April 15, 2013

Hee Ban (Hee Gao Ban) ~ 喜粄

This is a favourite of mine since i was a kid. Whenever mum is selling her kueh in the wet market i will hop over to this 'Ah Yee' (auntie) who sell this Hee Ban and bought a piece from her and it is only 20 cents a piece . Hahaha!! at that time in the wet market different kueh store sells different kind of kueh. I think that is good idea because there is no competition ^_^ They help each other to market each others products (kueh/cake). 

这是个非常好吃的糕...^_^ ...客家人叫这糕..喜粄. 客家话'Hee 是喜就是喜庆, 'Ban是糕就是糕的意思. 吃了这糕肯定很喜庆..哈哈. 喜粄的口感柔软带Q, 味道是米的香气. 小时常常陪妈妈去菜市, 那里有个阿姨有卖喜粄, 是传统的那种白白色的. 

This is the old time favourite Hee Ban (See Pan) a type of sweet nyonya kueh.

The texture is soft and chewy. Full of rice aroma..:D
Recently this Hee Ban is every where in the blogging atmosphere of the chinese bloggers.
You can see lots of different flavour Hee Ban in QiQi in the house's blog. She have the plain, the  pink, the pandan flavour and the pumpkin flavour too. She is very creative and her pictures are so cool (^_^*)
最近她(喜粄)在部落格很红哦! 在很格友的家都看到有不同口味, 如南瓜, 班兰, 紫薯, 等等等...的呢! 上次我在QiQi家看了她的粉红色的喜粄就'手养'把食谱带回家学做了 ^-^

I like the thick and chewy texture of this kueh so i make mine a bit round and thick. As you can see above the ones sell in the market are flat and thin.

Mine is made more like a mantou instead of kueh because i shaped it into a small round ball.
我的蒸熟了倒像小馒头 (^Q^)

Hee Ban
Recipe source: Adapted from QiQi in the House
for chinese recipe please go to QiQi.
yields: about 9-10 pcs 
Ingredients for dough starter:

40ml water (i used 50ml)
1/2 tsp instant yeast
1/2 tbsp castor sugar
50g plain flour

To do:
  • Mix sugar and yeast in water till it is well dissolved.
  • Stir in flour to form a sticky dough.
  • Cover with cling foil and let in fermented for 2 hours.

Ingredients for Main Dough:

1 portion of the starter dough
60g castor sugar (i used 50g)
60ml water (i used 70ml)
1 tbsp oil
50g plain flour
90g glutinous rice flour

To do:
  • Mix castor sugar and oil in water till well combine.
  • Add in starter dough, plain flour and glutinous flour. Knead and mix into a smooth dough. (This will be quite sticky. Just oil your hand with some cooking oil to get it going) **I added all of these ingredients into my bread maker to do the mixing and kneading for me. I used mixing mode, it takes about 10 -12 minutes. Check once after 5 minutes to see if  any of flour sticky to the side of the pan, scrape down. Fuss free and no sticky hand. The sticky hands you seen in the above picture is my first attempt of making this Hee Ban.
  • When it in full incorporated. Divide the dough into small ball of 45-50gms each.
  • Place on parchment paper or greased with oil banana leaves.
  • Proof for 1/2 an hour and steam over rolling boiled water for 10 minutes.
Hope you will ENJOY this simple and nice kueh like me (^_^)
希望你也跟我一样喜欢这席板哦!! ^^

My youngest is trying somehting funny while i am taking pictures ... Guess what he is up to!!!

Youngest:  Mum, this is so nice to touch. Smooth!!!
Mum: Yes, please don't touch!
小宝贝: 妈妈, 好好摸哦!
妈妈: 不要kacau!!

Youngest: I am not touching. I just want to taste your kueh !!
Mum: No now. Let me finish first...
小宝贝: 我没kacau. 我吃下看看好吃吗..而已!! (小小只有4岁会用'而已')
妈妈: 等我排好照先...

Youngest: Have to peel off this paper first before eating right??
Mum: ..... (speechless!!!) 
小宝贝: 是不是先把纸拔了,才可以吃呢??
妈妈:  ><...没话说..

My plain Hee Ban end up in my youngest tummy!!
白喜粄的命运就这样让一个快乐又淘汽的小宝贝吃了 (^-^)

** Thanks to you QiQi for sharing this wonderful Hee Ban recipe  (^_^)


  1. Oh, I wanted to make this kuih this few days too (i have not tasted this before but i know it must be yummy as it used glutinous rice flour) but the weather here is getting hotter and hotter and j7st couldnt make myself to do any other chores. There are also few recipes and I just do not know which one should I go for it. Your boy is so cute .

  2. Hi mui mui, I like your pink hee ban, so pretty!

  3. Mui Mui, your pinky hee ban looks so sweet and your youngest son is cute and funny :)

  4. Your mantou er hee ban look so good :D The pink one is so pretty !

  5. These kuih is such a big hit these days, Mui Mui! I love the pink colour version, so sweet colour!

  6. Hi Doreen,
    This kuih has been on my list-to-try for ever so long! My kids love eating this kuih, the ones sold here are the flat-pink colour ones.

  7. 哈哈,宝贝好可爱!喜粄好好摸...噗嗤~

    1. 呃,这里指的两个瓜是我家的那两个。啊哈哈~

  8. 世上只有妈妈好哟。。。

  9. 粉红粉红的,真可爱呢 :)

  10. 好漂亮的颜色耶!圆滚滚的很是可爱~嘻嘻^^

  11. 梅梅。。。

  12. Hi Mui! I like the soft pastel colour of your Hee Ban and I like the "Man Tou" version! :D

  13. mui mui, the pink buns are very cute. I am sure I will love them, 2 for me please!

  14. yes, i love eating hee pan too..and so far i think i've also made them 2 or 3 times..only plain flavour. Funny that i'm seeing few bloggers posting hee pan these 2 days :D

  15. I had make mine. After looking at their he ban can't hold myself from not making it! Like the texture and very nice to eat. Yours mantou version is very pretty and cute.

  16. The fluffy ones DO look nice! The pink color is very nice too.

  17. I have never heard or seen these kueh before. Love the pink;D

  18. 粉红色的喜板,颜色好柔和呢,漂亮!

  19. Must be good if your boy finds it irresistible....last time I made this, the dog gets to enjoy it lol!

  20. i can always find hee ban selling in the market, but frankly speaking i have never eaten...oopsss, haha...
    your hee ban looks really nice, i like it...
    thanks for leaving msg at my blog the time i'm not in, very much appreciate, Mui Mui...:)

  21. 呵呵。。。近来看很多五颜六色的喜板飞来飞去。我也很喜欢你做的粉红色喜板,很sweet!

  22. Hi Doreen,

    It is funny watching you "catching" your son in his munching action... so cute!

    Pardon me but I have not tried Hee Ban before :p


  23. Your photos are lovely and I am inspired to try!! Thanks.

    Chang Yi

  24. Mui, I love your pink hee ban, so pretty.

  25. Hi Mui Mui, I like your "fat fat" hee ban. Look so soft and fluffy. I love this kueh and make very often too, never get tired of eating this.
    Nice click.

    Have a nice day.

  26. Your fat fat Ki Ka Ku ( Hokkien people call this way , hehehe) look so cute , ya, this kuih is well received by all kids.,,

  27. Lol... yr son is so adorable.. well sometimes they jus cant wait for e photography. these heeban looks very good thou... so soft & fluffy.. loved to try one lei:))


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