June 30, 2013

Acar Awak..娘惹菜Acar Awak

Participating in MFF every month let me learn a lot of authentic Malaysian food from different states which is very interesting  and new to me.
This month is Penang month and Penang is a state that have lots and lots and lots of yummlicious food.

This is 'Acar Awak' means pickled mixed vegetable . I first tried this when a mum of  my Shawn's class mate gave me a tub. Its difference from what we have here. After trying that tub i missed this Acar, the taste is so special with all the mixed vegetables...but at that time i did not know it is called Acar Awak.

Until recently i saw Wendy post hers..I quickly try out the recipe.
It turn out great and we enjoy this Acar Awak very much ^_^
Thanks to Wendy!

 Acar 是娘惹菜的其中一种,需要动用许多种本地香料和蔬菜配搭而完成。

Acar Awak
recipe source: WendyinKK
Reference: Rasa Malaysia Nyonya Flavours (MPH Publication) Boon's Recipe
Makes about 5-6 cups of Acar

600gm cucumber + 1tsp salt

300gm cabbage
150gm carrots
150gm long beans
200gm pineapple

Blanching liquid
300ml water

300ml rice vinegar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar

Sambal Paste
15gm dried chillies (15pcs), seeds removed, soaked til soft
100gm shallots
15gm galangal
10gm turmeric (i use 1 tbsp tumeric powder )
2 lemon grass
3 candlenuts
2 tsp salt
100gm sugar (you might need more according to preference, taste your sambal. I follow Wendy's measurment) 
40ml rice vinegar

For Sprinkling
150gm skinless peanuts
30gm sesame seeds

1. Core the cucumber and cut into thick sticks. Salt it and let it sit as you cut the other vegetables.
2. Peel carrots and cut into chunks with same length as cucumbers. Half each chunk and slice them.
3. Rinse  cabbage and cut or tear cabbage leaves into fairly large pieces.
4. Break long beans into similar lengths with other vegetables
5. Cut pineapple into small pieces.
6. By now the cucumber should have softened. Rub and squeeze the cucumber to release juices. Rinse with water, rub and squeeze again. Try to squeeze out as much water as you can.
7. Spread out all the vegetables onto a tray, according to each type (line with cloth or baking paper to prevent direct contact with pan). Dry them in the strong sun for 2-3 hours until each vegetable becomes wilted. Mix the vegetables together except pineapple.
8. Grind lemongrass, galangal, turmeric and candlenuts first, until they turn fine, then add in softened chillies, shallots and garlic and grind to a paste. Keep aside, covered.

 This is the cucumber after added salt and sit for a while.
It is soften and you can see juices coming out.

 This is the cucumber after the juices have been squeeze out.

These are the ones after sun-dried for 2 hours. 


9. While waiting for the vegetables to sun, toast sesame seeds in wok until they jump and look golden. Dish up. Then add in 1/2 cup oil and on low heat fry the peanuts until they turn lightly golden. Drain the peanuts and let them turn warm before grinding them to a coarse powder. Keep the oil (just leave the wok around)
10. When the vegetables are done sunning, heat the blanching liquid until boiling, then put some of the mixed vegetables into a mini noodle strainer and blanch the vege until the long beans take on a bright green hue (takes less than 1 minute). Remove the vegetables and blanch the rest of the vegetables accordingly. Lastly blanch the pineapple for 3-5 seconds only. Drain.
11. With the retained oil (from frying peanuts)Saute the paste until it turns almost dry and looks very glossy. Add in salt, sugar and rice vinegar and bring back to a boil. Put in the blanched vegetables, peanuts and sesame seeds. Toss well for a few seconds and turn off the heat.
12. Transfer into clean containers (preferably glass or stainless steel) and let it sit 12 hours at room temperature. Keep it chilled after that.

 I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest Penang Month 




  1. 这个我等吃就好了,叫我做肯定不行咯!哈哈哈

  2. What a refreshing and delicious appetizer !

  3. I also interested to make this. But A lot of preparation work! Bookmarked first! Yours looking good!

  4. I've never tried making acar before but after looking at yours , I feel like making some! LOL Yours looks so delicious & most of the ingrédients I can get over here! Phew! LOL

  5. i've never made the traditional acar before nor this type..bcos of the work involved but i enjoy eating acar. so this taste very differently from the usual acar?

  6. 很详细,感谢分享♥♥

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