Nigella Lawson this month. I get to know her through TLC. I love to watch her cooking show and i never miss it. I have four of her books and i am going to cook 1 recipe each from her books ^_^

When i saw this salsa in 'Nigella KITCHEN' i know i am going to make this. I love avocado and this recipe is so simple but it taste fabulous. Smooth avocado flesh and the lime juice that goes so well with it. All you need is get ready those ingredients and just mixed them up and your are salsa-ing away!!

My dear sister gave me a huge local avocado. It measured 16cm long and the 6cm width, huge right?? ^_^

She help me to halves and stone this avocado.

Avocado Salsa
recipe source: adapted from 'Nigella Kitchen' by Nigella Lawson
2 avocados (i used a huge local avocado)
1 spring onion, finely sliced
3 x 15 ml  tablespoons chopped green jalapenos from a jar (i omitted)
salt, to taste
1 x 15 ml tablespoon lime juice
4 x 15 ml tablespoons roughly chopped fresh coriander (i did not add this because it out of stock in my fridge :p)

To do:
  • Halve the avocados, remove the stones and then, using the tip of the sharp knife, cut lines down the flesh of each half, about 1 cm apart, and the same across.
  • Turn the avocado halves inside out, or otherwise  release the pale green cubes into a bowl then tumble in the sliced spring onion, chopped jalapenos, salt to taste, lime juice and most of the coriander and toss, with the tenderest gentleness, to mix.
  • Taste to see more salt is needed before scattering with the remaining coriander and taking to the table.
I'm linking this post to Cook Like A Star, where the featured chef for this month is NIGELLA LAWSON. Cook Like A Star is an event organized by Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids, and the co-hosts for this month are Anuja from Simple Baking and Joyce from Kitchen Flavours.


  1. Hi Doreen,
    Wah, that avocado is huge! I've eaten our local ones, but they are not as big as yours! I love avocado. Your salsa looks good and I would gladly finish the whole plate!
    Regarding your question on the chickpeas, you can use any brand, for the hummus, I use Kimball brand, as that was the only one available at the supermarket near my house.
    Try the hummus, it is really good!
    Thanks for linking!

  2. Hi Doreen,

    Slack on blogging??? I feel like doing that too but somehow manage to do some some blogging here and there... hee hee

    Your avocado looks gigantic! We love eating avocado too and consume at least one a day! Your avocado salsa sounds delicious!


  3. This is defintely one of my favourite easy recipes! That avocado is huge!

  4. 你真的很久没有“浦头”了。。。想你了也!刚刚才发现你上了砂拉越千层蛋糕。。。我要去偷吃了!

  5. I dun really like avocado, hope my taste change one day...

  6. WOW! I've never seen such a huge avocado! The shape looks like 葫芦 to me :D
    Your avocado salsa looks delicious and healthy.

  7. it looks so yummy and healthy!

  8. mui mui, very delicious salsa! I want to have some :)

  9. Oh! Mui Mui, your local avacado really huge :)
    Love your salsa, delicious and healthy!!!

  10. Mui Mui, this salsa is very healthy indeed. Yummy :)

  11. Hi Mui Mui, your avacado salsa is very refreshing and appetizing. :))


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