April 30, 2013

Akok Kedut Kelantan

Kelantanese desserts are mostly sweet. They are highly influence by Thai dessert. This is one of the Kelantanese dessert. I was attracted by its name Akok Kedut (mean wrinkle or crinkle dessert) and the review in Wendy's blog. She mention this dessert has a egg tart filling  texture which i love. 
Appearance of this dessert is not pretty :p it is wrinkle and flat. When it is baked in the oven this dessert fluffs up and when its cooked it deflated. This is how it becomes wrinkle and flat. Despite the look and the sweetness (a little too sweet to my liking) this dessert it is very nice to eat. I mean very very nice :D 

非常特别的Kelantan 甜糕点. 名字也特别,叫皱纹糕..哈哈..是我直接做翻译的. 如果你知道这糕点的华文名请告诉我吧!
做法简单, 把材料都搅拌均匀就可以了. 把模预热抹上油再倒入拌好的面糊就可以送进烤 箱, 烤了. 简单吧!!

I like the mixed aroma of coconut, palm sugar and pandan. It smells so fragrance when chewing  into this dessert.
充满椰香味的Kelantan甜糕点. 咬一口, 软软,香香, 吃了还, 口齿留香噢!!
Let me share how simple it is to make this Akok Kedut..:D

Add chopped palm sugar,  pandan leaves and water in a sauce pan.
Bring to boil and gentle simmer for 5 minutes.

1 - 2 Beat eggs, vigourously
3 Add in flour and salt. Whisk until no lumps.
4 Add in coconut milk and palm sugar syrup and blend well.

5 Oiled the muffins mould (i used a small muffin mould..mine is small Akok Kedut ..lol)
6 Pour the mixture into mould
After baked it fluff up and deflated.
8 This is my small Akok Kedut.

Akok Kedut Kelantan
Recipe source: wendy with slight adaptations
originally from Aziejaya 

5 eggs
30gm plain flour
150gm palm/coconut sugar
125ml water
2 blades of pandan, torn to thin shreds, or snip with scissors
200ml coconut milk
1/8 tsp salt
oil as needed
1. Preheat oven to 200(fan)/220C. Prepare a non stick muffin tin or disposable aluminium egg tart pans. Drop few drops of oil into the  pans. Put these pans into the oven to preheat together.
2. Chop palm sugar into small pieces. Put into a saucepan together with water and pandan. Bring to a boil and gently simmer it  for 5 minutes, lid on. Let it cool to warm. (I had 150ml in the end)
3. Whisk eggs vigourously and then add in flour+ salt and whisk until no lumps are seen. (no need to be gentle)
4. Strain in coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. Discard the pandan shreds.

  1. 5. Pour batter into prepared pans. (You may not finish all in one go, just repeat the baking)

6. Bake them for 12 minutes or until the surface is golden brown.
I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest Kelantan Month hosted by Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippet


  1. yeah, it sounds delicious to me too! actually there are a few desserts like this kind that i want to make on each mff event but just didnt hv the time. No time to make for the current event too at times :)

  2. This is new to me. Have never tried this before but sounds delicious.

  3. What's important is the taste :D The coconut milk , palm sugar and pandan combo in this dessert sounds divine !

  4. this is new to me, never eat b4, so suaku of me lol. but looks nice since with the ingredients I like heehee..

  5. Hi Mui mui, I have seen this kueh but never try it. Your look delicious.

    Best regards.


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