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Pineapple Jam....黄梨果酱

Do you like homemade pineapple jam?? I do..although it is a labour of work cooking this but it is all worthwhile :) I like to cooking my jam only with 2 ingredients, that pineapple and sugar. I found this way it has more pineapple aroma. I read a few fellow bloggers like Sonia , Yen, Zoe also like their pineapple jam with only 2 ingredients. How about you??

自制黄梨果酱, 你喜欢吗? 工夫不负有心人, 自制的肯定好吃到不行...哈哈
真是老黄卖瓜, 自卖自夸:p
我只喜欢单纯的黄梨酱,只需两种材料, 就是黄梨和糖煮出来的. 各人觉得比较香黄梨.
有好几个格友如(Sonia, Yen, Zoe)也喜欢单纯的两种材料的黄梨酱..呢~
你呢?? 喜欢怎样的??

I bought 4 medium size pineapples, which given me 1680+gms after peeling and get rid of the eyes. Cut into small piece, do not discard the core as this will give more fibre to the jam. Blend the small pieces of pineapple in a multi processor without adding water. Do not blend too much at a once because this will slow down the blending process.

  1. Add blended pineapple into a wok to cook this jam (i am using a 30cm wide stainless steel wok, the wider the cooking surface the faster this jam will be ready)
  2. After cooking for 15 minutes, the jam mixture will be very watery.... keep cooking :)
  3. After 25 minutes, the jam mixture have evaporated a little but still have lot of liquid, that you can see it is splattering and bubbling away....         keep cooking:) (i only stir the mixture once a while as i found that every time i stir the jam mixture will splatter and bubble even more vigorously.. :p ) 
  4. After 35 minutes, the jam mixture is slightly dried, only add sugar into the jam mixture at this time. Adding the sugar at this time will reduced the jam mixture from burning easily... keep cooking :) (Sugar caramelize or burnt easily)
  5. After sugar is added, the jam mixture will turn to watery again.... keep cooking but watch carefully to prevent burn... :)

6. After cooking 40 minutes it is almost there... keep cooking :)
7. After cooking 45 minutes it is nearly there... keep cooking :)
8. After cooking 48 minutes for me .. ITs DONE!!!
9. My nice and golden pineapple jam... :D

Homemade pineapple jam
recipe source: mui's sister in law (Lan)
i am making 2 1/3 of this recipes 

720 g blended pineapples
200 g sugar
(you can adjust the sweetness of the jam to your liking)

To do:
Please refer to the above tutorial pictures for details..:)

This is a simple 2 ingredients Homemade Pineapple Jam. It is simply delicious and full of pineapple aroma.

 The inside ..... Homemade PIneapple Jam
I am sharing a inside out about my pineapple tart. Why inside out..?? it is first the inside filling, the homemade pineapple jam and the next part is the outside pastry part...
Stay tune  :D

上(第一篇 )分享了黄梨酱, 要看看用黄梨酱来做个小糕饼吗??
做了花式的黄梨饼.......下 (第二篇)要来品尝哦!!

这个贴子将会参与'小姆子说好'(Little Thumbs Up)的活动.是Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids)和我主办的. 
这也是我的第一个活动,希望大家多多指教, 多多支持 (^^*)
二月份是Zoe在主持, 活动主题是'黄梨'
This post is linked to the event, Little Thumbs Up organised by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids and me. This is my first event and i hope i can keep it up..:p
Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids is hosting this month (Feb) with our theme 'Pineapple'

Please join us! To join, simply cook or bake any recipe with the theme of the month which is PINEAPPLE for Feb 2013 and link with us at this post for the next 14 days. Don't forget your thumbs up or display this badge! And make sure that: (1) Your post must be a current post preferably within Jan to Feb 2013 . (2) Please mention Little Thumbs Up in your post and link back to Bake for Happy Kids or/and my little favourite DIY. For more details, please see this.

What after Feb 2013? It is me...Doreen/mui will be the next hostess for March 2013 and my theme will be TOMATOES! All the upcoming ingredient theme and hostess for the forthcoming months are listed at "Little Thumbs Up" side bar of my blog and hope that you can join in the fun of this event. (i will update in a little while)

Please hop over to Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids to visit some of my blogging friends that have joined us for this pineapple Little Thumbs Up event. Do visit their blogs for more of their thumbs-up pineapple cooking. 

1. 您的贴子必需是最近的作品噢! 比如是1月或2月的

2. 也请在您的贴子里附上'小姆子说好'的标签后再连您的贴子到
Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids) 和 我 (my little favourite DIY)

接下来, 三月是mui/Doreen(就是我啦!)主持, 活动的主题是'番茄' 欢迎大家热烈参与!!
接下来的'小姆子说好' 的活动大家可以在mui的部落格的右手边预告将可看到.

Zoe ( 或 我到 (

好了, 接下来请个位到Zoe那, 悄悄以参与这活动的朋友们的贴子吧!!



  1. Hi Mui Mui, wonderful pineapple jam tarts. One of the most addictive cookies but cut,grate and cook the pineapples very tiring job if one have to cook a lots. But nothing beat the homemade jam.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  2. 有明白,有明白了。。支持你

  3. I have yet to submit anything in your blog hop event :P No sightings of fresh pineapple here yet lol Love your tutorial photos so as that yummy jam :D At least I know how long should I cook the filling .....

  4. Hello Mui Mui, will definitely support you and Zoe for this Little Thumbs Up! Tomorrow morning will share my pineapple recipe and you know what, I've planned for few recipes that use tomatoes, haha!

    The pictures that you took during the cooking process is very helpful esp to people like me who never make pineapple jam+tarts before. Few more days then the CNY will be over!

  5. mui mui, I like your pineapple jam! Yum, Yum! I can just scoop it with a spoon and eat :)

  6. Hi mui mu, pineapple jam is as good as in that if we get irks of having too much of the lately pineapple tart.

  7. Hi mui mui,
    I have always cooked pineapple jam with two ingredients too!
    Looking forward to next month's Thumbs Up, I have a post ready!

  8. Hi Mui... The golden jam looks perfect!.. Looking forward to your pineapple tart recipe...

  9. hi mui mui,
    i usually cooked my pineapple jam with those 2 ingredients, and adding 1 cinnamon stick
    and if not sour enough, i'll add a bit of lemon juice , cos i like it to have a little of sour taste :)

  10. 其实我也喜欢自己制作黄梨馅,比外面的好吃很多哦!

  11. Your pineapple jam is so gorgeous. I love that golden color. :) I love homemade jam but haven't try pineapple yet. I think it's about time to make some of my own. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Pineapple tarts my favourite, hehe...

  13. Hi Doreen,

    Welcome to club of pineapple jam making ladies... LOL! Your pineapple jam looks great!

    Before making my own pineapple jam, I used to buy and pack lots of store bought pineapple jam from Singapore. Now, I prefer not to buy them from shop anymore :D

    Btw, thanks for writing all the event writing for me in Chinese language. You are so good doing this.


  14. 我也是,喜欢这样简简单单的做法,觉得会更好吃呢…

  15. Give me five! I also prefer two ingredients pineapple jam, pure and natural pineapple aroma !


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