March 10, 2013

'M' Style Chicken Nuggets..'M'式炸鸡块

'M' style chicken nuggets. This is different kind of chicken nuggets, it is more like fried chicken but my kids named it the 'M' style chicken nuggets  :D
I saw this recipe from a fashion magazine. For a food lover I guess if you saw a yummy dish no matter where it is you will take a second glance to see how to cook it or where to get it, right?  Hehe..:p this is me, how about you? Maybe you have a different view...:)

This is a better way of enjoying chicken breast meat. Normally i don't like chicken breast meat. Only my hubby alone like  but no no for us. After i use the breast meat to make these chicken nuggets there is never a no no for breast meat anymore..:D

我想每个孩子都喜欢去'麦当劳'吧! 我在想是喜欢哪里的食物还是气氛呢?应该两者都有吧。。那天带孩子去剪头发,在风采杂志看到这食谱。 觉得很不错很香,脆,肉质柔软湿润。。好吃!是宝贝们的最爱!这个可是个吃鸡胸肉的好方法哦! 我呢, 不爱鸡胸肉, 感觉很粗很难咬. 宝贝们也不爱只有老公爱. 不过拿来做了这道炸鸡块问题就没了:D
你家人爱吃胸肉吗?? 如果不爱你也试试这道吧!!

This chicken nuggets is crispy outside and moist and juicy inside. Even after it is cold it is still crispy outside. My kids love this nuggets.

Chicken nuggets
Recipes source is adapted from : Feminine(风采)
Recipe source: Adapted from Chef Amy Beh

2 pieces chicken breast meat

some salt and black pepper
1 tsp ginger juice
1/4 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp sesame oil
Marinated for 30 minutes.

50 g self raising flour 
3/4 tbsp rice flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp pepper
80 ml water
1/2 tbsp oil 
Some sesame seeds
2 cups of cooking oil for deep frying

Mix all together and rest for 5 minutes. 
Dip the marinated chicken into the batter and deep fry till golden brown.
Drain and place on kitchen towel. Serve.

Try this out you and your family will love it ^^*

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  1. Hi Doreen! Where is the tomato? Haha..

    This 'M' nuggets look really crispy and yum... but I avoid deep frying at home... will keep this for kids party menu...

  2. Come to grab one for tea break later...

  3. Mui Mui's nuggets looks really good! Of course, homemade food are the best!

  4. Mui, your nuggets looks very tasty and crunchy..really looks like "McDonald" one.

  5. Hi Doreen,

    My husband, son and I are all chicken breast eaters! Love your crispy chicken breast nuggets!!! They will be gone in a flash in my house :D


  6. These chicken nuggets look delicious! I want to try to make it sometime.

  7. 我今天特地煲了xxx汤,

  8. Hehe my whole family eat chicken breast also. Only recently started to eat drumstick and thigh again. The nugget looks so crispy!

  9. 我也不介意吃鸡胸肉,嘻嘻嘻!

  10. looks very crispy, I want some please!!!!!!

  11. 'M' style referring to Mui Mui's style? looks really nice, I am sure my gal will love it!

  12. 自家的鸡胸肉nugget看来不错哦,小孩一定喜欢的!

  13. Doreen , I guess the rice flour makes your Miu Miu's style chicken nuggets crispier :D They look really yummy ! I bet better than the other M ? lol

  14. mui mui, I also don't like chicken breast. I prefer the leg and thigh. But since you and your boys love the "M" style chicken, I want to try it.

  15. Looks super delicious! Nuggets are always a hit in my house! Yum!

  16. these mummy's nuggets look really good! any 'm' chilli sauce to go along with these?

  17. Thumbs-up to these crunchy nuggets! I did a nugget post previously too; was invited to Celebrity Chef Bob Blumer's cooking show few years back when he was in S'pore. I like your version too!

    Just got back from Penang from hotel reviews. Looks like I've missed out quite a bit here. Pardon me if I'm slow in going thru your posts the next few weeks as I'll be tied up with my reviews; but I'll be back to catch up. It's great knowing u in bloggersphere!

    Sorry you've missed my giveaway, but another is coming up very soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, chk out my 1st post on Penang :)

  18. Hi Mui Mui, that nugget sure look tempting and delicious. I'm sure it's finger licking good too. I want at least 1 dozen please. LOL

    best regards.


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